Are you ready for a heart expansion?
Choose your Gallery in the Qizens Art Menu above, and allow yourself to receive an love boost. You can experience the Art Galleries as subtle are explosive 🙂 Feel the upliftment and let the imagination, colors, geometry and other realms be a inspiration for your souls journey. For all brothers and Sistars out there who resonate with the way I see and experience love. Creativity is a way of anchoring in and activating the new higher energies. Always higher heart guided through my own inner universe.
My creative soul is also a Shiatsu based Quantum healer. I offer personal and distance healing sessions and a 15 minutes Free Skype conversation to get to know each other. My creativity is intertwined with my healing. Next to my personal quantum touch session, I offer a personal made for you, digitally or painted version of a higher aspect of your soul that is ready to be integrated. You can read more about my healing sessions HERE.
Next to my healing, digital-, paint- and handcraft Art, I also share Gaia’s beauty through creative video’s I make of my water and sun video’s. I have captured Gaia’s magnificent beauty with my camera since 2012. You can find both YouTube playlists in the left menu.
For the souls who choose to walk the path towards Self Mastery and need some guidance and awakening tools, there is the Global Sistarhood Healing Spiral Oracle Deck. All Cards are Vision Healing and Activation Portraits I made for Sistars worldwide. You can read more about this Magical Sistarhood and get a Virtual reading on the website.
For all (inner) children there is a loving, fun and magical bedtime story “Loveland” that is here to deepen their connection to Gaia, the element world and awaken their light within in a playful way. Loveland Part Two is in the making. In the now I’m working on a Fun and playful New Earth educational book, game, songs and weekends. You can read and see more about this project HERE (for now only in dutch).
All that I share is here to bring forth the higher frequencies of unconditional love to all who resonates.
Have fun in my world and thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful self, love and light with the world.

So much love to you all,