Symbol Water Art

My shaman self loves to connect to the elements and elemental world. During those uplifting moments I make pictures and short video’s. From the video’s and pictures I create the activation art you see below. Solaris and Sistar water create together so much light code activations. While being in full alignment with all that I am, I keep transforming the video’s and/or pictures until the activation/healing is there. What resonates with your heart, is a activation for you…
In the video below you can see some examples for inspiration.

“Rainbow Gateway Alignment & DNA activations” March 2018

“Template Upgrades” February 2018

“Merkaba Field Expansion Codes” January 2018

“Sun KIn Codes, uniting of two worlds” December 2017

The Gallery below are galactic expressions that where born from just one light symbol that came through while I was working with the element cycle inside myself, while clearing and activating the organs. The shapes that came to the surface I use for my pattern design. Patterns for clothing that activate yourself and your brothers and sistars while they are looking at you.. We just need a New Earth Retail brand/company that also realizes the power of a activation clothing line for adults and children. Read more in the example.

“Galactic Activation Symbols” June, July & August 2017

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