The birth of the global Sisterhood healing spiral

Welcome to this Global Sistarhood of the Healing Spiral,

The passionate ignition of a creational spark that flowed around Mother Earth gathering Sistars, Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in and energetic cascade of loving, healing intention was made by Qizenna in the Netherlands.

Inspired through joyful creativity to express in graphics and colour her appreciation of another Sister in Australia, she produced a beautiful portraiture tribute in colourful symbology and intuitive rhythm. More portraits were created in a toroidal flow of energetic sharing, delightful discovery and excited expansion.

Qizenna’s divine artistry and intuitive mastery reflected an exquisitely accurate representation of the qualities, gifts and talents, of each Sistar. Highlighting their natural beauty, Qizenna’s understanding of each ones totemic influences and connections revealed in symbolic expression of Self/ Higher Self ~ their Essence ~ unique Goddess presence.

Sistars connected around Gaia’s body in synchronous harmonic flow contributing their knowledge and wisdom, their guardianship and guidance, their dynamic and still presence with activated hearts of love. Essentially their Essence to bring to you the ~ Oracle of The Sistarhood Healing Spiral.

Love and light from all Sistars of the sistarhood Healing Spiral.

Feel into the activational Art expressions and enjoy all of our higher light messages long and short. Channeled through our pure portal of unconditional love, for you to receive.


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