Art Co-Creation

Art Co-Creation

Nederlandse vertaling

We are now in the transition period to a New Era. Many of us are making the inner journey back to our deepest soul core of truth, light and infinity. So am I. During the journey back to my deepest core, I encountered many symbols of light and geometry shapes. Symbols and geometry that have helped me to open and activate my inner soul wisdom and frequencies. My creativity exploded and many forms of art expression followed. Including many infinite light source patterns, which when decorated on a wall of a house, or worn as a garment, could support the awakening process of many. For these art/patterns are connected to pure source frequencies and dimensions born from harmonic zero-point, our inner void where we transmute the form of dark conditioning programs into formlessness and give it new form that’s part of the New Era.

The new era, asks for unity, co-creation for the greater good of all. And therefore I’m looking for entrepreneurs or businesses who are interested in my skill set and art/patterns printed on fabrics. My creative flow is a constant state of being. My 23 years of experience as a window dresser and retail manager works as a driving force when I start designing new art themes and patterns. If my art/patterns and vision resonates, and you see yourself creating an innovative product line with me, contact me.

In the gallery below, you see some examples for inspiration. And you can experience more patterns/geometry art in my Light Tuning Deck.

For more Art/pattern expressions, go to my Gallery page.

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