Soul Portrait,

During this Digital Soul Portrait session I align to your soulstream. I heal, transform and activate what is needed on a dna level, All I need is a clear picture of your face and your Higher Aspect that needs your attention in the now, will show itself to me. You can give me the freedom, or you can tell me how you want to see yourself.

Family Portrait,

Your family portrait-ed as animals from the Western or Chinese Astrology. This unique art peace you can print on anything you like. Eating your breakfast as a family on your own design place mats. Starting the day with a big smile.

For only 44 Dollar/Euro’s you have you own unique magical portrait or astrology family portrait, that you can print on anything you like.
A example and testimonial of a sister, Anna de Santis
I love it dear Qizenna, I am grateful to be a part of this delicious and potent vision creation. LOVEEEEEEEEEE your artistic expression of my true divine essence. A mermaid I am – in resonant! The vision is so on point that you brought forward for me! I AM the magic of new expansive opportunities. Thank you SO much wow!!!