My Journey

My Journey

Nederlandse vertaling

Hello Earth family, I am Esther Qizenna, a Virgo sun sign, Gemini Ascendant and Scorpio moon. My intention in this lifetime is to assist the greater whole in the transition from 3D to 5D consciousness. I do this through different paths of creativity and healing. My intention and outcome is a unified world where we govern ourselves as conscious loving self responsible souls. Living in peace with the freedom to explore and share our creative potentials.

Beautiful co-creator, before you start reading about my journey, I would like to ask you to embrace the transforming power of intentionality with me for a moment, and speak these followings words;
“I intend, from this moment forward, to experience more of the light within me and I allow it to transform me now. I release all worries and all feelings of control, so that all the frequencies of abundance, love, truth, peace and inspiration can give renewal to all my relationships and all the beautiful aspects of my reality that are already here”.

Thank you for this moment of co-creation.

In short, my life-work-education 3D story of my old matrix life. I can sum it up as follows; changed living environment 24 times, self-taught artist, travelling, store manager, visual merchandiser, creative counsellor for multiple limited souls, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tibetan Massage, Herbal Medicine, Animals & Nature.

My awakening journey,

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always felt that something wasn’t right. I thought it was a strange world. Had trouble connecting with others. What the adults told me often didn’t match what I was feeling. I only experienced nature and the animal kingdom as pure and true. I could easily connect with the natural realms and this became my safe place. The first awakening that opened the door to my soul a bit, I experienced in the year 1995. I had a dream in which I experienced myself as a rainbow butterfly of light. Along with many other butterfly creatures, I flew over an island with only flowers. Now I know it was my family and home planet Cassiopeia. The next day, I decided to give up my job and home and listen to my dream. I went to the travel agency and asked the woman if there was an island known for its floral beauty. She herself had just returned from Samos. The Greek island known as the Flower Island. This became the beginning of my first series of spiritual experiences in this lifetime.

Until the year 2012, I was able to experience several beautiful awakening moments. Especially during my nature walks, my travels and my training as a Shiatsu therapist. Knew that my heart was never wrong, but other than that I knew little. The game played by the dark ones in this 3D Earth matrix and in the 4th dimension was still unknown to me. I knew something, because as a child I experienced a very scary 4 dimensional being at night that was hurting me. But at that moment I didn’t understand what it was. And I already knew about the lies within the banking system, but that was about it. So in 2012, when the door to the truth opened itself, I rushed through all the dark rabbit holes of lies. At the same time, the memories of my soul began to surface. My physical body reacted to all the lies I discovered and got sick for a long time. So in 2012, my real awakening journey began.

In 2012, I woke up in a rather explosive way. My head exploded into light and I shot out of my physical body. As a dragon I suddenly found myself in the realm of Dragons. All my acquired truths suddenly no longer stood. And a series of unexplained illnesses followed. My life in a sweet small village bordering Mother Ocean ceased to exist in 2012. The new path of my soul, caused me to lose my job and home.

More than a year later I lived far away from Mother Ocean, in a caravan somewhere in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, away from humanity. With my now ex- lover. Someone with whom I had a lot of past life karma to resolve, I discovered that in the years after. The year before we settled down together in the Belgium Ardennes, my body had been inexplicably sick, lots of soul memories came to the surface, I had to move twice while my beloved was somewhere else. And I had lawsuits with the bank, regarding my house. After two miscarriages within six months, I was physically exhausted. An acquaintance of my beloved came to see at an energy project he was working on. He told us that he had bought a piece of land in the Ardennes, but did not know exactly why he bought it. He felt, in his heart, that he had to buy it.

He asked if we wanted to manage it, then we could live in the caravan for free. The offer came right on time. I was physically so sick and tired, and no matter how much shiatsu I gave myself, no matter how healthy I ate, I didn’t seem to be able to change it. The man was not just anyone, I knew him and his wife from a past life. There was old karma between us. I found out later. Weeks before he came by, I’d had a vision of a place in the woods. With two beautiful lakes. And what do you think? When we got there, it was just as I had seen in my vision. I could finally relax. No more system BS, and no more taking care of others, no, finally peace and time for myself.

Every day on an adventure with my dogs through the woods, meditating for hours, painting as often as I wanted, just being who I wanted to be in every moment. My body was still sick, and my soul’s memories continued in rapid succession. I found the cause of every discomfort in my physical body in trauma experiences from this life and previous lives. The pain had settled in my organs. New ways of healing and eating awoke in me. I started the day with my Mother Earth drink, a shake of delicious wild herbs from the garden. Due to a great lack of money, we immersed ourselves in forest food. Delicious mushrooms and forest fruits. My body got happier by the day. I accelerated the detoxification process caused by years of eating vitamin-poor foods from the supermarket, by drinking purified water and eating rich and pure foods. Every time I exposed a trauma, a piece of shredded soul moved back into my heart. I started to feel more and more whole again. Dormant DNA was being activated, giving me access to “new” healing methods. For several months, I consciously started “talking” every day with the consciousness of my organs. Asking what they needed. Every organ required its own light symbol, geometry, movement and sound frequency. Through this new way of healing, I managed to reset all my organs, one organ at the time. . My body felt better than ever before. And has never been sick after that. I was purified.

New memories of my soul kept surfacing. My soul’s journey started to become clearer by the day, and I began to realize that Mother Earth and Spirit are always taking care of your basic needs. Synchronicity was present every day. If it was gone for a while, we looked at each other and said, we’re out of the flow. And then the connection with the energy of synchronicity was back. Sometimes we had money and very often we didn’t, but we were never short on food. Seeing myself walking the path of the dark in previous incarnations allowed me to forgive and embrace life and everyone in it. We have all walked the path of the dark at one time or another, in this life or in a previous life.

My consciousness continued to expand, and I was given access to new galactic soul memories. Saw in which galaxy my essence was first incarnated, in a beautiful rainbow butterfly-like form of light. Through the galactic memories and travels that followed, I discovered more and more. Higher aspects came through to integrate. My experiences became more magical and inexplicable. Realizing that I don’t really know anything.

Every time my perspective changed again, and I thought I knew something, the next day it turned out that it was different again. I was OK with not knowing, which let to the dead of my negative ego. Awakening is a journey of a constant change of perception. During my awakening journey, my art, writing songs and stories became a way to anchor and release the many experiences. Nature gave me the anchoring that I needed to not go crazy. Awakening from all your layers of conditioning can sometimes bring painful moments. Years of truths suddenly turn out to be all lies. Along with the memories of your soul, yes, you do feel a moment of madness now and then.

The animals and nature were a solid truth for me. Until this truth was also undermined. With my eyes open, I saw luminescent pink dolphins swimming in the pond where I lived, purple light coming out of a friend’s neck during a healing, golden balls of light were handed to me, trees turned to light. I saw myself and the whole landscape change to nothing, to pure energy. Every natural thing I knew, turned out to be an illusion too, the moon, the stars, nature, everything, including myself. I started to see the world of light and energy, not only inside me, but also outside me. The dimensions behind the 3D matrix veil of illusion became slowly visible. From that moment on there was a constant clear connection between my Earth self, my inner child and my highest energetic form of self. What I call my highest light. The aspects/guides/galactic family that kept coming through because they wanted to tell me something was in that period of my life too much for me. On Earth, I am in charge, so I decided to ask my highest light if she would speak for them and only “disturb” me in my Earthly live if it was really important. From that moment on there was a blissful peace with only the occasional essential messages. And my creative skills started to evolve.

I listened to my highest light and continued to share as much love and beauty as possible. The forest became my home, enjoying the animals and nature for hours and hours. The many visions, dreams and experiences needed anchoring and I do that through my art expressions. This resulted in children’s books, a website for children, many children’s songs and works of art. I made Oracle decks from my art and from the many photos of Gaia and Solaris, for inspiration for the whole.

At one point, my highest light shared names with me. And told me it was time for a sisterhood. I entered the names that came through on Facebook and I told the women what had come through via my Higher Light. From this movement, the Sisterhood Healing Oracle Deck arose. While creating all soul portraits, I experienced activations in both me and my sister that I was connected to. This was the beginning of Quantum Healing for me. Distance also turned out to be an illusion. To this day, we still work together in the astral planes. Assisting Gaia and all beings with this global awakening into 5D.

My relationship ended quite explosively, which again had to do with our old karma. We had grown apart. Our frequencies started to collide. And that’s OK, that’s life. I needed to move forwards towards my new soul path. It was time for me to start living among people again. During that same period, my mother became ill, so I decided to move in with her. Back to the Netherlands. That way I could take care of her and gradually rebuild my life. I now have a house in a small village near Mother Ocean, once again. Since I’m back in the Netherlands, I have had to say goodbye to two of my dearest dog soul mates. They preferred playing in the woods and living every moment in Freedom. Me too. But the change, back to the world of humans, was necessary. Luckily, I still have one dog soul friend with me. Living in the middle of nature, in the years before, made it difficult to step back into the human world. I allow myself the time I require. For time is an illusion and everything is already here in this moment. My highest light recently started to guide me towards a sound healing circle, and from that movement we will see what wants to be born next.

Dear Earth family, follow your heart and be present in every moment. Trust your own path and follow your own rhythm of awakening. Be flexible and don’t hold on to anything. Dare to be yourself, always and everywhere. Spirituality is also a program within this matrix, everything you want to know lives within you! You don’t need a guru. All Gaia asks of us is to live together in love with each other and with her natural kingdoms. Love yourself, dare to look at your shadows, become more light, become more love, do not judge, live simply, grow your own vegetables and listen to the wishes of your inner child. Become playful and light-hearted again. That is enough.

I hope I inspire you on your awakening journey with the content of my website, and if you have a question, want a design or painting, or feel drawn or inspired to create with me on this journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If after reading my journey, you have become curious about the stories of my past live incarnations and karma, read on here.

Love Esther Qizenna

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