Karmic Soul Healing

Karmic Soul Healing

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Sometimes the soul leaves the body when it is in the midst of a karmic pain cycle. You were in a process of hurting someone or vice versa. Consciously or unconsciously. When your soul is re-born into a new body, you take with you that energetic karma vibration. To heal it in this lifetime. When you meet the soul from that past life again, they will bring you pain in some way or form. That’s how the karmic cycle works. And visa-versa. You do not have to remember the pain you caused or experienced yourself, in that past life, to transform and heal the karmic cycle of pain in the now. With the power of our thoughts, light and heart energy, we can change a karmic cycle energetically. That’s how powerful we are.

Be comfortable and find your stillness. Feel and see the person who created pain in your present live, and use this soul healing affirmation to end the karmic cycle:

I am sorry for the pain I have caused you in the past.
I forgive you for what you are doing to me today.
Past is past, it is over.
Today, we start with a clean karmic slate.
All my vibration of blessings will reach your soul.
I will bless you daily with the highest vibrations of love, peace and healing.
You will be healed and I will be healed.

My beloved …….., my light of love sends you high vibrational blessings of love, peace, joy, health and healing. I forgive you and I love you. May your soul be fully healed.

Repeat daily

A personal note,

From my personal experiences in this live, I can share with you that during my soul awakening journey, I have seen and experienced a lot of dark past life karmic cycles. I’ve you’re not able to experience or see them, believe me when I say you are blessed. It’s not always fun to see the path of karmic darkness we all have walked before. Know that It’s enough to accept and acknowledge that in some past lives, you have created aware or unaware karmic pain with another soul.

Remember that we are here on Earth now, to transform all darkness back to light. This starts with you and with me. First, we have to bring light to our own inner shadows. Our dark karmic cycles we carry with us from past lives. The more we do that, the more the darkness in the outside world will become visible. Once we can see all the darkness in the world for what it is, that’s the moment when we can change the darkness back to the frequencies of truth, love, harmony, unity and peace.

Collectively, we are now in the middle of the shadow tunnel. We’re halfway there. The light and truth is becoming more visible every day as more and more of us walk the path of inner truth. The more shadows we recognize and love within ourselves, the more light on Earth. Be brave, trust, be kind, love all that is you and be patient with yourself.

And remember, this global journey of transformation starts with you! The more love and light you become, the more light will manifest in the world. Bring light to your inner shadows and help change the world!

If you have questions about this subject, feel free to contact me.

Love Esther Qizenna

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