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Element Sessions

Nederlandse vertaling


I have decided to no longer do online Skype sessions, only “hands on” in my home. If you are curious about the “why”, and want to know who I am in this now moment, I recommend you watch this video.

My love for working with the Element Landscape within our Body instrument, was born when I started studying at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu in Den Haag, back in 2003. How I worked then, and now, 20 years later, is of course completely different. The study of that time integrated with my soul wisdom. Everything is already within us, once the fragmented soul aspects hidden in the shadow layers of the Matrix programming are back home in our hearts, we know who we really are again, infinite Source Oneness Awareness. I can illuminate them with you and bring them home to your heart and soul, through the landscape of your Elements.

During a session, I take on the role of facilitator as a seer and feeler. Through touch from my loving source center, I travel through the landscape of your body instrument and help you rediscover your own inner element/mineral landscape, matrix programs, geometries and sounds. Through the Elemental Landscape we open the layers within a program that present themselves through your soul and while you flow deeper and deeper through my loving touch, I weave them back to your harmonic zero point. The place in you where the program loses its magnetizing powers of repetition. After each session we will also discuss the journey and I will provide you with tools to re-learn how to recognize, understand and work with the Elemental Landscape within yourself. Each soul and inner Element/Matrix program landscape is unique, and therefore my sessions are not fixed, you will experience it along the way. If my way resonates with you, and you want a session with me, please contact me via the contact form.

For a one-hour Hands-on Body Element Session at my place, I ask a minimum donation of 44 euro (48 USD).

Much love,


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