Sharing a example that will give you a understanding about what “Creating & Healing with the elements” means:
First I want you to know, that healing and transforming yourself, will only work if you find the courage within to stand fully in your truth. When unconsciousness layers of shadows arise when you start the inner journey back to self love and self empowering, challenge yourself to observe all that is you, without judgement. These physical and emotional layers of fear and trauma experiences are in need of your love and forgiveness.
Know that you are not alone, we all make a dance between light and shadow, between yin and yang. This infinite dance is needed to re-balance our yin and yang. Once we have found our grey zone, our center point. We become a unity creator, a master of our thoughts, our actions, guided through the wisdom of our spirit and heart. When you have worked through your inner dance of shadow and light, your paradise on Earth begins to manifest itself in your outside world. Changing yourself and changing the world is a inside journey, one only you can make.
A example:
What has happened inside your Element Creation Cycle, when you experience kidney stones. And what can you give your body, mind and spirit to activate your inner process of healing?
Within the creation cycle of the Elements, this is going on:
A stone in your kidneys means. Metal blocking the water flow. Metal has become cold, to yin. This blocks your river of life to flow. Fire and water our out of balance because of it. In your natural element creation flow this has happened;
” Water can no longer give life to your wood element, the wood/roots becomes weak and cannot light up the fire as it should be, the ashes from the fire are to less and not warm enough, so the soils of earth become empty,cold, and stiff, the metals within the earth have no breathing space anymore, so the metals can no longer guide the water in a balanced way towards the roots of the tree, the Wood element.”
Within this natural cycle of creation we have a destroying cycle, within this cycle the following is happening;
Metal becomes so hard, cold and sharp it starts to chops through your wood, your roots.. Divides you in two, heaven and earth not communicating anymore. Without your roots, you lose connection to your source energy. This source energy lies within your Water Element, your kidneys. Your water energy becomes to weak (to yin) and therefore metal takes over. “
When the natural creation cycle gets out of balance, the destroying cycle within this cycle takes over. We need to take back control first. So what controls the metal? What can bring back balance to the metal when it is so hard and cold? Only fire can beat the metal. So first you need to bring warmth/fire back into your cycle, because the element of Fire is the only element that can melt metal and bring it back into balance again. Next to your body and energetic work, you also need direct support food for your kidneys and because the metal got stuck, you can also experience metal poisoning. This you can release through detoxing.
Some examples that can assist you with self-healing;
  • sauna heat and cold baths after, sweat lodge, fire ceremonies,
  • be in nature, meditate, move your energy and get a deeper connection to your body, mind and spirit through yoga or Element Do-In, below you see three element Do-In exercises for your fire, metal and water element. Do them in this order, fire, metal and water. Let the fire melt the metal and let the water bring forth movement in it’s natural flow of creation.
  • use a fire red type of crystal ( pyramid shape) to open up and clear the kidney stone energetically, visualize the pyramid within the round white circle (the stone). While you do this, you hold the pyramid crystal with the top downwards pointing towards the kidney that needs healing,
  • you can also draw a round circle that represents the stone, ask you HS what movement and sound is needed to break the stone and bring movement back into it. (a way how to do that, I share in a free workshop you find at the bottom of this page)
  • chose the color of fire, wear red clothes, accessorizes etc..
  • drink blessed and filtered water, warm miso drinks, make home made sticky nettle weed juice from your garden and eat wild forest mushrooms and bio beans, lot’s of beans for your kidney source power. What you eat and drink is what you become.
  • light up the passion of your heart in a playful and creative way! Only you know your passion that lies within
  • Your body is consciousness, start talking to your body. Re-learn about the language it speaks. So ask the kidney stone what shadow it represents and let it go, so it can come to the surface of your consciousness to observe in love without judgement, you give it your healing and let go..
The kidney stone, represents a blockage of pain and trauma, which core can be found within the Metal Element. It needs your loving acceptance and forgiveness without judgement. Metal represents your lungs, grief and your large intestine, letting go.. , letting it all go.. Drink blessed water with intend, Cry rivers of life, let your river become a wild river of purification, so the stone starts moving again..
If you have questions about a health issue your going through and you are in need of some guidance and healing now, I offer a 15 minute Skype conversation for free. Just go to the “contact page” and at me to your Skype contact. Send me a message and we connect.
For long distance and personal quantum touch healing, you can make a appointment through my “Qizens Healing” page.
If you want to go deeper and learn more about natural ways of healing yourself in co-creation with your element cycles, your welcome to join me in my 5 day online course , starting in January 2019.


In this free online workshop and PDF,  I am sharing some of my personal intuitive creative ways in co-creation with my innerchild and the Element cycle that have helped me on my awakening path. Ways of how you can self diagnose together with the Element cycle, re-learning about the language of your body, finding your inner voice, connect to activation light symbols and language, how to play with them in a creative way, sharing a way of how to awaken memories/shadows of this or former lives and receive messages from your higher self through intuitive activation/healing Art. Know that we all can draw, paint, sing and play a music instrument. We just have to awaken the DNA that holds the memory inside.



Pdf Workshop: Remembering, through creative energy movement

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