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When you decide to journey through the content of my website, only take in what resonates with your heart. Observe, feel and let go again, do not identify with the stories, aspects and realms, for the content is born from the many different shadow layers and frequencies I experienced during my journey back home to my inner harmonic soul zero-point. Everything is merely a temporary perception born from the frequency I was working with at that moment, and with every re-activated frequency, the expanded consciousness creates a new inner truth and perception. Remember, all wisdom you seek is within you.

About me,

Who I am, described from a matrix perception. Well I guess I can sum it up from past to now through these words; store manager, visual merchandiser, creative counselor for multiple limited souls, shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tibetan Massage, herbal Medicine, self-taught Artist, writer of children stories & songs, energetic element healer, oracle, and my greatest loves that have made my journey through this prison matrix bearable are, of course, the animals and realms of nature. Their wisdom and unconditional love has brought me to where I am today.

Who I am in the NOW, described from my soul perception. An observing conscious presence, ever-changing and flowing harmoniously in every NOW moment, moving from my true zero point field.

My inner soul journey through the many matrix shadow conditioning layers has brought me to this zero-point field awareness of “Who I am in the NOW”.

While we journey back to our deepest and first soul’s source cell, voice, frequency and geometry, we all stumble upon the many shadow layers the Matrix has laid upon our frequencies. Once we come home again to our deepest soul core of wisdom, peace, love and harmony, we are free from those shadows and have become our own cosmic mother and father again. During our journey back to our true self, we find ourselves in a constant change of truth awareness and perception. We perceive every frequency that has been given a matrix coding as a conditioning layer or shadow. Observing, loving and embracing the shadow causes the shadow to lose its power over us. We transform the shadow matrix coding layer in our powerful and deepest harmonic zero point, into formlessness. This process repeats until we have transformed all matrix shadow encodings in our zero point. Everyone experiences this process differently, for me with every matrix shadow coding layer I worked with, images of dimensions and aspects came through. Via the aspect, I traveled through the frequency/dimension, to find the key. What became visible to me as a light symbol or geometry. I have experienced the dark shadow layers as a roadmap leading me back to my true and deepest soul source presence in my zero point. The void, where we can be nothing and everything at the same time. Free from all conditioning, longing for identity, affirmative stories, past or future and solid form.

In this Matrix holographic game, it’s up to us to find the exit. And this exit is within us, not outside of us. Likewise, all 144 frequencies are already within us, and therefore we don’t need to bring in higher frequencies through the so-called higher realms, beings and gods. That is, from my experience and current consciousness awareness, a false light story brought into the spiritual community to distract and mislead us. The same goes for all the geometry and symbols that can be found in the ancient teachings. It’s here to keep you locked into their Matrix prison game. Everything is already in us! We don’t need to invoke on anything from outside ourselves, we just need to shed all shadow conditioning layers, allowing the frequencies already present within us to vibrate freely again. We don’t go higher, but deeper. I am now back at home in my harmonic zero point, my first source cell. My original soul frequency, geometry and voice is active again. Now that I am in this state of being, I no longer feel the need to cling to stories, identities and aspects. It has become formless and no longer has a hold on me. Therefore, I experience harmony and peace in every breath now. No matter what is playing out on the outside matrix screen, harmony, peace and love is within me. Through my journey in this prison matrix, I have been able to free the 144 frequencies that are part of our architectures from the many dark matrix coding layers, because of this I am now at home in my harmonic zero and changed to an observing presence, changing and moving from each NOW moment. The place in ourselves, where the matrix no longer has a grip on us. Our door out of this Matrix holographic game.

All the art and texts that you come across on my website are born during different phases of my consciousness. I have decided not to change everything to my perception of truth in the now, because we all take in what resonates with our heart anyway. If you come across the words Higher Self and Higher realms in texts, please translate it to your inner Souls Self and inner frequency/dimension worlds. For everything Higher, including our true light, is already present in us. It never went away.

Much Love,

Qizenna Esther (Esh-Te-Sha)

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