Here are some website links from awakened Earth family. I can promise you that their shared wisdom will make it so much easier for you to expand from 3D to 5D. Free yourself from the mind controlled 3D matrix and find your way home to the light of your infinite soul. Happy Awakening!

I met Lalita during my Sisterhood Healing Spiral co-creation. She did a chart reading for me. This reading brought forth, so much clarity about my soul’s mission. Therefore, I can promise you that Lalita will point you in the right direction. Lalita Marie Karoli, is a Galactic Shaman Astrologer. She can confirm your Soul’s mission, the ancestral healing you contracted for, the archetypes you are living out to contribute to the whole, your unique gifts and the core wound you chose that will provide the alchemy of transmutation. For a chart reading and a 90 minutes, live discussion, go to her Facebook page or website to make an appointment. You can already gain a great deal of wisdom through her website blog and Vimeo video’s.

Website Galactic Shaman AstrologersFacebook Lalita Astrology & Vimeo video channel

The history you heard about during your school years is not what actually happened. Max, has been researching history for over 40 years. He substantiates everything with evidence and if there is no evidence, he names this as his conjecture and perspective. If you are ready to awaken in truth, this video is a great start.

Our true history, by Max

Ashayana Deane shared wisdom teachings, I came across recently. She talks about, the global ascension that has been hijacked. And the fact that our Merkeba is spinning the wrong way. What I have heard so for, fully resonates with my heart. That’s why I decided to share her links. I personally have experienced a lot of false light within the spiritual teachings and community. Let us acknowledge that we were misled by the dark tricksters and fix this together. For the greater good of all. Ashayana Deane is sharing her wisdom about this subject, through video’s and her book, The Voyagers II volume 2 by Ashayana Dean. Her book, you can order through her website.

Ashayana Deans websiteVideo with Ashayana

Learn all you need to know about your soul, life, karmic path, heart’s desire and so much more, through the infinite wisdom of numerology by Numerologist Hans Decoz. We live in a matrix of numbers. Your full name are in essence numbers chosen by you before you were born. They will reveal you everything!

World Numerology by Hans Decoz

This is a time of great intensity and change – not only a Turning of Ages, but also potential opening to the larger realities of higher worlds. It is a time that challenges and stretches our perception, to envision new futures and in doing so to create them. With the content on The Emerald Awakening website, you can explore the Light of the Higher Worlds.

The Emerald Awakening

Ten very helpful awakening steps of wisdom, shared by Rahan Spirituality.

Rahan Spirituality by Jamie

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