Parallel Lives – Process Shadowwork – Soul Aspect – DNA

Parallel Lives – Process Shadowwork – Soul Aspect – DNA

Nederlandse Vertaling

Hi beautiful soul family,

This morning, I was asked what exactly are aspects of the soul?

Before going into the question above, I would like to share something about using the following words on my website; past lives and origin of the soul/star seed. I still use these words because I felt that many of us were not quite ready to fully align with what it really is, parallel lives of your soul coexisting at the same time. But that’s what it is, and I feel it’s time to get rid of the old words for good, but haven’t had time to tweak everything on my website yet. So keep that in mind when you hear me talk about past lives, or the origin of the soul/star seed. I can only connect to your Highest Light from the zero point in the NOW moment, when I am timeless. For everything exists in the NOW, the zero point from which everything can be connected, born, formed and reshaped. Also, some of my artwork and messages on the “Inspiration Cards” page contain false light geometry shapes, which are part of the old matrix’s trap game. This will also change when a divine moment presents itself. The geometry that I have experienced and now know to be absolutely false light are the Merkaba, the Fibonacci spiral, the flower of life and the Metatron cube. Keep that in mind the next time you want to connect to these forms of prison geometry. In some of the videos I’ve shared, I go deeper into this topic. You can find my videos on the “Collective Messages” page. So, now that’s said, I can come back to the question that someone asked me, this morning.

Coming back to the question; “what exactly are aspects of the soul?”

Aspects of your soul take shape as soon as you dare to look at a shadow pain in yourself and illuminate it with your love, then DNA is activated. A time of integration, Self-love and rest follows. The soul aspect that you have healed then becomes visible in your outer energetic field, your Aura. You can perceive and receive this at that time as your Highest Light/Higher Self/Highest Frequency. Often a name comes through with every new aspect of your soul that you bring home. When you have fully activated and integrated your new DNA wisdom, this ascended and healed soul aspect comes home to your heart. You will feel more whole again. After which you can anchor more light and automatically embody a new Higher Frequency, changing your inner world and therefore your perception of your outer world. One who walks the path of awakening is in a constant change of perception and therefore truth. Then this process repeats itself and a new shadow pain comes to the surface, to which is associated a new soul aspect, a new DNA activation, a new higher frequency, perception and truth, bringing you a little closer to the wholeness and full opening of your heart, and you will be anchored deeper in your True Self.

This awakening process of bringing all your soul aspects home continues until you have exposed and healed all inner shadow pains with your love, and merged all ascended/healed soul aspects into your heart. That is why it is so important to always connect with the Highest light aspect of your soul in this NOW moment, because this aspect changes, until you have reached the zero point of harmony within yourself. From your zero center of Harmony, you then become your own Cosmic Mother and Father again (the Two Flame reunion), through which the creator flame of your inner child can also come home to your Heart (the three flame reunion). You are then in the 9th Sphere and have come home to the Creator powers of your soul light and back into a constant connection with your true Highest Light.

Never forget that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be NOW, and that wanting to understand everything, blocks the process. Embrace the not knowing, because everything can be born out of nothing. Drop your head into your heart and if you think you’re going crazy, know you’re on the right track. Reach out to others, share your story. It is a relief. Know that vulnerability is strength. And guarding your energy resources by setting boundaries is giving love and security to your own inner child and your New Earth, YOU. Only you know what you can give and receive in energy in each NOW moment. That is your responsibility. People will leave you if you step into your truth, but that’s creating your own sacred space for your inner soul journey and space to meet your soul family. Your heart and intuition have long known the path of your soul, so listen to your heart and the path of your soul will unfold naturally in your unique rhythm. All the answers you seek live within you, not outside you. Your Earthly body is your portal, and speaks its own Elemental natural language. When we recognize this language again and merge it with the love and light that we are, we rediscover the power of self-healing. You are the Wise one you have been looking for all along. Turn inwardly and take all the time you need. Because awakening is not a competition. It’s an inner journey outside of time. Everything unfolds exactly as intended in the divine timing. Choosing (self)love, developing patience, embracing the not understanding, trust and surrender in every moment, are the KEYS.

Lots of love Qizenna

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