Beloved all,
My creative artwork is free for the collective through my website and my Qizensworld Vision Art Facebook page. My work is here to assist all in opening up their hearts and awaken the inner path of imagination.  The way to remembering and awakening the ancient knowledge of your soul. Love and imagination is key to creating the passions and dreams of your heart and soul. All my art holds inside activation’s that will assist you in shifting your consciousness. From linear to multidimensional. If my work assists you on your journey, you can honor it with an exchange. If you have financial abundance to share, know that it is greatly appreciated. You can donate by clicking on the PayPal button below.
With every donation you support the printing of the Sistarhood Healing Spiral Oracle Deck and my New Earth children project. A Unity worldwide project that brings forth so much love and light in to this world!  Click HERE to read more about this global Sistarhood project!
Thank you so much for your support,
So much love, Qizenna