Gemma O’Rourke

Qizenna’s loving touch in shiatsu quanta dynamics is of the highest most expansive healing frequency. She merges realms because she is in resonance with Inner Divine Union and will allow within a healing session for the unlocking of keys and codes at a cellular, and DNA level. She is a Blessing to All. Love you sister x

Qizenna I was so delighted by your exceptional intuitive insights about me! I am and always have been an Ocean Lover, I bathe in the salty waters at every opportunity, even when it is very cold. I have a perfect Trine of Water signs in my astrology as shown by Lalita’s amazing Lalita Astrology and an affinity with Dolphins and any Sea Creature in fact. I have been at sea on yachts with Dolphins swimming alongside covered in Phosphorescence so that their silhouette sparkles and shimmers through the liquid blue just as you have shown here. I am also Sun in Cancer with this Moon affinity and my colours of Blue, Green Turquoise, it is as though you peeked inside my Being and your ability to express this with such powerful yet delicate, beautiful and inspiring creativity. Gratitude beautiful sister. I hope others will feel to engage you to do this stunning Art healing work for them.

Alexander Moskov

My higher self guided me to contact Qizenna after seeing one of her posts on facebook and I’m glad I listened. Her distance healing, painting and channeled messages of a former life as a Indian tribe woman, changed certain aspects of my life and was totally unexpected, in a good way of course. It is also a great pleasure to own one of Qizenna’s custom made healing paintings, it helps me stay grounded and enhances my intuition. It charges me with positive energy which helped me go through a life-changing experience. Thank you!

Cathy de Geest (Shiatsu colleague)

With some people you know within a fraction of a second that it is good. We experienced many magical, beautiful and fun things during our study years. Learning to give but especially learning to receive. I always feel safe with Qizenna. She knows what she is doing and does everything with her heart and right intention. She is growing fast in her development and I will not be surprised if many miracles will come on her path.

Alan Nash (director of the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu)

Qizenna is a very courageous and powerful woman who has found the root of her purpose in this world. She has become an experienced and inspired healer who is always learning and developing. I am glad she studied at my school and it is an honor and a pleasure to recommend her as a heart guided therapist with international experience with lots of “ki” and intelligence. She has always done so well and now gets the attention she deserves. She is a strong representative of the spirit of what we do and the help we offer in these fragile times. Well done Qizenna – I follow your development with interest and pleasure.

Sarah Adams

Qizen’s artwork is breathtakingly beautiful, profound and deeply activating! Her sweet children’s story Loveland is an amazing gift to the children and inner children everywhere!!!

Poppy Joy Glaede

Beyond words!!! Divine! My heart leaped when I saw what Qizenna came up with as she tuned into me. I was astounded.

Serenity Vocalized

Qizenna takes the higher self down onto the earth plane in the highest frequency manner possible. She truly magically captures the essence of her clientele etc. Such an honour to collaborate w her!!! She is also just the sweetest person and leaves no love-essence unexpressed. Such an amazing soul who mega assists with all her heart in expressing pure joy for and to the world. Emphasis on “for”. Impossible to be unsatisfied, as she puts her entirety into her work.

Caroline Mordaunt

W0W soo interesting… I will Meditate on this All. Amazing to see my Grown Woman Priestess Self.. I bow in Appreciation. I love the Mother & daughter symbol.. this is my whole Life really!!

Carolyn Puckett

Beloved, fine tune Art insight and you see clearly what is happening with the downloading energies and activations and know what it truly means in the now for planetary Gaia and your upliftment and for the manifestation of what is making way of what is yet to come.

Shell Maxwell

Gorgeous. This one had me go back to and still looking at it. Amazing.

Caroline Mordaunt

Love these!!! P@THW@Y OF sIRIUS Love opened my He@rt…I re@lly hope these get seen f@r & wide   Sh@red

Georgia Cammann

WOW Qizenna! There are no words… seriously! There is SO much here that deeply resonates and will take contemplation to fully do your glorious work justice. The smaller face at the bottom of some of the pictures actually looks so much like my youngest daughter I’m very connected with, it’s amazing. I believe I’ve been an elemental many times in different forms. I have always felt such a strong connection and saw myself in a past life regression as a leader of the fairy realm. And the wings… I see them myself in my meditations a lot. There was a point in my journey, I looked around my house and realized I had winged creatures everywhere… birds painted on the walls… angels… dragons… fireflies… butterflies… At the time, I knew it was an inner call to freedom.

Red/orange and purple blue tones have always been the colors I’ve been very drawn to and I have them all over my home. The Red/ orange has represented lion energy to me and elephants have also always been very special to my heart. I feel them strongly. And of coarse not surprisingly… I have quite an affinity for African culture and their children. I’ve worked a lot with them here in this lifetime! You’re visions are right on. Thank you so very much for sharing and expressing your gifts in this way. It truly is empowering.


Wow, the images are amazing and reading through your post gave me tingling sensations in my body. Thank you so much for this precious gift beloved sistar and for all you do.

Dolores Wildflower

Hey, wow! This is soo uplifting, enchanting, and sooo profoundly right on! Greatest of thanks and gratitude for your magic!

Indica Moonstone

Yes! This is amazing!!! I can hardly express with mere words the profound shift I experienced watching this. Thank you. So much LOVE.

Serenity Vocalized

Felt this! It guided me through a great expansive visual activation. Higher self dancing through each chakra in her ball of light. Dislodged and pushed out a seal/rectangular block (both shape and “obstacle”) from my throat chakra. The energy is going through my currently (both the present and as a “current” which runs) heated feet, into the earth’s core. Now heading back to bed for a couple hours! I remember when I could not hold visuals like this. Feels like ages ago but it really wasn’t. Thank you for your light! Watched/listened to/inhaled this for the second time, before toning at Butterfly park.
Qizenna you rock!

You know you had a good shamanic experience when you feel vertigo after your soul took a forty-minute vacation into the stars..
I can’t explain how awesome my experience was, doing shamanic work in the freezing cold, at the park where my late friend has a statue dedicated to her; and the ceremony ended up being a lot about (two other close friends/soulfamily) Jackie&Mark’s energy. Saw them many times in my visuals.
I went all the way high up in my head voice.
When I attempted to leave Butterfly Park, I almost fell walking to the exit.
Still getting back into body..
Excited to do it again tomorrow.

Maxine Dunn

I love your art sister!!! Amazing! Thank you so much for creating all that joy!!

Gemma O’Rourke

Qizenna Rainbow Goddess. Exquisite! Thank you for Being such an inspiration to us all.

Le Ah Tiamat


Chiara Ercolan

Hi Qizenna I see you as my own mirror. I feel a strong sense of sistarhood with you and this strange way of feeling your energy through not seeing you in real meat form is weird. It is the first time I am experiencing a mirror like type of impression delivered entirely by this mean of communication. From my point of view well done. Your door to achieve a level of cultivation of awarness through inner child awakening and activation is for me something that I intimately subscribe to. I love you and I am thankful you are expressing it so charmingly and playfully.

Lisa Kemp

My darling heart Qizenna, I’m taken away in a magical spiral of constant creation as I view your artistic expression of my true divine essence. I’m so grateful for our connection. I AM the magic of new expansive opportunities.

Hanna Badsberg Glansvill

Thank you so much divine and beloved Earth Sistar!! I give thanks for your incredible talent and willingness to share.. You are brilliant!! It resonates very much, I LOVE it Thank you very, very much! You have made my day nine times over..

Carolyn Puckett

So much fire, passion, alchemy, galactic energy and love!!

Nurten Sankaya

I liked very much the colors and the mandala place . Dolphines and phonix are beautiful . And ı liked very much the kundalini fire, in balance and so powerful. Thank you Qizenna, Power of Love

Anna De Santis

I love it dear Qizenna, I am grateful to be a part of this delicious and potent vision creation.
LOVEEEEEEEEEE your artistic expression of my true divine essence. A mermaid I am – in resonant! The vision is so on point that you brought forward for me! I AM the magic of new expansive opportunities. Thank you SO much wow!!!

Serenity Vocalized

I.. I will find the words … THANK YOU THIS IS AMAZING! This Vision matches my message/work for sure! Even resonates with my latest Youtube video!

Poppy Joy Glaede

One of my personal questions that arose for me over the last two days was about seeing my ancient Mayan higher self who streams these messages. I now see her through Qizenna’s Vision art. Thank you siStar. Tears of gratitude, joy, love, love, so much love!!! The magic you captured with my eyes Qizenna. I still cannot stop saying “Wow!” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Frances Hynd

Stunning! you are magic Qizenna, you are a beautifully gifted soul! You gave me and my group such a laugh at the vision art picture of me! I went into hysterics and couldn’t stop… Thank you so much!!

Lalita Karoli

Our creativity is a pathway to embracing our Divinity. I love the magical realms and seeing our expressions in form… May we all be so richly blessed with the love you see with your eyes and the Source if infinite gratitude that is the soul, thank you beautiful siStar.

Sanna Tärnström Birming

I’m honored to be part of your artwork magic and it looks divine. Sweetest Qizenna blessings and thank you for making a beautiful creation of me. It is stunningly amazing. You have truly captured a part of my elemental essence. Yes, truly a divine journey… much love, xxx Thank you, sweet one!

Karel Schoonbaert

Thank you for your wonderful intentions and the loving message. Together we are changing the world …
The beautiful metaphysical triptych painting will soon find its place in our exhibition space, and will inspire many visitors – unintentionally -.

Chakra alignment journey


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