The soul awakening journey

The soul awakening journey

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Once your soul’s awakening journey of remembering has begun, it may be helpful for you to become aware of some of the steps most of us experience during the awakening process. Not all of us, for some of you are here for the first time in this Earth dimension. But most of us have experienced both, past lives on Earth and lives in other dimensions. I can only share from my own experience, interactions I had with brothers and sisters worldwide, and my inner truth at this moment. Sometimes you will have trouble with what you read. Some words will feel unknown and weird when you’re at the beginning of your awakening journey. Only when you make the inner journey yourself and start to experience the wonderful depth of the light and dark earth matrix, only then will the unknown words I’m sharing here, become a clear mirror moment for you. A moment of recognition. I hope my sharing will plant a seed that grows into a clear memory when you start to experience your moment of “craziness”. Believe me when I say that during your inner journey moments you will say the sentence “am I going crazy now?”, more than once. Don’t worry, you’re not becoming crazy! You are waking up in the memories of your soul, in all that is and all that you are. You are starting to remember the language of light.

Without illuminating the darkness of our pain shadows, we cannot open our heart. And our heart is the doorway to our soul. Every blockage, physical or mental, is in essence an emotion born from an unprocessed trauma, from this life or a previous life. Think, for example, of an inexplicable fear of water, usually resulting from drowning. Fear of being completely yourself and speaking freely, singing, making love and expressing yourself creatively in any form, often finds its origin in sexual abuse, emotional suppression/mistreatment and manipulation from the inside or outside. Outside manipulation like, television, the school system and people in your vicinity. Manipulation from within through a repetitive cycle of negative thinking and behaviour, often caused by entities clinging to our trauma spaces. We all have many layers of pain and lies surrounding our heart of truth, the doorway to the truth of your soul. But remember, you are not alone! The path we walk is different, but we all experience the same layers of conditioning and emotional pain.

Everything is energy, frequency and light in essence. So is an emotion, thought, trauma and lie. Through the power of positive thoughts, self-love, conscious nourishment and the healing powers already present in our souls, everyone on Earth can transform these shadows and lies into the higher frequencies of light and truth. So you too! But it is a process, it takes courage, patience, self-love in every moment, acceptance, trust and being present in the NOW. When you begin the awakening process, you first begin to transform your inner pain and emotions experienced in this lifetime. This is different for everyone. The more trauma you have experienced in this life, the more time you need for this. There comes a stage where you discover through your own experiences or through like-minded people going through it that there is also a dark dimension. The third dimension is a state of low frequency unconsciousness, a place where the frequencies of fear and suffering hold you captive. When you awaken in self-love, accept your inner truth and your shadows, you begin to embody the fifth dimensional higher frequency of light. You begin to break out of your prison of fear, suffering and shadows. You begin to grow in consciousness, love and light. Your energetic pillar of light becomes more visible to the fourth dimension. This in-between fourth dimension is like a dark mirror of the third dimensional earth. Energetic entities live here that experience low frequencies such as fear and pain energies as a festive main meal. They hate the higher frequencies of truth, light and love. So they want you to stay trapped in their favorite place of low frequencies, the third dimension. They exist because we as humanity have empty dark trauma spots within ourselves, due to our global lack of self-love, gratitude and awareness.

When our soul comes to Earth, we also take unprocessed karmic pain with us from past lives. In these traumatized void spaces of karmic pain, you may also encounter an energetic entity, positive or negative. Multiple entities are with us from birth through old karma, but they can also take possession of you during new trauma moments or toxic relations in your present life. Once you experience a traumatic moment, your aura is weakened and they can enter more easily. There is no self-love in a trauma space. They need the low frequencies of hate, jealousy, fear, anger etc. in order to survive. As soon as you give love, forgiveness and acceptance to a (karmic) trauma from this life or a past life, the environment changes to love. In the frequency of selflove they cannot survive, so the entity leaves your body and/or aura. In some cases, the entity is with you because it is tied to a past life contract. The removal then takes a little more than just selflove. A good shaman can help you with this. Don’t go looking, tell Spirit you need a good shaman. And trust that the Shaman will find you when the perfect time has come. You cannot force the flow of Spirit. Once the perfect shaman for you comes into your life, you will feel it in your heart.

As soon as you have brought the emotions and traumas in this life back into balance and you are in the warmth of your own selflove, your heart will open further. This deepens the journey of awakening. Other dimensions, beautiful experiences and painful karmic experiences, entities from past lives and the many soul aspects gradually come to the surface. And with each experience you transform to love, your heart opens more, and you regain more inner wisdom and the already present powers of your beautiful and unique soul slowly begin to awaken further. So much beauty and magic to look forward to. And the more light and selflove you become, the more global shadows of illusion will surface for all to see and transform into the frequency of love, peace and truth. By making your inner journey, you are helping Mother Earth and your Earth family worldwide in changing the Earth realm back to its original frequency of peace, love and truth.

We have been living in a lie for the most part since birth. What the world stage shows is largely an illusion. The lies are big, sometimes very shocking and go very deep, be aware of this before you dive into the process. When you start seeing a lie for what it truly is, the pain can affect your body and mind deeply. At the beginning of the process, you cannot see yet the why of the lie from your higher perspective. This is why it can be so painful. The more layers of conditioning and pain you expose and transform within yourself, the easier it will become. I can already tell you that from a higher perspective you will experience that everything is unfolding exactly as it is intended. Personally for you and on the global stage.

Some blocks, lies, traumas and layers of conditioning have been hiding extremely deep in your body and mind. A consequence of this may be that you will experience unexplained discomforts or illnesses in your body. Talk to your body, love your body and detox in these moments. I’ll get back to how I did that in another Soul Talk. Who knows, my mirror may be a key for your process. We are all each other’s mirrors and carry inside our energetic body codes/keys for each other to open up portals to truth, wisdom and memories.

When your journey deepens you will start hearing and seeing fragments of other dimensions or past lives during dreamtime and during the day. They are only short moments in the beginning, but very important to write down. So keep a journal. Write things down even if you don’t understand them. The moment you want to understand everything, you’re in your head again and you can’t get any further. The language of your soul, the many lives and aspects of your soul come to the surface and at the beginning of the process everything still feels unknown, weird and crazy. You’re not going crazy, you’re waking up. Trust that there will come a time when you will come to understand all that has come through. Many AHA moments will follow. From my own experience up to this moment, I can promise you that! And so the many other brothers and sisters who have gone through the inner journey awakening process. Wake up moments never stops. Because our soul wants to grow continuously in light, love and wisdom.

Keep in mind that family, friends or your partner can choose not to move along in your wake-up process. They have the free choice to awaken at their own pace or they choose to continue living the lie. That is their choice, their free will. Convincing is useless, it only costs you energy. All you can do is plant a seed of truth every now and then, to see if there is already an opening. When they are ready, they will come to you with questions.

Whenever you have exposed a blockage/conditioning layer within yourself with love and acceptance, you become more love and the vibrational level of your being changes. Your frequency rises, your perception of truth changes and your consciousness expands. The further you get in the process, the faster you can transform your inner blockages. As a result, your truth, perception, energetic experiences start changing by the week and even by the day.

The further you are in the process, the further you can see and/or hear. It’s different for everyone, some of us are getting clairvoyant again. Colours, light codes, other dimensions begin to become visible with the eyes open or seen through the third eye. Some see their negative entities leave after healing from trauma. Others awaken in the power of their clear knowing or develop the power of telepathic contact. Whatever powers are present in your soul, they will awaken in the right moment.

Accept what comes, be patient, trust the process and don’t search for answers in another. Everything you need and want to know lives inside of you and not in anyone else. Another can be a mirror moment of recognition for you, or a keyholder. But never forget everything you need to come home to the wisdom and love of your heart and soul, lives within you. It does not live in another. We are all equally important and unique. A puzzle piece in the whole of this Earthly transformation to a higher frequency of love.

At some point you reach the moment where you think you are going crazy. If you want to share your experiences, find like-minded people. Or write about it in your journal. Are you going to share your constant change of inner truth and growth with loved ones who don’t make the journey, they can decide to distance themselves from you or worse they convince you that you are crazy. Let them be who they are and share your growth with like-minded people.

be kind to yourself,

Love Qizenna

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