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Past lives and Karma

Nederlandse vertaling

During our awakening journey, most of us experience a flood of memories of previous incarnations and karma gained, on Earth and beyond this Earth. We also wake up in our extraterrestrial experiences and origin. We all have our own memories of previous incarnations and karma, often they are linked again to the people we encounter in this current life. Here I share the incarnation and karma memories and experiences that I have had so far. After reading you will experience that nothing is a coincidence, every encounter is valuable.

I will start with sharing some of my past incarnations memories I have experienced on this 3D Earth and before on the original Earth Tara. After this, I will share my extraterrestrial experiences and origins.

My first two memories go way back to the era of the original Tara (Mother Earth), the time before the 3D Matrix as we know it was activated. In my first memory I was part of an old dragon council. I was a sky dragon. Together we protected Tara’s template. In my second memory I lived as a medicine woman in the enchanted forests of Lemuria. Both very happy memories. Then a memory of Atlantis surfaced. I worked as a healer for a High Priest during this incarnation. During the fall of Atlantis, this High Priest murdered my beloved Sister and took me as a slave on his boat. The High Priest and my Sister I met again in this present life. In the Belgian Ardennes, where I lived for several years. They were married in this life and he owned the lot in the woods where I was staying.

A memory of Egypt followed. During the Egypt era, my husband, buried me and my two children alive in the red desert soil. The husband from that memory I dated for a short time in this incarnation. Another memory was activated via a Facebook request. Someone asked me to paint a soul portrait. Connecting to his heart space, I experienced a bizarre night where I seemed endlessly stuck in a constant loop back in time. I passed out and saw myself and the boy for whom I was going to make the soul portrait. I was an Indian chief of the Eagle Clan, our camp was attacked. While I was dying at the stake, I watched my wife get killed. The woman in that life was the boy who asked me to paint his soul portrait. So you see, everything is connected. Nothing is a coincidence.

After this shocking memory, I began to remember a very peaceful incarnation as a Tibetan healer. This soul aspect, which turns out to be a guide, has helped me through every Shiatsu healing I’ve given in this lifetime. The dormant DNA was reactivated, yielding new knowledge. I started doing a lot of ceremonial work with Gaia, the animal kingdom, the elements and elementals. Re-learned collecting and eating forest foods. I started to delve even more into medicinal herbs. Made crystal grids in the area and started experimenting with colours, sound tuning and light symbols as my journey of remembering and healing continued at full speed.

In the memory that followed, I saw myself dying while being tortured during World War II. My father and brother in this present life were part of this traumatic memory. Both walked the path of darkness in that incarnation. In two other lives, I took my own life. In one memory, I was a very young girl when I jumped off a cliff in Ireland. My now ex-boyfriend was my older brother in this incarnation. Our father only sexually abused him. He preferred boys. He abused my brother along with his fishing mates. When my brother ran away from home and left me behind, I didn’t want to live any more. When this memory surfaced, we were still lovers. Only I had experienced the memory that he had been my brother. Making love to him became impossible for me. He couldn’t understand, of course, and it became the beginning of the end for our relationship.

During my relationship with him in this lifetime, I experienced multiple memories of us together in previous incarnations. He taught me how to fight with a sword in the 16th century. I was married to a man of royalty, but was in love with someone else. We were secretly in love during that life. In another incarnation set in the 18th century, while he was working as a lawyer for the dark side, he gave me a very important key and asked me to hide it. Also in this incarnation, I was married to another. My husband was the boss of my lover, he was the judge. In this incarnation, we were also secretly in love with each other. The souls of both men I was married to in both incarnations, my ex and I know in this life as a dear friend.

Another memory came to the surface, I saw myself ending my life in America. I jumped off a bridge. I lived with like-minded people, The Rainbow People. This was the incarnation before this present incarnation. I have always loved the music of the Rainbow Family. When I was twenty, I wanted to live with them in Italy, but instead a flower and butterfly dream experience led me to the Greek island of Samos. Here I first experienced the miracle of synchronicity.

This stream of memories that I’m just talking about I experienced over a period of two years. For me personally, waking up through the first few years was hard work. But every time a lost soul part found its way back to my heart, there was a DNA activation and a magical experience followed, which helped me keep moving forward. For example, during a meditation in the forest, I saw the landscape before me change into energy. This experience of perception was for me a confirmation that we live in a code-based hologram. Sure, it was shocking at first, and I had moments where I thought I was going crazy, but that was only because everything I thought was true turned out to be the opposite of the truth. But once I knew this, I realized that every code has an opposite code. In other words, an opposite frequency. Find that frequency, and you can change the code and transform it into its original or new code. Yes, that’s how powerful we humans are. Why do you think they are trying to stop humanity’s global awakening process with their Cshot movie? They know how powerful we are. But they don’t want to lose their power. They enjoy the role of playing boss over others too much.

The 3D matrix system consists of codes. This is how they program you via the many media channels and of course via your AI portal, your smartphone controlling system. You don’t see the codes, but they are there. The Cshot movie that had its premiere in China at the end of 2019, is now playing worldwide. This Cshot movie needs the smartphone and smartscreen to manifest the end of their movie, total world control. They are nowhere without the cooperation of humanity. The producers and directors of this Cshot movie are only 1% of the world’s population. We, all of humanity, are the other 99%. My advice, throw away your Smartphone/screen and don’t buy a ticket to the Cshot movie. But it is your soul path, your choice. After all, we are all self responsible for the choices we make, whether we make them consciously or unconsciously.

Sorry, for a moment I was distracted by the current Cshot movie we are all in the middle of now. Back to my incarnation and karma story. The 3D matrix mind control and conditioning layers started to dissolve slowly, layer by layer. My inner perception began to change, and with that my outer perception. I have learned that we can never judge ourselves and another because we have all walked the path of darkness and light in previous incarnations on Earth and beyond. We all have our part to play and our karma to resolve. When we choose to awaken, the 3D matrix of emotions, light and dark is an amazing experience and opportunity for our souls to expand in light, love and wisdom.

We are all connected through the energy field of infinite source and the collective consciousness, and therefore we are all one. Infinite light beings of wisdom, that are here to assist Gaia transforming back to here original Tara template of unity, love, abundance and peace for all. We are the portals of change, we have the codes in our DNA, needed to transform every personal and collective dark karmic wound, back to the original frequency codes of light and love.

My extraterrestrial experiences and origins;

My origin comes from the galaxy Cassiopeia, but I also incarnated in the galaxy of Sirius, Arcturus and Sombrero. I also spent time in the Agartha kingdom. During these incarnations I learned, among other things, how I can change an environment with frequencies. How to break codes, open portals and how to rebuild codes. How to heal with frequency, energy, light and the elements. That’s what I remember so far. I was able to meet my family in the Sombrero (Mantis) galaxy. My Mantis parents, brother and lover. Four years ago, I was allowed to carry out a mission here on Earth with my Mantis mother. After these experiences, where I saw myself doing incredible things. I realized that we are all magical, ever-living, infinite light beings. With a library of wisdom that is stored in our DNA.

Love Esther Qizenna

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