During this Soul Portrait Painting session I align to your soulstream. I heal, transform and activate what is needed on a dna and quantum level, All I need is a clear picture of your face and your Higher Aspect that needs your attention in the now, will show itself to me. I will integrate your own wishes into the painting of course. Send me a email with your wishes. qizensworld@gmail.com.

Prices starting at 80,00 dollar/Euro. It depends on your choice of size. After this Healing Paint Soul Portrait Session we will have a 30 minutes Skype conversation.

A example and testimonial of brother, Alexander Moskov
My higher self guided me to connect Qizenna after seeing one of her posts on facebook and I’m glad I listened. Her distance healing, painting and channeled messages of a former life as a Indian tribe woman, changed certain aspects of my life and was totally unexpected, in a good way of course. It is also a great pleasure to own one of Qizenna’s custom made healing paintings, it helps me stay grounded and enhances my intuition. It charges me with positive energy which helped me go through a life-changing experience. Thank you!
A soulhealing painting of a past live, that this male soul lived as a Indian woman, the way she died in that live needed healing.