The Jesus Program

The Jesus Program


What is your perception on Jesus? I see a lot of people within the spiritual community turning 180 degrees and going for the path of Jesus. It’s confusing, because a friend of mine says it feels like coming home, and he is really convincing.

My Answer:
I also see it happening around me. Your question therefore comes at exactly the right time. I talked about Joshua (Jesus) before in a video about a year ago, I can’t remember the title right now. At the time I was doing a reading with someone and in a dimension layer of her water element/womb, Joshua became visible first as the programmed image of Joshua, as it has been presented to us. And when I went a layer deeper, he became visible in his true appearance at that moment, a Sirius humanoid form. Through code-DNA translation/reading I could see that in a reset here, he was walking the path like so many of us. Working through the programmings, demagnetizing them and coming into peaceful zero point/the void. He was progressive in that reset, a forerunner and example for many. He is just, like others, a Source-connected consciousness, which now (at least in the moment when I did the reading) lives as a humanoid form in Sirius. What also became visible during that reading is that Joshua manifested together with a woman (what presumably, looking back from the NOW, was his mirror DNA programming) from a black water mass, which I can describe in the NOW as a void, the dimension cell base structure/coding of Sirius. That’s how it came across at the time. So, who is Joshua (Jesus) to me? In essence just an energy, a source connected consciousness like so many of us. The reading showed that he was an example and inspiration for many others and managed to come home to the peacefulness of the nothingness, our zero-point center within. But the reading also suggests that he was misled and used/programmed to manifest with his mirror DNA woman a new cell/dimension to this sealed galactic holographic thing we are in. The dimension cell of Sirius.

But this Joshua reading became visible within a program, and I have experienced many holographic implanted layers within a program, so is it real? What is real to me, is that we find peace within our own source of nothingness, the place where all the “ascension” symptoms disappear. Once we let go of all the narratives, stop identifying and fully detach in every breath, we become the observer of the game and are no longer a part of it. It doesn’t affect you anymore. Just observe my answer and let go again.

The whole Joshua thing that is unfolding now is to me nothing more than another program that is being used to seduce as many people as possible who walk the spiritual path, and are tired of shadow working, still stuck in layers of fear and guilt. And therefore easy to manipulate into a false light love feeling coming from Joshua. Through an AI manipulated holographic Joshua appearance from the outside (blue beam project) or/and, they tap into the source light and manifest through the heart love frequency a “real” Joshua experience and feeling of unconditional peace / love in their energetic field. But the love they are feeling is not the love of Joshua, it’s their own love frequency they can experience themselves once they come home to their zero-point state of being, the nothingness. We don’t need Joshua, angels or galactic “light” family to get home to what we already are, wholeness, peace and love.

And why is this happening? I believe in order to upload the consciousness/soul and lock it as a spirit without a physical body into the next game, the “New Earth” illusion/trick. That is my view and perception on the Joshua spectacle that is going on right now. Hope it has given you some reflection to let go and move on.

Peace Qizenna

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