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My Journey

Nederlandse vertaling

Hello Earth family, in this reset karmic cycle prison Earth construct I am Esther, a 1974 Virgo sun sign, Gemini Ascendant and Scorpio moon. My intention in this lifetime is to assist the greater whole in the transition back home to the true essence of our soul. I do this through different paths of creativity and Elementary healing. Over the years I have walked different paths of Elementary healing, activation and transformation, in the now it is fully integrated with my creative passions and since this year (2022) I am re-aligned to my deepest soul source elementary essence, the void (zero-point) and true memory. My Source home frequency Esh-Te-Rha is being activated again.

In the now, I am the activated embodiment of the elementary Source color code’s pathway 23-48 (elements and minerals) that I activated while going through 71 layers during my incarnation here – On this prison version of earth I walk as the Red Planetary Earth – Create via the Green Central Castle Heart of Enchantment – My Earth family is the Core Elementary clan and the Sky Cosmic clan – I perfect element and mineral color codes in order to evolve and re-align to the original first Elementary Source Dragon Grid and Core – I Produce synchronicity – I seal the matrix of Elementary navigation through the Pathway 2348, TeRhaHuMiGaEl – With the planetary tone of manifestation – I am guided by the power of the Core Dreamsource force Cassiopeia – In my Kin I am a Cosmic Matrix Self-regulate cosmic transformational fire of presence.

So that’s what I do and who I am in this moment. My journey, thus far, is reflected in the content on my website. When I change through an awakening moment, the content of my website changes with me. I need to change a lot, but haven’t found the time to do so. Just take in what resonates with your heart. That’s what’s needed for your souls journey in this divine NOW moment. Qizensworld reflects my piece of the puzzle. Together, let’s steer our intent in the right direction so that we can manifest this outcome, “a unified, healthy and loving inner world where we govern ourselves as conscious self-responsible souls. Living in peace with ourselves and all that is, and with the freedom to express our creative potential.” to explore and share”.

For the ones who are interested in my life-work-education 3D story of my old matrix life. In short, I can sum it up as follows; changed living environment 24 times, self-taught artist, travelling, store manager, visual merchandiser, creative counselor for multiple limited souls, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tibetan Massage, Herbal Medicine, Animals & Nature.

The following two stories you find below this sharing, about my awakening and my “past” incarnations/karma encodings I needed to decode, I decided to share, because I feel it can act as a mirror of calmness and clarity for those just beginning their journey and those who are in the midst of it and experiencing their first feelings of “am I going crazy?”. In my story I reflect upon the golden thread that shows the connection between everything, the details of my experiences are of course only important for me. After reading both stories, you will come to see that every encounter that has touched you deeply, in joy or in pain, in this life or a “past” life, is connected to the current path of coming home to your deepest soul essence. Nothing is a coincidence. And keep in mind, it is all a program, you can overwrite with your own Source/Fire codes you carry within the essence of your soul. Just look at it, bring your awareness and love there, and set the intent to activate your original soul essence source codes and DNA within every Shadow program you encounter. In the end, it will all become clear to you. In the meanwhile, don’t tire yourself with a constant need for understanding everything you experience, during your inner awakening journey. Be present and focus on love and your Home Source Soul essence. And if you read the words Highest Light, True Light and Higher Frequencies/realms on my website, read it like this; Deepest Soul Essence, True Soul and Deepest Frequencies and realms. For everything is within, and we are not going higher, but we are going deeper within. I now experience that as the truth. The 5D and going higher and higher is now a false light distraction for me, which the dark players consciously brought into the spiritual teachings to mislead us. The same goes for all their geometry, the true geometry we need to re-activate ourselves again and come home to our true and deepest soul essence is within us, not without us. We all have our own unique geometry patterns. Everything in this matrix is ​​reversed, including the spiritual teachings.

Beautiful co-creator, before you start reading about my journey, I would like to ask you to embrace the transforming power of intentionality with me for a moment, and speak these followings words;
“I intend, from this moment forward, to experience more of my true soul essence within me and I allow it to transform me now. I release all worries and all feelings of control, so that all the frequencies of abundance, love, truth, peace and inspiration can give renewal to all my relationships and all the beautiful aspects of my reality that are already here”. Thank you for this moment of co-creation.

Much love to you all,

Qizenna Esther (Esh-Te-Rha)

Part one, my awakening journey;

Part two, my past lives & karma experiences;

A story that shows my healing process while I paint;

Walk with me through our New-Earth reality;

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