Twenty-five years ago these Flowersticks came on my path during my trip through Greece. It was exactly what I needed, it calmed my mind and brought me back into balance. Here I learned to play the Flowerstick game and how to make the game from inside tires of a car. My first pair is still in good condition after 25 years. With these handmade flowersticks you are assured of quality.

Juggling is meditating while you play. For all ages. It connects your left and right brain. Your thoughts disappear automatically and juggling brings you to your center. Your zero point. The place from which new ideas and creations are born. It also strengthens your arms and shoulders. It will improve your overall attitude.

You learn how to play this juggling game through three basic steps. You will receive these basic steps in a video. The Flowersticks that you can buy in the circus shop are harder to play because they are smoother and have a shorter lifespan due to the thin rubber. You can buy them in the store for 30 euros / dollar. For only 60 euros / dollar (excl. Shipping) you have my handmade version, which is easy to play due to the roughened surface and will last for at least 25 years.