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I share my re-activated soul gifts with soul family, when I am guided to do so. The only thing I ask in return is that you follow the path of (self)love, keep bringing loving awareness to your Shadows, and focus on coming home to your true soul essence. When I am guided to align to soul family to share an Oracle soul message, an energetic Elementary activation, or a manifesting Art work, it’s always in service to the whole of Source Creation. If you fill in the contact form, and I am guided to share something with you, it will happen in divine timing. If not, then what you need, is inside of you of course, ready to surface or right here on my website. Lots of activation for your soul deepening can be found in the following pages; Oracle Readings, Mystical Oracle Cards and Collective messages.

Why have I chosen to share my soul gifts only for a return promise that you follow the path of (self)love?

Many seem to serve creation, but remember that if their offering is based on commerce, it is contrary to nature.
Those who have diligently served creation without getting caught up in commerce, I believe, are truly devoted to creation and that is what is best for all creation. Sharing information can be a commercial undertaking for some and perpetuate inequality. It could also be done in a just manner. A way that creates harmony and equality. For those who still pursue commerce, become aware that this is part of the old prison matrix. Finding your inner path back home to your soul essence, demands unity and not inequality. Be creative and know that your new commercial free path, is already present in the wisdom of your soul. I share my soul gifts without the energies of commerce, because life has taught me that I can always trust that my basic needs are being met. Intentions born out of love for the greater whole, our true source creator and mother’s richly filled kingdoms of nature are always there to help us. Abundance is born from trust and found in your Love for all that is you and all that is.

Who knows, maybe our soul essences are guided to align soon and if not what you need will surface soon from within you, or you find an activation meant for you, right here on my website. The activation, meant for you, can assist you in opening an inner portal towards a true soul memory and/or false light program, that is now ready to come to the surface of your consciousness. So you can become aware of it and transform it to zero-point, with your deepest and purest soul light and frequencies of acceptance, forgiveness, harmony and LOVE.

I am another you, may my website content illuminate your awakening process, and assist you in your journey back to self love, harmony and reconnecting to your Soul essence and all that is.

Much love,

Qizenna Esther (Esh-Te-Rha)

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