Are you ready?

Are you ready?

For a journey beyond this dimension?

Then go to the Art Gallery Page, and allow yourself to receive a love boost. You can experience the Art Galleries as subtle are explosive 🙂 Feel the upliftment and let the imagination, colors, geometry and other realms be an inspiration for your souls journey. Creativity is my way of healing the old and anchoring in and activating the new energies, always heart guided through my own inner self. And therefore is my art a reflection of my inner world.

While traveling through my shadow layers of conditioning, false truths, negative ego aspects and fear, I found in the darkest places within myself, the greatest light that helped me remember all that I am. The joy of my inner child and the light of love, that connects us all. 

My creativity expresses itself through so many art forms. I paint and make digital art. Create handcraft products like leather bracelets, power sticks and a juggling game. I also love to write children stories and songs. Because expressing myself through art is my greatest passion, it has also intertwined itself with my quantum healing work. Recently I have published 3 children books and a website for children. You can see and read more about my present offerings and projects Here.

All that I share is here to bring forth the higher frequencies of unconditional love to all who resonates. A lot of love and creative energy went into my free art sharings. If you want, you can honor my creative love and energy in the form of a donation.

Have fun in my world and thank you for being you and sharing your beautiful self, love and light with the world.

Love Qizenna


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