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I have decided to transform my self-healing journey into a 3-step element self-healing journey. So that everyone who resonates with the way of the elements, can weave his or her imbalance/programming back to the harmonic source center where it loses its magnetizing attraction of repetition. Included two guided element mp3 journeys, you can download for free. Curious how others experience this way, take a moment to read this testimonial. For those who don’t know me yet, this three-step journey was born from my own experiences. In 2012, my body and all its organs became seriously ill. Incomprehensible to Western medicine, and also through natural healing and my own path of Shiatsu, I could not reverse the illness. Until I decided to let go of everything ever learned and sit down at the water’s edge talking to my body, love consciousness and golden infinite source. Of course, the healing I sought to reverse my illness was already within me. For everything is inside of us. All I had to do was listen to the language of my body and heart. Since I have woven all programming back into my harmonic source center, all my organs are healthy. I no longer magnetize the repetition of old patterns. Everything is now in a peaceful state. I wish this peaceful state for everyone. After years of physically giving the elements journey to others, it is now time to let that go too. Because everyone can do it themselves. Al you need is trust yourself, believe in yourself and love yourself!

There went a lot of time and love into my 3-step elements journey below. As an energy exchange, a voluntary donation is therefore very much appreciated. The donation button can be found at the bottom of this page.


Download below this text the Element overview, with which you can determine which element and the associated organs you can work with NOW, by taking an honest look at your current state of emotions and physical discomfort. A matrix programming is active in this Element and organs. Time to demagnetize it through the landscape of the Elements. In the case of the Fire Element, there are not two, but four organs you have to work with. With Fire, you have to repeat Step 2 not twice, but four times.


Before you listen to the guided source activation journey, take a moment to feel into both organs. Starting with your female and then the male organ of the element you are now working with. So you listen to this 1st source activation journey, twice.

Start with the female organ, place your active right hand on the organ and left hand on your heart consciousness and feel what the predominant climate is in the organ. (repeat this with the male organ)

Is it; heat, cold, dryness/tightness, moisture or stillness.

Now that you are aware of the climate, you know which element finger to use while listening to the step-2 guided MP3 session below.

Fire heat, balances cold (THUMB)
Wood wind, balances stillness (INDEX FINGER)
Metal dryness, balances moisture (MIDDLE FINGER)
Earth moisture, balances dryness/tightness (RING FINGER)
Water cold, balances heat (PINK)


During this weaving journey we bring the separation in the male/female/child programming present in the element back to the source center of oneness, where you have activated the golden alchemical energy movement from your source with your source sound, during the 2 step of this Element journey. We weave the separation back to your harmonic source center, so to speak, where the program demagnetizes and is protected by a solid source boundary pillar and a clear source knowing. As long as you stay true to your source boundary and knowing, the program is demagnetized. If you are not true to your source boundary and ignore your source knowing, the pillar falls over, and you magnetize another loop of repetition. Your body instrument and emotion will let you know, through physical discomfort or old emotions, that are active again. When your program is magnetized again, repeat the three steps of this Element journey.

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