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My soul landed on Mother Earth, August 23, 1974, in the north of the Netherlands in the town of Heerenveen. My parents gave me the name Esther Bosma. Later in life I chose the name Qizenna. This name came through during a meditation and I loved the sound and its meaning. Qi = energy, Zen = my way of life and Na = a sound that resonates with my heart. As a child you could always find me in nature or sketching in my room. Drawing, nature, my elemental friends and animals were my passions as a child. During puberty, I lost contact with my creative and playful inner child. Like so many of us. I was a rebel for freedom and felt totally ready leaving the parental home by the age of 16. Wanted to experience live on my own. Learning to fall and stand up again. And so I did, many times..
Life was and still is my education and my heart has always led me in the right direction. I have had a rather busy life, moved and traveled a lot. With the highs and lows that gave me the opportunity to learn and expand. During this lifetime, healing others, animals, traveling, nature, children, curiosity about the bigger picture and creativity has always been my focus point.
When I turned 27, a big change came into my life. I started studying at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in The Hague. The Thai Massage course I experienced during my first week, traveling through Thailand, lighted up the sparkle inside to learn more about energy and the elements.  Working with energy, the elements cycles and the meridian system, felt like coming home. Ancient soul knowledge began to awaken. And my unrest began to transform to inner peace. After years of practicing Shiatsu next to my job as a Shop manager and window dresser in the Retail and later as a creative caretaker for the disabled souls, the desire began to awaken to let my healing work merge as one with my creativity. At the end of 2012 after an awakening inner healing journey, in which the connection to my inner heart passions where restored, I began to sketch and paint again. Starting at child level.
There followed a period in which I learned myself how to paint. And how to heal myself through intuitive painting, combined with energy movement, the element cycle and sound frequency. Years later, at the end of 2016, during the making of two Children’s Paintings for a children story I was writing, digital art came into my vision. I wanted to use the two paintings for the illustrations for my Children Book Loveland. So it was time to dive into the Digital Art experiment. A period of self study followed again. And by trial and error I slowly started to understand how to work with a digital art program. For my digital Art I started to use my Element picture’s and video’s. A new way and level, of working with the element consciousness and codes awakened.
This new digital creative way of anchoring and activating in the new energies, assisted me on my path towards my Self-Mastery. After my sudden Kundalini awakening in 2013, I stopped after 12 years, giving Shiatsu healing to others. I needed to heal myself in every breath. My creative spark helped me with that. My body needed to let go of the last very deep unconsciousness layers of trauma, fear, lack of self-love and self-worth. Before my soul came to Earth, I chose to heal myself in the shamanic way. Because of this way I always need to listen to the path of my heart, work through my fields of emotions and speak the truth, if not, my body becomes very sick. Forcing me to get back on track by healing myself and look at the layer of shadow that needs my love and light. After the kundalini awakening, years of all kinds of new weird diseases followed. And with that awakening in to the true path of my soul, through a lot of experiences of former incarnations on earth and through out the cosmos. Re-learning about all that I am, past, present and future. All shadows layers where great opportunities to expand my inner wisdom of self-healing and there fore my healing offerings for the collective.
During these past years I lived in the middle of the forest, surrounded by water. These years of inner self healing, the nature surroundings, together with my creative innerworlds and element(al) art expressions, gave me the change to work with the Element consciousness, realms, my universe and Higher aspects on so many different levels inside and outside my self. This led to my self mastery.
All that I am is here to heal, balance, transform, anchor in and activate the higher Element codes and keys for you, our beloved Gaia, and the Element(al) worlds that live inside and outside each and everyone of us. I do this through my Shiatsu based Quantum Healing , Art expressions, Element story telling, singing, playing and my daily ceremony work in nature.
My brothers and Sistars describe me as a celestial earth mother, cosmic parent, and a innocent elemental child of grace. This is why my path has always been, “past-present-future”, about Mother Earth, the Elements, Elemental-, Animal Kingdoms and the Children of grace. My innerchild is my best guide, and I’m here to show others that creativity ,playfulness, connecting to the Elements and nature ceremony is a great way to awaken your pure higher heart of wonder and infinite happiness. 
For personal assignments or creative unity projects you can contact me via email, Facebook and Skype. Email: qizensworld@gmail.com (copy-paste), Facebook and Skype direct chat links.
Thank you for being you, and thank you for being here..
Love Qizenna

Connecting to the spirit of Kokopelli..

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