Our Earthly and Spiritual Negative Ego

Our Earthly and Spiritual Negative Ego

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I write about certain things, in the moments in which I receive through my Higher Self that the moment of sharing has arrived, in order to plant a seed of recognition and light in the hearts for whom this writing is intended. By sharing each other’s experiences, we illuminate each other’s shadows. Together we create the new timeline of peace and love, the new earth.

You are who you are and where you are on your unique path of awakening, and you are exactly where you should be right now. Waking up is a process that continues until we say goodbye to this Earth. When someone shouts that he/she is awake, he/she is actually saying, I am in the process of waking up. Even if your connection to your higher self and team is fully active, and you can communicate telepathically again, you are still in the process of waking up. We still know so little and learn something new every day. So don’t shout too loudly that you are awake, you are, like so many worldwide, in the process of awakening and exactly in the frequency that you can embody right now and where you are needed now.

During my journey in awakening through all frequencies and conditioning layers, not only did I encounter my Earthly negative ego, but I discovered that there is another ego, the spiritual negative ego. Waking up is a process, so it took a while before I could embrace both in love and transform them into the positive higher frequencies. During my Earthly negative ego process, I encountered all the conditioning layers born from trauma’s, school, governments, parents and media. These lower frequencies take up residence in our unprocessed trauma layers, and from which we continue to respond as long as they are not seen, healed and loved. Many years of shadow work were needed to finally transform my Earthly negative ego to the higher frequencies. During my spiritual negative ego process, I discovered that within the spiritual movement the dark is also active, through the spreading of false light, which at times is almost indistinguishable from the pure light. Meeting this false light taught me to distinguish pure from impure through the ever pure language of my heart. So always listen to your heart and not your head. Heart first, then head. During this same process, for a period of time, I wanted loudly to convey the truths from my perception at that moment to others. I wanted to wake up as many souls as possible. “Can’t you see?, we live in a staged version of a reality!” Eventually I found out that as long as someone is stuck in the lower frequency of fear, there is a mountain high blockage, so there is no point in waking them up. You just can’t get through it at that point. At that moment in my awakening, the negative spiritual ego transformed into a positive spiritual ego and I realized what I can do to assist the other who is still behind the mountain of fear.

Letting the other who is still stuck in the blockage of fear and lower energies tell their story of their truth at that moment. And then be still, listen and observe where in the energetic field or in the body the lower frequency is present, and then send the light of higher love and healing there. If you are in the middle of this spiritual ego process, and you want to wake up as many people as possible, I can tell you from personal experience that it is of no use. Listen, be still, send your true light to the shadows and plant a seed of light. Then, when their soul is ready to awaken, they will come to you naturally. But keep in mind that many souls have chosen to experience only the old matrix and live in it to the end. Their souls have not decided to help manifest a new world. They play their role in the old world, and are extremely valuable, because they show the others who are not awake, but decide to help build the new world, a mirror that will certainly awaken the soul of the now sleepy person.

We all awaken at exactly the right moment, through soul family, your own higher self and team or through a painful experience and/or mirror through the worldly stage, which forces you to wake up. From my own experience, I know that you can rely on that 100%. So if you’re getting a little tired of shaking everyone up, stop. The process has been set in motion for a long time, the light has already won. Of course, the dark doesn’t just give up, so they are using the full cast for their worldly puppet theatre. Which in turn is needed to wake up the last who have chosen to help build the new world. All others who decide to stay on the old timeline cannot move along in the new higher frequencies, and eventually we say goodbye to them in the physical. As long as you continue to give your energy to the indignant and/or angry feelings about the theatre performance that the dark is now playing, it will continue to grow. Once you trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should unfold, and you return your focus to sharing and transmitting the higher frequencies of love, the collective field of the new Earth grows in strength and the dark automatically loses its power. Is it that simple, yes it is that simple. This coming year it will get a little darker, so be aware of this and prepare where necessary. Connect with your soul group, bring community intent into the field, grow your own vegetables, get some extra food, water in the house, etc. But there’s nothing you can’t handle, or you wouldn’t be here. Only the strongest souls have come to Earth to manifest the new.

From my heart to yours, Esther Qizenna

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