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Kristín Sigurðardóttir

I felt called immediately and knew then, that I wanted to get to know your work, and was lucky to get a chance to work one on one. For me, it was a powerful journey of self-love. Even though I have never heard of terms like, inner landscape, or the inner elements. That did not matter when the heart and soul know’s beyond words. After the sessions, feeling in the movements and using my water colors, Qizenna held space for me and guided me in the journey. I was so surprised and amazed of how much was released and how permanently materializing it is.

Alexander Moskov

Her distance healing, painting and channelled messages of a former life as an Indian tribe woman, changed certain aspects of my life and was totally unexpected, in a good way of course…

Gemma O’Rourke

Qizenna’s loving touch in shiatsu quanta dynamics is of the highest most expansive healing frequency. She merges realms because she is in resonance with Inner Divine Union and will allow within a healing session for the unlocking of keys and codes at a cellular, and DNA level…

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