As one we walk this Earth together

Manifesting peace

Nederlandse vertaling

Call upon your manifesting power as you walk through my perception of a peaceful and loving life on Earth. Hoping it inspires you to write down your own New Earth walk. See it and believe it! For we humans, are the creators of this Earthly reality!

My walk,

Together with my dogs I walk through the richly filled food forest. Meanwhile, I pick our breakfast, take a deep breath of the clean air and let the energy of the sun enrich my soul. In the distance I see some children from the village, together with the teacher of that day, learning new things about the power of herbs and forest fruits. I’m already looking forward to lunch, because I know that after this the children will learn to transform their found treasures into a delicious cake. Once we arrive at the clean river, we enjoy our forest fruit breakfast and quench our thirst with the clean river water. The water is calling and we all dive in. The dogs play and swim their round, meanwhile I lie on my back in the water and enjoy the connection with the elements. Thank you, elements family!

As we walk back to the hemp-made self-sufficient village, my dogs and I find ourselves face to face with a deer for a moment. We are moved and the dogs remain as always, friendly and calm. Because everything on Earth lives in harmony with each other. Both animals and humans feed on the rich plant and fruit life. Since the victory of mankind, we share our unique wisdom and talents with each other, the currency of the old days is now a distant memory. Abundance is now available to everyone.

Today I feel that my talent can be shared with the children. As I walk towards the energy exchange board via Sunstreet, a new group of people has just arrived. I welcome them and listen to the enthusiastic stories about their new free energy plans. I tell them I’m on my way to the energy exchange board. They decide to walk along to announce their arrival and talents on the board. I let them know where they can find shelter and agree to meet again over lunch. While I write my creative workshop with the tree kingdom on the energy exchange board, I see that the board is full of fun exchange activities. It will be another enriching and innovative day.

Meanwhile, primal sounds begin to enchant my ears. Around the campfire in the center of the village, the music hour has started again. Wonderful, I walk to my hemp house to get my djembe and join the musical circle of that day. Many new inspiring songs are created. The idea for a children’s musical blossoms. We decide to present this idea to the children during their prepared forest fruits and herbal tarts lunch. In the new world everything arises in a natural movement and always at the right moment. Because everyone on Earth is reconnected with themselves, with each other, with the elements, the animal kingdom, our beloved Mother Earth and the Holy Spirit.

Hope to see you there,

Love Qizenna

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