Are you ready?

Are you ready?

For a journey beyond this dimension?

Then jump to my Art Gallery Page, Sistarhood or Art Wisdom Readings, and allow yourself to receive a love boost. You can experience the Art and readings as subtle are explosive 🙂 Feel the upliftment and let the imagination, colours, geometry and other realms be an inspiration for your souls journey. Creativity is my way of healing and transforming the old layers of conditioning and trauma. And anchoring in and activating the new energies. Always heart guided and hand in hand with my inner child. My art is a reflection of my souls awakening journey.

My creativity expresses itself through many art forms. I paint big and small, intuitive and realism. In the now I’m working on a big painting on a Tiny House. Make digital art, create handcraft products like leather bracelets, power sticks and a juggling game. I also love to write children stories and songs. And recently I have published 3 children books and a website for children. A wish come true.

All that I share is here to bring forth the new higher frequencies of unconditional love, wonder, beauty, peace and joy. If my world of creativity brought joy, peace or healing to your heart, know that you can honor my creative energy in the form of a donation.

Have fun in my world of creative love, and thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful passions, love and light with the world.

Lots of love Qizenna Esther

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