Oracle Readings

During the Oracle readings below for source family, my source brought me to their lost soul aspects and trauma’s. Visible on my inner screen as past lives in this central Earth realm or present in 1 of the many other hijacked galactic Matrix realms, that I access through the element system within, DNA and soul template programming. Through this experience, I was able to experience for myself that the galactic realms are also part of this trauma-based prison matrix game. I still talk about higher light in the readings, but that is also an illusion, just like higher energies and frequencies outside of us, everything is already within us. Read what resonates, observe, and then let go. If a reading resonates, experience it as a mirror that lets you know where there is still a soul aspect of you. Don’t romanticize it, and don’t dwell on past lives or galactic lives and aspects you encounter in it. It’s an incarnation loop program, which wants you to get stuck into it. Connect to your own source light of awareness and heart consciousness. All is in you!

Much love

Beloved brother Roger, your starlight has taken its first form in the galaxy of Mirach. This is a gold star in Andromeda area, and near Cassiopeia and Perseus. I perceive you for a moment as your Mirach self, you look human, but it is like you are made of gold. Everything has a golden glow. Your clothing is surprisingly simple, you wear a linen-like robe and have a kind of light antlers on your ears. When I ask your Higher Self after this, I am told that Mirach beings use them for star navigation. Your heritage and gift is already hidden in your last name, Schipper. Navigating the stars. Your Mirach family is known as the “Galactic Star Guidance” Council. Many Galactic races often stop at Mirach during their interplanetary travels. Many different beings come and go, checking in with your star command should anything happen to their ships or make a stop when they need a star path to find their way to other galaxies/dimensions. Souls that come from the star Mirach are masters at finding safe star paths. In the Earthly, they are masters when it comes to navigating the Soul Star records and the soul waters. Guiding people on their journey of remembering, navigating them towards the DNA memories that are ready to be activated. Souls from Mirach are through their light antler antennas in a direct connection with the all-connecting soul water. The infinitely many rivers of memories, they navigate from their naturally present navigational power.

You were one of the few Mirach family invited to come and enjoy the paradise earth experience, unaware that this version of the earth was a Draco prison experience. Of course the Dracos invited the strongest star beings from many galaxies/stars/dimensions. Which is working against them now, LOL. You and many other starseeds got trapped in this version of the Draco prison trap. Each one did their best to adapt to the incarnation process during these human life cycles. You, and so many others, lost touch with their true home, their starfamily. There are not many Mirach souls on Earth, those who are, are Master Navigator guides and can lead others through the many paths to soul remembrance, with the bright light of their star and light antler antennae.

We know each other from Cassiopeia, my home. You once taught me how to navigate my color-coded spheres, through the many paths to the core of Creator and Terra’s original template. And I have taught you how to create ethereal new forms with the dream codes present in the infinite field of colors in Cassiopeia. You taught me to navigate the many pathways, and I taught you how to open the codes and rebuild new shapes in templates via the Cassiopeia color codes. This Cassiopeia wisdom present in your DNA is now being activated. Therefore, we may also meet in the physical when our divine moment of reconnection in the physical presents itself. The energy of Cassiopeia is very colorful, playful and creative. So it is time for you to play again, hand in hand with your inner child. Hence my choice in your soul portrait, for the photo where you are kiting, your playful self. The child within us carries the creator flame. When this period comes for you, you are bringing the embodiment of the divine feminine and masculine energies home to your heart. The two flame reunion. Once you have become your own mother and father again, the creator flame of our child can come home again to our heart and our true Merkaba house. So you are on your way to the three flame reunion, the moment when the connection to your creator template/seal is re-activated. Your current Cassiopeia DNA activation will help you rebuild the final code structure within your divine original Creator Template.

We have worked together for a long time, shares your Higher Self with me. We both became Master Builders and Navigators, sharing our teachings in many star systems, together and later also separately from each other. We have also worked side by side in the temple area of ​​the Pleiades and Andromeda. Furthermore, we were also part of a navigating dragon council while building the original Terra template. Also working as path builders as we worked on Terra’s elemental consciousness template. I was a sky dragon here, you were a water dragon. Working together on terra’s elemental consciousness. Here you and I also worked side by side with our brother Marcel. A fire dragon, he worked there on the protective ley lines fire grids.

This was all before we, as a star family, got caught up in this Draco Earth copy version of endless experiments, resets and so many incarnations. The Draco version has no more quantum capacity, so we finally have the opportunity to dismantle this Draco Earth prison for good. A new cycle begins, our cycle. Because we are the true creators. We all need to realize that this is not the real Earth template/hologram. We must now completely detach ourselves from this Draco timeline/prison, and give it no more energy. That’s why many of us can no longer connect to the old 3D system. Your Higher Self wants to pass on that you have done a great job, you have assisted many souls in navigating to soul memories and false light patterns/programs, that work is done now, I receive. Your new path is already here, and will become visible when the divine moment arrives. So trust brother!!, because you are already there. Believe in your powers! Powerful brother, so thankful to have found you again. For now, this is all your Highest Light wanted to share in this divine Now moment. Lots of love, your sister Qizenna Esther

My source takes me to an underground High-tech room, with computers that I can’t even describe, so advanced. A mix of Electromagnetic, Crystal, light and Physical form stuff. I find myself in an underground lab in Atlantis. It feels very close, it seems Atlantis is a cel just outside our 3 density Matirx game field. In this Atlantis cel witch is shown to me as a cube shape, the resets are prepared and performed every 130 years. Consciousness is here uploaded, particles locked into a matrix soul template, and manipulated using false light geometry, color codes, and emotion programs. When ready, it is downloaded back in a new avatar/body. For the next Earth experiment. Individual consciousness particles merged in a matrix soul DNA template, as it were, during an Atlantis Split experiment, a long time ago. We are now in the final phase of this present reset. During the experiment I got to witness, 8 spheres with false light coding programs through which consciousness was lead, as it were. They also mixed consciousness particles here and create the mixed soul templates. It is a splitting experiment, that’s how it comes through. You were part of this Split program. What this experiment is and why I will share later in your reading.

Part one, your former programmed reset lives:

As I go deeper into your program, I’m pulled away from Atlantis and brought to an experience of a temporary settlement consisting of tents. In the midst of a truly magical forest. I receive the word “Artursage”. I’ll write it down as I hear it. Somewhere near England. This settlement is recovering from a recent battle. In the middle of the settlement is the largest tent. More luxurious than all other tents. When I enter this tent, I see three people. In the center of the tent is a royal-looking woman. I get that she is the woman out of the water, Lady Nineve. I didn’t recognize her, but now know it’s your beloved twin from this life, A. Your created matrix soul template was mixed during the experiment, you both were part of the two split. Mirror parts of soul templates and source particles were split into a two split template. You need to collect these parts, to demagnetize the program and feel whole again. That’s all a twin mirror is. A program.

Back to the England scenery, I recognize the woman standing behind her, from this present life. We both know her. And the man standing behind her is you, M. Then I learn that you are the mage/druid and protector, in the service of Lady Nineve. The other woman behind Lady Nineve is your sister and assistant in this past reset life. Assisting you in creating all herbal medicinal tinctures, she is an Earth Alchemist. Your alchemical gift is Fire and A is a Water Alchemist. And still in 2022, because this knowledge is stored in your DNA Template, once the program is demagnetized, the frequency beneath it can vibrate again, and you have access to this source wisdom again. In this past life reset, it turns out that you and A are having a secret love affair. All three of you were brought here to heal a royal who was wounded in battle. This man is the husband of A, Lady Nineve. The scene that unfolds shows me, you M, donning your Lady Nineve a protective robe. Her robe is lined with fine craftsmanship, crystals, bird bones, feathers and druid characters made of wood. You have made this robe and now hallow it with the protective power of your Fire Alchemy Grid. To protect Lady Nineve and her water healing work. This life in which you secretly had a love relationship turns out to be one of many lives. In this past life, A her husband found out about your love affair, and she turned out to be pregnant with your child. Your sister was taken apart and had to poison you under pressure from A her husband. A had to say goodbye to your newborn immediately after the birth of your love child. The husband of A is a reptilian in a human vessel.
By now, I know what your beloved A does in this present life. Designing and transforming creations into very special garments. After sharing the above with you M, I now also know that you as a young boy in this present life chose for the fashion school. Logically, you both chose the beauty of making clothes again. I say again because there are several more lifetimes/resets passing by in brief flashes where I see you working in different environments and time periods related to theater. What becomes clear in these brief flashes is your deep love for each other in secret. For many lifetimes you have been in a relationship in secret, because it was not possible due to difference of origin or the other was already bounded through a relationship.

You have been ripped from each other’s lives several times, many times, resulting in the death of one of you. I can also see a few flashes in which I see A, torn by grief, saying goodbye to her child. From your forced secret love relationships through the ages, children have also been born. Children who were unfortunately not allowed to be visible during that reset. It’s all because of that two split program/experiment we are working through right now. As a result, you and A were forced to say goodbye to your children many times. These memories are present in your cel DNA and will surface for you when the time comes. I know that M has already regained some memories. Share them with each other to illuminate them with your love in order to transform all the shadow pains and demagnetize the program. Set the intent for bringing home the many soul shattered aspects and source consciousness fractals.

Back to the Atlantis Split experiment:
I get that both consciousness particles and later in the experiment soul matrix template peaces were mixed during this Atlantis Split experiment. I am taken to a high-tech environment and see an electromagnetic light system, which flows into each other through a kind of spiral movement. This is linked to high-tech computer systems. Computer systems that are also used on Orion Ships, this memory is also present in your DNA, I am getting. A, is working on the ship as some kind of code healer and you, M, are being experimented on in a hightech room. You were both prisoners on this Orion ship.

Back to the Atlantis split experiment, I am shown, people/avatars connected to a high-tech computer and electrical magnetic light system. This experiment has its origin in the Orion Cel, I’m told. It appears to have been manufactured somewhere in Orion and is hidden underground from the Atlanteans here in the Atlantis cel/cube. They experiment in underground labs. It is a consciousness splitting system and a DNA matrix soul template builder. This was the beginning of the splitting of consciousness particles and the disruption of the natural divine emotions and state of source beings, by inducing experimental split DNA matrix soul codes/programs with the consciousness. I see 8 cleavage split experiments. The both of you have main program the 2 split and the opposite program, the 7 split. I have made three examples of it, as best I could, for a clearer vision, you find these pics below this reading. As they show me, light consciousness is being taken out of the both of you and parts are mixed with each other, as it were. Then color code programs (emotional imbalance codes) are added that work through a system I feel are the chakra’s. After that, the consciousness particles are build into the matrix soul template. This template is made into two again. The split moment. And over each template is first placed a false light Fibonacci spiral and then a kind of computer-like printed circuit board of light, which resembles the flower of life, but also a maze. I am told this is the new DNA matrix soul template. After this it is placed in a black Metatronic square and merkaba, before it is downloaded back into the Earth body/avatar. I see the black square consciousness connecting directly to a light movement that is present in the physical heart, which causes the new soul template programs to attach itself to the physical body.

We are all connected to two main template emotion/soul programs, which are visible through our past lives and current lives. For the two of you, it’s emotion program 2 and the opposite emotion program 7. See the pictures below this reading to understand it better. I know it will explain a lot for the both of you. Doing the shadowwork is the unlocking of the programs. It is a maze with many false codings and layer template peaces to it. Our soul template is mixed with many others soul template particles and sometimes source particles, we share many template keys for each other, and many memories with each other. The two of you, because of your two split, have a mirror soul template, but you are also part of the 7 split, which means there are in this game 7 other souls who carry peaces of your soul template too. We need to bring all the soul puzzle peaces and source particles back home, before we can demagnetize all the programs within ourselves. It is like a puzzle. We need to fully detach and bring home all that is part of our soul template, including all the love we gave away. I believe this Orion/Draco reset game can dissolve, if all true source beings manage to work through the maze game they created, and bring home the DNA Template soul/source particles puzzle pieces, demagnetize all programs and detach themselves fully. Becoming empty, as it were. So, I am getting there is a way out, but of course, we need to do the work. Connecting to the nature and animal kingdoms can assist us, big time. For the animal and plant worlds carry within them the original Fibonacci coding, which helps us realign to the elementary consciousness, that was blocked when they programmed us with the false Fibonacci coding during the Atlantis experiment. The Element structure within our body works as a roadmap, I have experienced myself. They have so many false demon gods and angels to distract us and pull us back into their Metatronic trap. Also, do not engage with the Flower of Live and their version of the Metatron Cube and Merkaba, for it’s a trap to keep you locked in. Do not call upon gods/angels etc. guidance outside yourself, all you need is within your source. You are nothing and everything at the same time. M, it’s time to start believing in your Alchemizing source powers! All you need is you! Your own Source Light.

Thank you M, for letting me enter your system and reading your DNA info. Much love for you both, Qizenna

Beloved Sister Ani, when I connect with your Higher Self, I am first taken to a scene of you as a mermaid in an underwater crystal cave. Not water as we know it here on Earth, this water seems to give light. I am overcome with a deep sadness, sadness that extends beyond personal sadness. When I ask about the sadness and the special luminous water, your Higher Self explains to me that in the moment of the first creation you became part of the all-connecting soul water. So your soul/consciousness has its origin as soul water and the soul water is again directly connected to the heart of this universe, the womb of our Mother Earth, Terra. This is why you are such a powerful Water Alchemist. At the time of Lemuria you experienced your first form as a mermaid. And you have had this form for a long time. Always working with the frequencies of the soul water. The soul water, Mother Earth’s elemental and animal kingdoms are your true home. The sadness I feel when the image of you as a mermaid comes through in the crystal cave is explained as follows; through your connection with the soul water you can feel through all dimensions. The image they show me is you in the now. You deeply feel the collective sadness. In your crystal cave deep under the water you are able to transform and purify the collective sadness. Here you can leave it, you don’t have to carry it, your Higher Self passes on to me. So you feel very deeply and very much, that’s why you occasionally withdraw yourself into your crystal cave underwater. Feeling is your power, and it is a theme woven through all your incarnations. You have spent many lifetimes in the Inner Earth realms as Elf in physical form. Here, you could quietly get used to living in the Earthly realms. Every soul wants to grow and gain new experiences, including yours. It just took you a while before you dared to make the switch from water to land. You have also worked for the growth of your soul as a High Temple priestess in the Pleiades and in Sirius, to share your alchemical soul water knowledge with others. During the great galactic war, Orion’s side was short of powerful healers. During this war, they had many healers in captivity working for them. This is where you first met your beloved, Marcel. This was before the Two Split experiment in Atlantis, I’m told. Because the Split experiment originated in Orion and you were observed during that time, you were consciously brought together as Two split during the first underground lab Split Earth experiment in the vibrational field of Atlantis. A powerful fire alchemist and water alchemist, water can extinguish the fire and fire can vaporize the water. From then on the two of you were connected and you spent many earthly incarnations together. Thank you sister for this pure connection. Lots of love, Qizenna Esther

Dear Muriel, in the picture I have placed you as your flower fairy self. You are now in the final stages of a deep long self-healing journey and your fairy aspect is here to help you through it. From green to blue. Green and blue may merge together, what I mean by this will become clear later in the reading. During the moment of creation you received your first experience as a frequency healing light in one of the many frequency healing fields in the dimension of the Arctures. In the 20th field, Heramjia. In the early days of creation, the Arcturians were given the highest soul frequencies directly from the orginal creation template source. These souls had no form yet and became part of frequency fields. After serving this highest good for healing techniques/geometric shapes, you, along with many others who had served as healing frequency, also got a form, so your first real form was like an Arcturian. The Arcturians created the first healings from these fields of frequencies and sent them into the field of creation. The Arcturians are master healers when it comes to bringing frequencies together and transforming them into geometry with healing powers. When dark brought the movement/energy of darkness into the field of creation and with this movement the programs of the dark emotions, every Arcturian frequency field was used to understand these new dark emotion codes in order to eventually transform them back to zero creator point, as it were. Every soul that has ever been part of these fields has been deployed. Each frequency field is associated with a chakra/false emotion layer/coding that has been moving through the creation since the copy Hologram of Earth of the dark was activated. Once we open the portal to New Earth and are back in harmonic zero point, then this healing geometry is no longer needed. You are linked, as it were, to the 20th field. I receive that when your present DNA is activated the 20th higher chakra opens, 5D royal blue, area throat. Your Earthly process is linked to this and can be found in the element Wood (the tree kingdoms), color green, the yin movement (turned inward in stillness) organ liver and the emotion anger / frustration. The constant swallowing of anger by, for example, through not being understood or heard, creates inner frustration and a blockage in the throat chakra. You need the throat chakra open, to see behind the veil of the Earthly illusion. In your case this means, when heart (green) and throat (blue) are open and connected again, you shoot through to the higher 20th chakra and your third eye opens. In order to use the healing geometry power of the 20th frequency field for the good of the greater whole, it is necessary to live the emotional energy of the throat chakra and liver through your body, as it were. You are almost there, the necessary self-healing cycle of 7 years is in the completion phase, I’m told. We all experience this for a period of time while clearing our old shadows and conditioning layers, but for a soul that is directly connected to a frequency field in Arcturus, this process goes a bit deeper. Each linked to his or her own frequency emotion. The predominant dark emotion is often reflected back through the many incarnations cycles you experienced. Once the 20th healing geometry frequency is reactivated in yourself, and the 20th throat chakra opens fully, it changes color to the lightest color available within the royal blue spectrum. So it is now very good for you to start singing sounds and making intuitive movements on paper, in order to integrate and activate your healing geometry. It will eventually become visible to you as well. Souls that have been part of these frequency fields embody these high frequency tones and geometry with them from birth. Often unconsciously. In the old 3D system, they mostly label this as ADHD or forms of autism. Many starseeds come into contact with this, through the high frequency embodiments. This does not necessarily mean that you have been part of a frequency field, it can also simply be your higher home frequency. But with you it is the frequency embodiment of the healing field in Arcturus. Because of this, you have always had trouble rooting deeply in your body, as it were. Therefore, the starseeds with the high frequency embodiment are always forced into their bodies through a self-healing journey for a period of time. A journey that previously presented itself in a 7-year cycle, but now that everything has accelerated so much, it will not surprise me that the souls now embarking on their deep inner healing journey, through the shadows, present in their physical temple/body, experiencing this in a 7 day cycle. This is the speed at which we are now moving. Now is the time and now we are needed, all of us. So we can be happy, you and I and many others that we were able to experience that healing journey in peace.

I am told and shown that on the other side of your current DNA activation, there is a shadow/pain memory that took place in Peru over 500 years ago. I won’t share it here, but will send it to you via PM. What I can share here is that it has to do with your first experience of total powerlessness, fear and anger towards your then parents in that life in Peru. And the deep wound that is present in the energetic field of your throat chakra. My Highest Light told me that I could find it through Google. So I googled it and indeed there is one document about that tragedy that happened 500 years ago. It is about a large group of children who disappeared / were taken away at that time. The false gods were the cause of this. You, and your other Flow sisters, Maartje, Marianne, Jil and me, also know each other from our Sirius time. You first came to us for healing and later came back to assist with the expanding wisdom you brought with you, that uplifted our way of healing. Furthermore, you have increased your knowledge of healing in my home frequency/dimension of Cassiopeia and later also in the Pleiades. As sisters within this Flow group, we know each other through many lives. All of us, also experienced the realm of the Elementals and Angelic’s. The four kingdoms around the heart and womb of the cosmic mother, the inner earth. Here you took on many forms, like me, you got hooked to this realm. It’s a playful realm. Both of us have been a flower fairy. I’m told, that you can best use the flowers of the herbs for self-healing. So for example, the flower of the dandelion, the daisy, the tricolor violet etc. This resonates the most in your body. Likewise with mine, I always like to eat the flowers. This is what I get to share with you in this sacred NOW moment. Thank you beautiful and powerful sister, for all you have done and all the transforming geometric zero-point Harmonies that you are yet to bring into the field, for your fellow man and for supporting the shift to New Earth! Love Esther Qizenna

Beloved brother, in the first moment of creation, your light embodied form outside this universe in the dimension of Venus, so you are a Venusian Starseed. Very rare on Earth. Also known as Hathor. Which means you have a deep connection with the early Tara cultures, Egypt, Lemuria and Atlantis. You later came to this universe through the portal of Sirius. As a Venusian Starseed you are a born master when it comes to working with light and sound. You are a carrier of the powerful and loving Venusian light, I’m told. You’ve been on Sirius C for a long time in the form of a Meerman. Likewise in the Pleiades. Both incarnations, Sirius and Pleiades, involved deepening your Venusian wisdom regarding light coding for Tara’s light root grid in her sacred grounds and waters. On Earth, your incarnations were usually dominated by the Elder Council or as a healer/magician. So you have often been part of the elders, within tribes, monasteries etc. And shared your knowledge as a magician. I also see you with a crow, my Higher Self tells me that the crow has been your traveling companion during many incarnations. When I ask about your current DNA activation, I get the following; she shares the word “Ayodhya” with me. When I ask what it is, she tells me it has to do with a temple in Rajasthan, India. It took a while before I could spell the word correctly, ajodja, ajodia LOL, although I have been to India, but Ayodhya and the Ajmer Jain temple are only just now walking into my consciousness. This is what I may pass on to you; under the temple are golden cellars. Below these cellars, original ether template source codes are present/stored in a Central Amethyst Source Crystal, which dates from the time of Lemuria. This crystal is located under these golden cellars. This Central Source Crystal has not been destroyed at the time of the Lemuria timeline and has been preserved in its original condition. At the time of Lemuria, the Crystal was encoded with ether chakra codes which in turn are linked to the original source template of Tara and the original chakra templates of the Lemurian crystal guardians of that time. You were and are a crystal guardian. The crystal guardians of this central source Amethyst crystal were all given their own activation key. I’m told that there are 7 Chakra Ether codes present in this Amethyst in India. These are again connected to the 7 chakras in the original source template of Tara. Worldwide there are 7 carriers of the corresponding activation keys. You are the bearer of the 1st key, the Ruby red root chakra activation key. You and the other 6 crystal guardians can, through their original chakra template, in your case the root chakra, reactivate this source amethyst crystal and its ether codes, simply by consciously connecting with it. Getting on a plane is not necessary, LOL, intention and being energetically connected is enough these days. That’s how I receive it here. Fascinating! So this is the DNA that is now in the process of activation. As soon as your Ruby red Root Chakra key is reactivated, and you have activated the corresponding ether code in the Amethyst crystal, your power as a Root Magician is automatically activated again. When I ask for an explanation, this is what I get; you have worked many lifetimes with the tree kingdom and the sacred soil of the Earth. Your field of magic is the roots. Through the roots you communicate with the source, the heart of Tara and her sacred grounds through all layers. Once your key is reactivated and you have been in communication with the Amethyst Source Crystal and its ether codes, you become a chakra alignment Master, the Root Magician. The color Ruby red will then merge with the other chakra colors and the source gold within yourself and in direct connection with the Amethyst Source Crystal and its Ether codes, allowing you to assist others with the deep rooting into their own core. At the other end of the spectrum from your DNA key activation, there is a past life shadow pain. She shows me your life in India, sometime in 1800. Here you are present in the image as a monk, at the same temple in Ayodhya. You are working in the rich gardens that surround the temple, surrounded by children. As a monk, you are also a teacher. After the peaceful image in the gardens, I then see you running with the children towards the Temple. You must hide, why is not clear to me, this is not shared with me. This memory from this life will arise to the surface when the DNA key activation is completed, I’m told. This DNA memory gives you access to the wisdom of herbal medicine. This is what your higher self wanted to share with you in this NOW moment. Thanks for the divine journey. Love, Qizenna Esther

Beloved sister Aukje, the origin of your soul you already know, a Pleiades starseed. You were and still are part of the Blue Rose council. You shared your wisdom about frequency signature re-alignment singing, in one of the many Temples. You have deepened this skill further in the third Inner earth realm, the angelic realm. Here you learned how to use your skills in co-creation with the elements, plant and bird frequencies. And you have also spent time in the realm of Arctures, where you have learned more about the many healing frequencies, while working with the many frequency fields that are present there. The image is a reflection of a former life that came through for you, you as your Indian self. Member of the Eagle tribe. We know each other from this past life. I was here the chief of the Eagle clan, and you were my Sister, working with Owl medicine and using plant medicine for the tribe. Remember the painting I made? I now know who the woman in the painting is, she is you, my Eagle Tribe Sister. I already connected to you through the painting in 2013, when for me this soul memory surfaced. When I ask why she shows me this lifetime, your HS tells me that this lifetime was a lifetime in which you were seen in your full strength and allowed to speak and share your wisdom. Not working in the shadow under a controlling hand of another. When I ask what you did exactly, she tells me that through the power of Owl and the wind, you could connect to the ancestry lines and so find the disturbance in the frequency of every soulmembers original soulsong and cured them by giving them the plant medicine with the right frequency. Through short flashes of many other former lifetimes, I come to understand why this Eagle tribe lifetime is so important for you to see and remember now. She shows me you, working In Tibet with plants as a monk, serving the hand of another, in England working as a Druid with plant medicine, also serving the hand of another. And you, serving the hand of the god placed outside yourself, in churches and monasteries. The theme of pain that lies within your inner shadows, become visible now. Many lifetimes, you have been serving under the hand of another. Making yourself invisible and silencing your voice and heart of soulwisdom. This Eagle tribe former life that comes through for you in this NOW moment, is on the other spectrum of your present DNA activation and higher soulaspect integration. The two Swans at your feet in the pond, exudes here, the presence and reconnection to your Angelic family. Your Angelic Higher aspect is integrating in this very moment. Assisting you in reconnecting to your flowing soulwaters. Your ability to bring in every soulsong through feeling and connecting to the all connecting soulwaters. Through feeling, you can hear with your heart (not mind or earthly ears), every unique soulsong/frequency signature, that lies in the silence behind the first sounds you encounter. Through re-aligning to the soulwaters in your heart, you can feel and therefore hear, through all dimensions. Connecting to the element of Air/Ether gives you the wings you need, to go beyond the borders of your earthly mind and start flowing deeply within the soulwaters of your all-knowing, feeling and hearing heart. In order to activate this DNA wisdom (the Eagle Tribe and Angelic wisdoms), you are being asked to change the stillness of your pond into a flowing river. From head to heart is the only path to come back home to your true self and all soulwisdom that lies within your heart portal. The white owl is your spirit animal during these coming times of deep transformation. So call upon Owl for guidance, when needed. The message I receive from Owl is the following; “let go of the fear of showing your true feelings, because it pulls you away from your source of light and the changing of your still pond into a flowing and all connecting moving river. No more hiding in the shadows, you are here to bring in the soulsongs, so others can remember who they truly are”. You are already on this path for some time now, working with your voice and the frequencies of the singing bowls and birth gong. Your Angelic higher aspect is here now, to assist you in activating and realigning to your own soulsong/frequency, and get your pond flowing again. From head to heart and coming home in the acceptance of not knowing and therefore the all-knowing, in every heart moment. It’s your time now to rise, and use the transformational angelic power of your voice. Use the frequency of your Angelic voice to transform every shadow that comes to the surface for you to heal. Call upon your own Angelic Higher aspect, call in Owl, the wind and the soulwater. Place your feet in the water, and sing yourself out of the shadow. As you can see in the sun in your image, there is also a Air baby dragon in your field, waiting for the moment when you decide to step into your full power. Once you do, you will fully embody the power of your Air dragon and be unstoppable! You are so powerful sister, time to shine now!

Dear beautiful Lou, I have manifested you in the image as your Poseidon Divine self. You can now let go of your Earth body through this image, in order to feel, see and activate your true power in your natural rhythm. In your DNA resides many magical powers that have to do with the wisdom of the Whale family, the water memory and Sonic Tuning. Everything is already there, the choice is yours whether you will make the journey to the awakening of your true soul power and light. The first thing your higher self passes on to me is this; swimming around and under things is over, LOL. It’s time to pull your fin out of the water and spread your water powers on land through your light. You are powerful brother, time to embody it! Now is the time, you are also desperately needed. I know how hard it is to step into your vulnerability, on the way to your inner strength. And how hard it is to take your true form here in this hijacked Earth dream. This feeling has its origin in your soul history and first form that you took on during the moment of creation. As a result, a feeling of home is inwardly connected to water, being fluid and being able to move freely. Underwater, you took your first form in Sirius C as a Whale, then again on Earth. With the task of endowing the authentic crystal memory lines that reside in the waters here on Earth with the Sirius C encodings that make it possible to store all the wisdom of all ancestor lines through the Eons. This knowledge is present in your DNA, so you can easily connect with the ancestral wisdoms through the memory of the water. For yourself and for someone else. After your Earth incarnation as a whale you went back home, and on Sirius B as Merman you were able to learn everything about Sonic tuning. What you already do through your music. Consciously or unconsciously. Sonic Tuning can also be spread through guttural sounds, light language or vocals. Via Sonic tuning you bring an energetic sound field of geometry into the world. So be aware of this, because the world as it is now, needs higher 5D Sonic geometry fields. After your Merman life, you were allowed to slowly get used to more solid forms in the realm of the Elementals. Everything there is soft, pure, light and fluid in motion. You have had difficulty taking form from the first moment your soul took form. Which is understandable if in the essence of your soul you are the embodiment of a water magician, Merman, whale and many elemental forms including elf, fairy, water dragon. The elemental Realm you have spent most of your time. You have experienced most lives there as your Water Dragon self. You have also made incarnation trips to Andromeda, Arcturus, Lyra and Cassiopea, for the soul always wants to expand and learn. Like the others, you have also experienced many incarnations on Earth, but that is not important for now. Your higher self wants you to become aware of the forces that are in your life. The DNA that is now awakening is your Sonic Tuning. So be aware of this during your next DJ session. Dear Lou, I want to thank you for this beautiful journey and your beautiful soul. Love, Esther Qizenna

Beloved sister Marianne, at the time of the first moment of creation, you as a soul were the consciousness light of the central quartz crystal in the white quartz crystal Cave on Sirius C. I can best describe Sirius C as a kind of heaven. The unicorns also live here and many Earth animals incarnate here and are incarnated back to Earth from there to spread the frequency of joy, beauty and wonder. Incarnated as a soul/consciousness in a Crystal was the case for many souls at the first moment of the dream of creation. Spread over the many temples, caves, pyramids throughout the dimensions, including on Earth in Lemuria and Atlantis. You are the key bearer of this central quartz crystal that is present on Sirius C. A total of 3 keys. With key 1 you can open the portal to the healing crystal cave on Sirius. With key two you connect to the source codes in the central Crystal on Sirius and within yourself of course. Through this source code connection you can, as it were, clean, heal and activate the source points in the crystal lines in the human being and in the grid of the New Earth. Both of these keys are already activated in you. This is also why you have traveled the Earth intuitively. You went to the countries where your activation source points in the Earth were present. The Source Points you were allowed to activate. And along with you, many others worldwide. Each one “born” in a central crystal has his/her own source point mission in this incarnation. The activation of the third key is now being activated.

Before I go any further, I get through to highlight the below for you and the collective; throughout our incarnations here and through the dimensions, we have lost many pieces of our soul during dark traumatic moments. Our soul is fragmented, as it were, through the eons of incarnations. That is why it is so important to illuminate our shadows and to bring these pieces/aspects of our soul back home in our heart, so that we become whole again and come home to our true light power. Therefore, a DNA activation of energetic souls knowledge/codes/keys, is always accompanied by a memory of a previous incarnation. The darker it gets, the more powerful the DNA activations, soul wisdoms/powers that are activated. In the deepest dark of our soul pain and memories, we meet our highest light. Now back to you and your 3th key activation. The process of the 3rd key activation connects you with your highest creator light, so also with your deepest darkness. This key is the gateway to the connection back to creator. With this 3rd key you can open a portal to creator, make a geometry in the opening that originates in the central crystal on Sirius. This geometry works like a fishing net. You can catch the entities with wrong intentions, and the entities that are involuntarily stuck and want to return home, as it were. In a twisting spiral movement to the left you lock them into your geometry web and with a right rotating spiral movement you send them back to Creator. The way I saw it, it was a three-movement snapped together, as it were, by a fourth central motion, which looked like some kind of star. A double star. Now I also understand your spiral on your drum, LOL. As the keeper of these three powerful keys, you can understand that you have been besieged by the dark through many incarnations. The elite and their created web of lies, fear and Satanism. After your Crystal experience on Sirius B, you took form as a High Priestess and incarnated on Lyra during the Galactic War. Working as a healing Priestess. In preparation for what awaited you in the Earthly incarnations, you have also been trained as a shadow worker here. This DNA knowledge has been activated in you for a long time now. After this period in Lyra, you have embarked on your first Earthly incarnation adventures. Always closely watched by the Elite, due to their desire to access the 3 keys you carry. Because they couldn’t destroy the crystal on Sirius C, no access to it. Many other central crystals on Earth they have been able to destroy them. With you many of the Earth Tribe are targeted, for the souls that are on Earth right now are the most powerful souls. Because only with these souls can we finally win this umpteenth reset and make the poison of the polluted dream creation explode / disappear as it were. And know that our true creator is back on, and we’ve already won. The game is playing out now with some more dark moves to follow globally. Of course, they don’t give up easily.

What I am sharing with you now has to do with your current 3rd key activation; I am taken back to a soul memory of myself, about 9 years ago. At the time I thought I was in Inner Earth, but now I know that these particular crystal caves are located on Sirius C, next to the meadow with the Unicorns. In this memory, I saw myself standing in the white quartz crystal cave in the healing water working with the infinite creator color spectrum, through my hands. In the middle of the water stood a large central quartz crystal with a moving light geometry shape around it. When I ask why I’m here again, they point towards the central quartz crystal. There you are, and I feel your presence. Sister Jil, is here too, LOL. So we were all three here. A place where we helped wounded beings from all dimensions and shapes to heal their wounds. Through sound, colors, your crystal geometry and the healing water present in that crystal quartz cave. Along with many other sisters. The sounds we make remind me of the wind. When I ask why this is important now, I get the answer that this present geometry from that time in the Central Quartz Crystal, you now need to transform an old pain. You can call this geometry in, as it were. The Geometry already lives inside of you, I did my best to reflect it as best as possible in the image. When I ask about the present pain transformation, I get a heartbreaking picture of you as a girl in the age of about 5 years. You are trapped in a small dark cave and looking up through the bars. If I ask where you are, I get in Catalonia in a cave prison. Google it, my Higher Self says, LOL. With the search term, “catalan caves prison” I find images that resonate. Just do your own research. This past life pain is present at the other end of the spectrum during this 3rd key integration. What also comes through is your time in Cassiopea, we also know each other from here. Here I was allowed to introduce you and many others from our soul family to the creative power of the entire creator color spectrum. This knowledge is now globally awakening and the colors of the entire creation spectrum we can now all integrate and use to embody and reactivate our dream creation power and connection with the true creator Sun in every cell. This is what came through for you, dear Marianne. I learned a lot again, thank you for this Oracle Journey. It was a moving experience. Thank you for your beautiful soul and everything you do and all you will do for the good of the greater whole. Much love Esther Qizenna

Beloved brother Bas, in the moment of the first dream creation, you as a soul took shape in the angelic realm. This DNA and additional aspect and wisdoms are now in the process of activation and integration. You have also spent a short time for “study” in the galactic realms Andromeda, Pleiades, Sirius and Arcturian. These galactic wisdoms are also present in your DNA, some are already activated, others are still being activated when the moment is there. But that is not important for the NOW moment. In the image I have placed you in the form as Elf, for you have experienced this form for many eons. Incarnating in the Inner Earth dimensions had your preference as a soul. The image as an elf is also closely linked to your current DNA activation. As an Elf you also worked with the trees and the animal kingdom in inner earth, but also in the physical Earth manifestation as Elemental guide for humanity. This DNA knowledge that belongs to this incarnation is already activated in you. Working mainly in Ireland and Scandinavia. During many incarnations in the Physical Earth dimension, you have chosen many lifetimes for these northern regions. Hence your deep connection with the Northern tribes, the Celts, Vikings, etc. Through your elven incarnations you can easily connect and collaborate in healing/creating with the animal kingdom, tree kingdom and your elemental family. The lightsaber in the image emanating from the creator sun represents your current angelic DNA activation and realm. For the atmosphere in the image, the sword is gold, but the sword that comes through for you is green. I personally got to know this angelic realm during my own green lightsaber codes integration, and it was appointed as Elohim. Elohim is in the center of the Inner Earth as it were. Which we also know as Agartha. This morning, by connecting with your higher self, it was once again made clear to me that Agartha, in essence, is Elohim. The home of the original Elohim angels and not the hijacked emissaries embodied by the false light, also known as the Annunaki. From my own experience, the Elohim angels are translucent with golden wings. In various colors. There is also a more ethereal reflection of Elohim, that realm we find in Sirius C. Elohim in the center around the heart of Mother Earth and creator, has a crystalline, but physical appearance in her kingdoms of nature. The Elohim angels are again transparent and ethereal. That is the difference between Elohim Inner Earth and Sirius C. I was allowed to experience my Elohim aspect as white with golden wings and so was the higher Elohim council. So if you have spent a long time in Elohim, you also become a lightsaber code bearer. You are an original Elohim sword-bearer and I became one because I spent a lot of time there for my current journey on Earth. As far as I now know, there are many worldwide who, during their soul awakening journey through the higher frequencies / dimensions and aspects, have received and integrated an Elohim sword code. For everyone this is different in perception, I am visual, so for me the sword literally came into view floating in light above my bed. A green sword for me too. So this can be a different experience for you. I now know that green stands for working with the tree kingdoms. So we work with the heart of the tree. I’m receiving that the sharing of my own experience can have an activating effect on you and others, so here’s my lightsaber activation experience; at the time of my green sword activation I was only found in the forest, my soul brought me literally into the center of the Belgium Ardennes forest. In a Caravan near a lake and many water streams. Here I good heal physically together with the tree kingdom, meet the heart of the spirit in the trees and my favorite tree where I took my afternoon nap between its safe healing and powerful big roots also took me on a journey during that period. The tree brought me to Elohim. For you the experience of your lightsaber integration and activation may look different of course, because you are your unique beautiful original Elohim angelic self. But know what you can do once you have integrated and activated your lightsaber codes. A powerful tree magician, who can use the language and wisdom of the tree kingdom and the spirits for his own healing and for the greater good of the whole. This is what came through for you and what is important to hear in the NOW moment. I have placed the Lion in the image, to reflect your powerful connection to the animal kingdom and the embodiment of your inner strength. Thank you for this beautiful journey brother, I enjoyed it and a lot has become clear for me too. Love, Esther Qizenna

Dear Gosse, in the moment of the first creation your soul took its form in Sirius, in the appearance of an elf. Here you’ve mastered sonic tuning and vibration. I have sent you your history about the great galactic war, Lyra, the reptilians and Orion in a private message. For the growth of your soul you have also been incarnated for a long time in Arctures, the Pleiades, Agartha and Andromeda. And you have had many other galactic and Earth incarnations as well, but in the now the following galactic incarnations are important to hear. Because these incarnations come together in your current DNA activation. Your galactic incarnations have been all about form, alignment, tuning and activation. As an Arcturian you started out as a kind of technical designer, you created geometric light shapes with the power of thought. Basic shapes for new dimensional creations. In Andromeda you have mastered the source, connection and activation points. To bring your geometric design to an activation level. To master this, you have incarnated in the Pleiades and spent time in various temples. There you expanded your already acquired knowledge towards frequency and crystal healing. Your time in Agartha was dominated by the Earth crystal grid process. You have mastered the harmonic alignment of the crystal wiring here. Your DNA tells you that you are an engineer of light forms, master of alignment, healing and activation through your sonic vibration tuning. Now you are in the midst of another Sirius DNA activation. Back home again, with your very first and oldest wisdom. Sonic vibration. I translated the image that came through to your card as best I could. In the card you do it with your hands, but it is clearly indicated here that it is now time to bring your sonic vibration out through your throat as a healing, alignment and activation vibration and geometry. Throat frequencies humming, vibrating as it were. In this way, you create geometry that you vibrate into the world. That is how it is described here. So Gosse, your passion now gets the gift of sending your own Sirius voice vibrations and light geometry into the field for healing, alignment and activation. For the greater good of all. And tools to support your DNA activation, when you go throat hum/vibrate, it is best to stand with your feet in water and connect with your Sirius Elven self and your Dolphin family. Thanks for this trip beautiful soul! Love, Esther Qizenna

Dear Maartje, at the time of the first moment of creation, your soul did not embody a form, but a 19th frequency. You were part of the 19th frequency field, Resoniya. In the Arctures galaxy. The Arcturians are very ancient advanced, loving and peaceful beings. Creators and masters of the first and highest forms of healing. This is how I get it; in the early days of creation, the Arcturians were given the highest soul frequencies directly from the highest creation source. These souls had no form yet and became part of frequency fields. After serving this highest good for healing techniques/forms, you along with many others who had served as healing frequency also took form, so your first real form was like an Arcturian. So the Arcturians created the first healings from these fields of frequencies and sent them into the field of creation. You as a soul were part of the 19th frequency field. The 19th field can be compared with the 19th higher chakra. The colors that move in it are all colors within the magenta spectrum, from light pinks to deep dark purples. The 19th frequency is a direct emissary of the higher order of the Christ consciousness (Jesus and Mary Magdalene) and this frequency can remove all impure attachments within other dimensions. Frequencies of attachments that do not serve the highest good of creation. I notice by making these cards and readings that many of us are being activated this year in our first and therefore oldest DNA teachings. So is your current DNA activation. You will have direct access to your 19th dimension and frequency again. Which means that via this 19th frequency portal, you can bring in and use the colors and frequencies within the magenta spectrum, in order to illuminate everything that no longer belongs within the New Earth frequency with a color that is necessary for a person or situation. Frequencies you perceive as impure old poison. LOL, that’s how it comes through. You wrap the attachment, into a light orb, in the color you need. And connect with your 19th frequency portal and send the “gift” wrapped in your light color through the 19th portal back into the Christ field of transformation. In order to direct the transmission through the 19th portal into the Christ consciousness field, you need a frequency sound. The encoding of all these frequencies within the 19th field of Resoniya are present in your DNA. So you assist with the process of letting go of attachments that stand in the way of the manifestation of the higher New Earth frequencies. The wisdom is already present in you, it is now a matter of learning to trust it again. Make a lot of contact with your 19th frequency portal. Go find out how this portal feels and what it looks like to you. You belong to the Arcturian family, so ask them to help you. If it gets too much, ask them before you go to sleep to come and take you for a night in their healing chambers. I often do it too, it’s great! So this is important to know now, for your current DNA activation. I also get that during the great galactic war you were used as a healer for the Lyran warriors. Ray you also healed and patched up in that time. After your work here, you have worked in many temples in the Pleiades. Here you have developed your color knowledge into a true mastery. You have also spent a lot of time in Inner Earth, here you have taken care of the lost children of the resets with many others who have now also incarnated on Earth again. During previous resets in this Earth realm, you have thus also taken on the role of cosmic mother. You incarnated multiple times into this realm with the mission of cosmic Mother, in direct connection with the authentic Mother Earth portals, which again connect with the Inner Earth realms. Together with many other Cosmic mothers, there are also many present within this Flow group. Ever since the Earth was hijacked by the dark “forces/frequencies”, they started their experiments on humans, there was a reset if the experiment failed. Everything was swept away and only the children were collected, to start the next experiment with the children. The Cosmic Mothers were deployed to rescue, heal and guide as many children as possible to the safety of Inner Earth. With the new children that remained and could not be saved, a new script was born, as it were, and written history was readjusted. You have an infinite number of past lives, but in the now this may be shared. Thanks for this surprising connection. Have learned a lot of new things. Love, Esther Qizenna

Rainbow Ray Ria, I have created the reflection of your rainbow strength and beauty. During the moment of creation you were born as a light consciousness in a Ray, growing up in wisdom and work within the 1st zero-point transitional light field of the eighth Ray. The Rainbow Ray. No form yet, you were pure frequency and rainbow light. So you are an embodiment of the eighth Ray. The first 7 Earth Rays consist of energy manifestations of the properties of Highest source, individualized and focused within the first 7 Earth dimensions/frequencies, chakras and emotion fields. The Eighth Rainbow Ray is the first unity and transformation portal of ascension into the next 7 galactic Rays, dimensions/frequencies. As a Rainbow Ray you assist the ascension/transit process from your naturally present zero point, through the different dimensions. Starting at the first zero point, the first rainbow passage to the next 7 Galactic dimensions. So it starts with the 7 Earth dimensions, then the 7 galactic dimensions, the 7 cosmic dimensions and then the 7 creator dimensions. Your first Galactic Key is now activated. The eighth zero-point transitional portal to the next galactic seven Rays. Continuing to count, 7 + 7 = 14, there is again a zero-point transition rainbow Ray in the 15th Ray/dimension (the second cosmic rainbow ray key), which serves as the doorway to the next 7 Cosmic Rays. If we go further, we see 7+7+7 = 21, there is again a transition rainbow ray in the 22nd Ray (the third creator rainbow ray key). This serves as a transition to the next 7 Creator Rays. As Rainbow Ray, a key is therefore always activated in the zero point Ray transitions/dimensions. So from 8, to 15, to 22 and who knows even more. That is still unknown to me. Because I receive my intel now from the 22th dimension/ creator frequency. What comes next? Is still a mystery to me. Your first key, your galactic key, is now in the activation process. To better understand the above, I will share with you my first moment of the 1st Zero Point Activation Key and my experience thus far. I am also a key bearer and activator within the three zero-point rainbow portals. And with us many other souls worldwide. About 9 years ago I was on a Shamanic weekend with the intention of fully waking up to the true light of my soul. The second day I went for a walk with someone who felt like soulfamily. In a moment we stopped, he looked at me and said; it’s time. He did a certain act that directly connected my inner channel to the source of unconditional love. It was as if all my chakras suddenly became one and for a moment I shot out and then back into my body. (that’s how I experienced it, you can also experience it differently) When I asked him what had happened, he told me that it was time to connect me. To what, he didn’t say, but now I know it was the activation of my first zero-point activation key. He was not allowed to share anything else, the only thing he gave me was that it would become clear automatically in the right moment. Today there is no more time, so we may share it now to speed up the process of awakening. Hence my conversations with the Higher lights of the Earth tribe. And with me many others. By connecting with your higher self, it has become clear to me what exactly happened then, 9 years ago. I am learning so much about myself by connecting with all of you. We are such beautiful and powerful mirrors to each other. This is what became clear in the conversation with your Higher Self; I was activated through him in my 8th Ray. The Rainbow Ray. Here all colors come together, which stands for white and the harmonic zero point. The eight Ray is kind of a zero point transition portal, if your first key is activated then you can help others when they are ready to move forward to the galactic dimensions. Souls that are ready will find you. That is how it works. So through your active connection to the first zero-point transition portal, the eighth Rainbow Ray, you can help someone with your inner first Rainbow Ray activation key. When someone has gone through all 7 Earth Rays (colors/chakras/emotional life lessons/dimensions/frequencies), you bring them together in a moment of unity and direct connection to the zero-point portal within themselves, allowing them to experience an “awake” moment in their connection to their own source of unconditional love, after which they shoot/ascend into the ray/dimension/frequency of the subsequent seven Galactic Rays. Once you yourself have also passed through and embodied those seven galactic Rays, the next key is activated within you. The Cosmic Key. This is the Fifteenth Rainbow Ray Zero-Point Transition Portal from the Seven Galactic Rays to the Seven Cosmic Rays. Once you have gone through these seven Cosmic Rays this process repeats itself and your Creator Key is activated for the 22nd Rainbow Ray Zero-Point Transition portal to the seven creator Rays.

Through the conversation with your Higher Self, I now understand what I have been going through the past 9 years. After my activation moment of my first key, the galactic key, I noticed during my Shiatsu Sessions with souls that I connected them without any effort to their source of unconditional love. As a result, the men who came for a shiatsu sessions started to confuse this experience, with the illusion of being in love with me. It was their own source of love that they were allowed to experience in that moment. This became so bad that I eventually stopped giving Shiatsu for a period of time. LOL. Was also necessary because I had to work through all seven galactic Rays/dimensions myself. Memories, DNA activations etc. At that time I lost everything, including my health and the path of my soul took me to a magical place in the middle of the Ardennes. Here I was allowed to patch myself up again in peace and work through all seven galactic and cosmic layers. My creator key has now been activated on February 22 this year. And now I work from the 3rd rainbow zero point portal of transition. The 22nd dimension/frequency. Which means I can now work with all three keys. So I can assist others when they are ready, with the transition from terrestrial to galactic, from galactic to cosmic, and from cosmic to creator. The 22nd frequency is my home frequency. Which puts me in the middle of the process of remembering all about home, Cassiopea. So you’re a Rainbow Ray just like me. I am connected and carrier of this Ray through my home, Cassiopea. Because Cassiopea is a light colour dimension, I can’t call it a planet, where all colors within the spectrum of creation come together and are transformed into a kind of dream creation bubbles, which are blown down into the frequency field of creation to the centre of Blue Sun Creator. The many creation Rays of Frequency give these dream bubbles their first movement/shape. So all of Cassiopea’s family is directly connected to the Rainbow Ray zero-point passage portals. My Higher Self told me that in Earth time, about 2 centuries ago, many souls were born and raised in the frequency field of the eighth Rainbow Ray, once ready in wisdom these souls were sent to Earth for their first Earth incarnation form and experiences. All as healers. So you are quite a young soul, but embody just as much wisdom as the old souls who have lived more than 800 lives here on Earth, all of this wisdom was being taught to you during your formation time within the eighth Rainbow Ray. Over the past two centuries you have also incarnated in the galaxies, the Pleiades and Sirius. To deepen the knowledge of healing with colors and frequencies. So you are lucky that you only need to transform a little karma. Painful pieces from past lives, Earthly and galactic. In your first Earth life, you were a medicine woman in a South American Tribe. We met each other for the first time in that life. You were my mother, I was your son. My name was Seru and your name was Anivisu. Over the past two centuries this soul group, raised in the eighth Rainbow Ray, has ensured that the rainbow frequencies in and around the Earth have been reactivated. So you were brought up especially for this by creator with many others in the eighth Ray. So this is what is going on now. Your first galactic key has been activated. Thank you for this special and for me very enlightening conversation with your Higher Self. Love Esther Qizenna

Dear Jil, at the time of creation your soul took its first form in Arcturus. Arcturians are known for their healing powers. They are also able to attain additional powers through their mastery of the conscious mind. They also love to share and disseminate information. But you are so much more, you have spent most of your time in the Pleiades. To improve, your arcturian teaching skills and healing skills for the bigger picture. The Pleiades is a kind of soul healing station with visitors from other star systems for study, relaxation and healing. You have been a high priestess/teacher here in a temple for the movement frequency teachings and the Crystal frequency teachings. That’s how I get it. You’ve also spent a lot of time on Sirius B, developing your sonic sound tuning here. As an Arcturian Starseed, you have a natural crystalline structure from birth. Everything for you has always been about healing through crystals, movement, light and frequency. Pleiades DNA was activated a while back, you are now in the midst of integrating this new wisdom that is gradually surfacing. For the past 10 years many have worked to restore and activate the crystal new earth grid. This has been done since early last year. This year is all about spreading the new crystal grid coding. Crystals also speak a language, have their own consciousness which is directly connected to the crystal heart of Mother Earth and the highest source of light. This knowledge is now awakening in you. Now that I get this, I’m reminded of an activation you shared this week, where you only did moves. And WOW, what a powerful activation that was! What I get is the following; you are kind of a translator for the crystal language coding of the new crystal Earth grid. You have the knowledge in your DNA, through which you get the language/frequency/coding of the new Earth crystal grid, to share as New Earth activation for your brothers and sisters. You take care of the crystal lines and alignment in your family, as it were. Lie much on the Earth and connect with the crystal grid and heart of the New Earth. In order to strengthen your connection and to make your activation your own in all its glory and to share it with others. So you will be doing more with movements and the language that will come through is the language of the crystal realm.

Your beautiful quirky creative, and self-proclaimed daughter is originally a Lyra Feline, galaxy Lyra. They are descended from very ancient esoteric beings and have come to this universe at the invitation of the creator. Lyra Felines evolved into physical form as feline creatures and then evolved into more human-like creatures. During the Great Galactic War between the Reptilians and the Lyrans, which the Lyrans won, many Lyrans were forced to leave their homeworld and move to three different star systems, the Pleiades, Orion and Andromeda. You were allowed to heal your daughter in the Pleiades, back then. She has spent most of her galactic life in the Pleiades. In her curiosity for the Earth celestial elementals, she has also been in embodiment as elf. During this period she has learned a lot about the language (the natural internet) and healing powers of all nature in all the Earthly realms. She’s your daughter for a reason. She is also completely at home in the “light, crystals and diamond wiring of the Earth”. This knowledge is fully present in her DNA. When I speak of the Earthly realms, I am talking about the 4 elemental realms where the angels also live. The place where the four rivers of life converge and the Heart of Mother Earth vibrates in all its glory. I too have lived here, as an elf. And so know how heartbreaking life on Earth can be if you have a direct connection with these realms. Then I mean the visible animal suffering and disrespect for nature, which bring tears to incarnate elemental souls, from time to time. This pain never goes away completely, but you learn to deal with it. So is your daughter. So she also has a natural angelic vibration that she radiates, along with her powerful, Feline vibration and making the world happy and bring healing, with her Pleiades vibration, this combination makes her a very special soul. Felines often want to push the boundaries, within all facets of life. You don’t have to worry about this, her angelic energy always makes her pull back in time. Nature and the elementals give her the strength and protection to recharge herself when needed. This incarnation is the most recent and still feels like home to her. She is here for the diamond grid, and all elements, not 1 specific element. When the time comes, she will start to remember and naturally become a translator for the 4 Earth realms and activator for the diamond grid. Through various paths, this can be music, art, a traveling Earth worker or as a speaking activator. How it will develop is her free choice, I get this. Being her in vibration already brings about so much healing everywhere she walks. She carries with her a natural vibe of healing. Nature and animals and people who are in her presence will experience her violet flame of healing. She is a carrier of the violet light. Thank her on my behalf for everything she is and will do for the greater good. Love, Esther

Dear Jil, you have a Pleiades son. He also spent a lot of time in Sirius C before beginning his current incarnation with you. The connection to the source crystal in the healing waters of Sirius is present in its DNA. So in its origin he is Pleiades, evaluated from etheric form to physical form. And from student to master. To high priest. He was the man, High Priest, who assisted and trained you in new healing skills when you incarnated from Arctures to the Pleiades galaxy. How nice is that! He was once your teacher and you his student. All three of you have been associated with the temple of crystal frequency teaching for a long time. Not surprisingly, then, the three of you are now being reunited to work with the crystal and diamond grid/codes of the New Earth in your own way. Your son is especially here for healing with crystals and the diamond wiring/grid, in humans, animals and nature. He can anchor through the source crystal in Sirius C, the coding for the Earthly Diamond grid, but also anchor healing crystal codes for humans, animals and nature. He already does this, unconsciously. Its connection to the powerful Pleiadian blue rose of healing is also present, as its origin is Pleiadian. You and your daughter can also connect with this, because of your Pleiadian background. Just paint a blue rose and experience what it does to you. Once his path becomes clear to him, you can marvel at his masterful powers. Thank him on my behalf. Love, Esther

Colorful Mila, I have surrounded you with your current energies. In this moment you are awakening to the inner healing and transformation power within the infinite color spectrum of light. DNA awakens, which you have partly internalized in Lyra and in the realm of the Elementals. The power you need to take your shadow work to a new level. More on this later. The pure white horse is with you, because you can make decisions in order to create a sacred place for yourself, a place where you as a soul can grow in self love and all the wisdom that is already present in your DNA. In the moment of creation, your soul took its first form in Lyra. In the ethereal form of a Feline. During the galactic war, you were part of the healing team. You have seen much suffering in your first incarnation and have lost many loved ones during the galactic war. After the war, you and many others moved to the Pleiades galaxy. You know Jil from this time. As a healer, you were finally allowed to enjoy healing for yourself in the safe arms of our sister Jil. Pleiades was a period of receiving healing in different temples. You, just like me, have developed a kind of addiction to incarnating in the four Earth Realms LOL. The Elemental and Angelic realms have your preference, so does mine. I have been your fairy sister, among other things, in the realm of the angels. So you also have a natural connection with the angelic vibration and your body has had a crystal line structure since birth. Mother Earth and her nature and animal kingdoms are your greatest love and people come in a loving second place. Likewise for me. The mastery that is present in your DNA, to transform or send back dark energies through light and colors to the frequency of the highest source is now being activated in you. Your Lyra origin in starseed means that you often look for the border between dark and light. That’s what all mischievous and quirky Feline’s do. Which makes sense. But stay vigilant, because you are sensitive to dark seeds. Dark seeds can only plant in your energetic and Earth body if your frequency vibration is low. So with emotions such as fear, hatred, anger, frustration, etc. But alcohol and drugs also lower your vibration and give the dark very easy access to planting dark seeds. Be aware of this. The only places they can nestle and affect you are old trauma sites. From this life and past lives. It is important to be aware of where you still feel pain in your body, and fill this spot with your golden source light and place multiple layers of light of color over it as you see fit to protect and heal it. And as you do this, you connect with your powerful angelic vibration. During or shortly after such a process, a trigger can arise either via the outside world or you literally see a dark seed in the form of an entity leave. For me personally it was several times, the last. We are all born into this matrix with multiple dark seeds/entities that we have brought with us from past lives. You’re not the only one. You are more susceptible because you are a shadow worker. Just like Marianne and Louise. Only you work with all colors within the spectrum of creation. You are a true high priestess when it comes to light and color. You can bring in all light colors present within the spectrum of creation, and use them for protection, healing, transformation and activation. Your powerful connection to Mother Earth and her four realms gives you the ability to communicate with the elementals and all the natural things on Earth. Once you have embodied your true light and frequency again, everything will unfold naturally. But until then, be aware that without your own love, energy in motion and decisions, your powerful light cannot fully shine and your energy cannot flow to its fullest. We may all first work on our old pains, and become masters of self-love, before all our DNA can awaken in its wisdom and power. It is a matter of making a choice and taking responsibility. Without anchored building blocks, our own holy place for yourself and clear boundaries, we hold back our own growth towards awareness. Everything you need to make this life a party of light is already present in your DNA.

You decide when you are ready to walk your true path and set your energy in motion. For what I hear here is that the signs are given to you, but without taking steps, a sign from your higher self and team cannot manifest in full force. You work together. Your thoughts are power so keep them positive for a positive end result. Life is a test for our soul and we have to show that we can bear the responsibility to serve the greater whole through our gifts present in our DNA. When we succeed, we are activated for our Higher mission. Everyone in his or her perfect moment. But it doesn’t come naturally, awakening to your true light and mission requires just as much work as in a 3D Matrix job. And every now and then you move back into the 3D matrix through work, because that’s where the next awakening and activation awaits you. Nothing is a coincidence, everything is connected. For example, we choose our parents because they are the mirror for our mission and vice versa. Your mother is the embodiment of the violet light, the violet flame. And her Lemuria “dream” creative power is awakening, if she comes to believe in this. What is the mirror?, and how can you help each other awaken into your true power and light? For now, dear Mila, connect with all imaginable colors of light and be in nature a lot, but you are already doing that. Feel what the colors do to you, write it down. Does the color also have a frequency sound? Because singing the color frequencies is also a power that lives in you. But everything will awaken in you in the right moment. Be patient with yourself and be your own greatest love. This way you help the activation process of your current DNA. Much love from me and your higher self, and know that your team and higher self are with you in every breath, as are your elemental family. The voice of your higher light is like your own, but born from the softest possible and highest love frequency. Like a kind of divine and nurturing mother’s voice. That is the voice you can safely connect with. And walk your path hand in hand with your inner soul child. Growing through play is the best and easiest path of awakening. Ask and listen in the presence of your silent source of light. Much love, Esther

Pleiades Elven starseed Laura, by connecting me with your Higher Self I was allowed to learn a lot of new things. Thank you. In the moment of first creation, you as a soul were incarnated in elf form in the Pleiades Solar System. I was told that there are Elves in Sirius as well as in the Pleiades. I thought thus far, only in the four Earth Realms and Agartha, center of the four realms, Inner Earth. The origin of the Elven beings thus come from Sirius and the Pleiades. An elf and fairy are different, an elf works more with the forest and root system in the ground and the Fairies more with the flower and plant kingdom above the ground. Both work with the animal kingdom and are directly connected to the heart of Mother Earth and the spirit. There are also differences in character, what they both have in common is their light-hearted spirit and humor. I have put you in the picture as Forest elf, because this is the DNA that is being activated in you in this moment. You have lived several times for long periods in the four Earth realms and Agartha. We all have soul particles that we carry with us in our DNA from other incarnations on Earth and in other solar systems, including you. For starseeds are eons old. But what is important to hear now is about your Forest elf DNA, for in this incarnation you have taken in the wisdom that you now need in this round to manifest your mission in the service of the greater whole. And through this inner magical power, you can also heal yourself where necessary. When I asked to describe you in one word, I got the description, root magician. More on this later. Briefly, something about the forest elf; forest elves are closely associated with nature and try to teach others how to interact with it. Forest elves here on Earth in human form often teach environmental awareness through various avenues, such as permaculture, natural primal cooking and caring for the animals. Elves have foresight, and a strong insight into the communication paths of the first energetic layer in man and in the earth, the meridian system in man and root system in the Earth. They are the guides in spirit and on the Earth for humans when asked for. For most, forest elves have a lack of trust in people, because as children in the Earthly they have experienced their inner powers as their greatest pain and challenge. Because they can feel, connect and see empathically from spirit and the Earthly, they are very susceptible during their childhood to the lower energies around them. It unroots them so that in their later years they often create a closure field for protection, consciously or unconsciously. So that their sensitivity in the dimensions around them are no longer visible to fellow human beings. But this unroots them and sooner or later something will happen that will force them back to their natural power of empathy and vulnerability, of feeling, connecting and seeing. The soul wants to grow in light, to be seen and heard and the inner powers and wisdoms present are needed for self-healing and to support the current transformation into the new dream, the New Earth. So are you, dear Laura. Time to embrace your inner wisdom, of connection, seeing and feeling. I have asked what this exactly means and why your higher self calls you a root magician. She showed me two images, I first saw you sitting on Earth, in the middle of a rich perma garden full of primal fruits, herbs and vegetables. The image of a New Earth garden. Then the image flashed through to you in connection with a tree, your hands resting on the Earth at the roots. You had your hands on the Earth and from your hands came golden and emerald green lines of light that connected with the existing root network in the Earth. It was then explained as follows; in the body we also have different energetic layers of networks. For example, the meridian system is the first layer of the energetic system of connection, energy and light, the seven color spectrum. And is directly connected to our organs and senses. This is how you work with the first energetic layer in the Earth, the root system. This is your natural predisposition in this incarnation, through which you consciously or unconsciously also connect people with each other. But what exactly do you do?, you restructure the root system, as it were, to its true authentic first creation of being and the pure higher frequencies. You do this in conjunction with the golden light of the highest source and the emerald green light of the heart of Mother Earth. And that is now, as you know, much needed. That is why you are now being activated in this inner DNA wisdom present, along with many others worldwide. You literally have healing and activating golden and green hands when it comes to cooking, permaculture, healing forests etc. Think within the spectrum of all that is natural. Thank you for this magical journey, powerful forest elf magician. Love, Esther

Powerful soul Louise, the wolf in the card is your regular Totem, after reading the below you will understand why. Long ago you were also a medicine woman in an Indian tribe called the wolf clan. The wolf in you still travels with you. You are a Lyran, type Feline Starseed and have also spent a lot of time in Andromeda. Before you came to Earth you have been on Sirius for a period of time for healing and teachings, all this is present in your DNA. You are primarily a shadow worker. We are all here to illuminate all the shadows, but the shadow workers on Earth are often targets for the demon seed attacks. Don’t be scared, because this you can transform by itself, I will tell more about this later. The Felines bring mercy to humanity and hope to inspire creativity in all living things of the earth. You are part of a collective of Lyrans who settled in the Andromeda galaxy. Although, you will always be part of your Lyran collective. Those who moved to Andromeda evolved in a very different way than the Lyrans who moved to other galaxies outside the Andromeda galaxy. Your natural state as an Andromeda Lyrian is that of a crystalline being. During this incarnation you often struggle with the solidity of the human form, so that you sometimes feel trapped and lost in your own body. Your natural vibration is similar to that of the angels. You and your soul group are here to protect humanity from the shadow energies. A demon and an angel are the same and have the same power, but on the opposite ends of the vibration spectrum. You and your soul group, the angels, are balancing against the demonic force on Earth. But remain vigilant at all times, for the false light will do everything it can to pull you out of your Feline Angelic vibration. This applies to everyone, but even more so to souls who come to Earth as shadow workers. Beware of demon seeds. The false light is so good at imitating divine light, during your life on Earth you probably have experienced this many times, or are still experiencing this false light of dark seeds. Know that with your angelic vibration, at any time you can let them depart back into the light of the creator. Although, you will first have to recognize and acknowledge the demon seeds. Learning to distinguish between false light and divine light is a process that you will automatically master. Don’t do it alone, find your tribe in this. Marianne and Mila are also both shadow workers. The Earth is a place of free will, as you know. This is why you are so passionate about exposing and changing the injustices of the world. Souls with the crystal line and angelic vibration are doing everything they can to maintain the sanctity of humanity. You have a special bond with crystals and energetic healing. Most souls who have spent time in Andromeda and Sirius have these powers in their DNA. You need to surround yourself with the Earth elements and crystals every time you receive a new activation. You are a person who vibrates at the right frequency that allows you to connect with the crystals in the right way and become a channel to transfer their energy to others. Your vibration also allows you to fully connect with the angelic realm. You may be able to see auras, and each of you can become a master energy healer and alchemist once you overcome the tests you face regarding shadows and demon seeds. Crystals are magical to you, they activate you, empower you and heal you. Beautiful powerful shadow worker, I want to thank you for everything you do and will do in the years to come. But for now, it’s time to defeat the last demon seeds. And don’t do it alone, your sister Marianne has already overcome this. She has many tools that she can share with you, the journey, you will have to do it yourself. We each get our own galactic degrees ? And your HS would like to emphasize that your desire for the energy power of dragons and warriors is born from the idea that you need it, to defeat the false light. All you have to do is connect with the power of your angelic vibration, gentleness in love for yourself and the other, is the way and power to defeat the demon seeds. And that goes for everyone who comes to Earth as a shadow worker. Love Esther Qizenna

Beautiful Alex, you are a Pleiades star child. The Pleiades is a kind of soul healing station with visitors from other star systems for study, relaxation and healing. Our Pleiadian family of light, and many other races, have assisted the Earth and humanity since the birth of the Earth. And right now they are helping us more than ever as we move into the Golden Age. Many souls on Earth have spent time with the Pleiades before coming to Earth to support this current transformation into the new time. You Alex, are a Pleiades Starseed. But you have also spent a lot of time in Sirius and the Mantis Galaxy. All the wisdom of these incarnations and the memories are present in your DNA. And will awaken when you are ready. First may the Earthly pain born of your present life heal. The incarnation pain of your present life still needs a lot of love and gentleness. That’s why Aries came through, he’s your totem animal right now. An Aries stands with courage in the mountains. So Aries brings you the energy of courage. Face your pain and challenges with courage. And always walk with your head up high. You may first heal this life a little more, and then the memories of your other lives will follow naturally. I can already tell you about this past life that comes through; you are here about 7 years. The teepees and people tell me it’s an Indian tribe where you live. During a tribal battle you lose your parents, the winning tribe takes in the children, and you are taken in by a woman who lovingly raises you. In that life, you are a tracer for the tribe. The woman who took you in is the same woman you love today, Anita. Then your stepmother and in this life your wife.

I am told that your Pleiades power, which is already activated and which you always have access to, has to do with empathic sound frequencies and healing. If old feelings of pain or confusion from the outside world overwhelm you, come back to your inner flow of growth in consciousness by experimenting with sound frequencies. You are already doing this a lot, but not yet consciously in connection with your inner Pleiades wisdom. Translated to the Earthly, make music, sing sounds that come through, sing you beautiful soul, sing! Heal your pain by using the power of your Pleiades sound wisdom. When you sing or make music, connect with your Pleiades light family and ask them for healing and gentleness. Let the light of home, the Pleiades, flow through you as you heal yourself with the power of sound frequencies. Start your day with a Pleiades intuitive sound song, to set in motion an intention of sunny thoughts and healing. Don’t sing existing words, try to let that go and then experience which sounds come through. As an Indian in your past life, you also sang sounds. Activating and healing light language can be born again from the sounds. But everything in its time, be patient with yourself. Sometimes you think you are alone on a mountain top, but know that your tribe’s connection is always with you, even if you don’t see them, know that they are there. In the light and here in the Earthly. Thank you, beautiful soul, for your empathetic power of sound healing. In the depth of your feelings, you find your strength. Everything can be there, even moments when the Flow seems to be gone for a while. In those moments, your Earthly body needs rest and gentleness. In those moments, connect with your Pleiades home and feel deeply within yourself. Once you’ve felt the depth, sing and drum yourself out again when you feel it’s time to start flowing again. Everything always happens exactly in the right moment, trust that beautiful and powerful soul. Love, Esther Qizenna

Beautiful Sky Light Susan, I am delighted to have found a Cassiopean sister. Your soul first incarnated in Cassiopea. So have I. You’ve also spent time with the Arcturians, in Sirius, and in the Pleiades. In Cassiopea we had/have no fixed physical form, it is a kind of liquid etheric collective which consists of all imaginable colors. Our ethereal form looks like a butterfly of colored light. We are masters of colors at all levels. Heal, protect, transform and create harmonious earthly atmospheres and art. We naturally carry the 5D energy out to all life on Earth. Because we wear all colors, we move from the zero point, the white light. In your card, I have chosen your Sirius life. Your incarnation as a mermaid. We also have these in common. This DNA is currently being activated in you. Sirius B is a beautiful blue planet, completely covered in water, and home to 7th-dimensional etheric and 5th-dimensional physical Beings. Sirius B is home to many Merpeople, as well as dolphins, whales, fish and many other rich marine life. All Sirius Souls initially come from Sirius C, here they live in their etheric form. Then they lower their vibration to experience life, physical or etheric, first on Sirius B, then on Sirius A. Ascended Masters such as Mother Mary and Jesus Christ, both come from Sirius and live on Sirius B in etheric form. The Golden Ray of Christ is held permanently on Sirius C. The heavenly place of ethereal life, the heavenly gardens and waters, the winged animals and the unicorn. An incarnation place for animals and especially the horses. So every soul that emanates from Sirius is blessed with a gift of unconditional love and wisdom associated with Jesus Christ in their inner heart vibration. This vibration naturally radiates over to the others with whom you come into contact with, you have possessed this Christ vibration from birth. You influence everyone you come into contact with. In your last incarnation on Sirius before you came to Earth, you learned to work in the healing waters of the merpeople, with the source crystal present in these waters. You are a kind of conduit between Earth and this source crystal in the waters of Sirius B, along with many other soul family. Distorted energies, you purify and restore back to its original Blueprint, which is contained in the Akashic records/chronicles of every soul and collective. From the source crystal you get a kind of recovery codes as it were – transformation codes for the recovery of the collective and personal Akashic chronicles/records. In animal, human and the natural realms on Earth. Therefore, you also have this natural connection with the nature and animal kingdoms. The Akashic records are the “wiring” of consciousness as it were, the library of all memory. Water is the goddess of memory. So this DNA is currently being activated in you. To aid in this process, connect to the source crystal, swim or bathe and hold your head underwater a lot. In Sirius you can breathe underwater, set the intent before you go to sleep or during bath/water meditation and pay a visit to Sirius B in your Mermaid form. The connection goes through vibration and hum, as it were. Merbeings are masters of sound vibration. Hum a little more as you connect with your Mermaid Sirius self. By humming with sound vibrations, you can also heal yourself and support the activation process. Thank you for this journey and hope to see you in the physical soon, my beautiful Cassiopean and mermaid sister. Love, Esther

A whole lot to read for you, dear Janneke Vd Veen. Very special, your whole family!!

Your oldest son; Starseed Andromeda – is here for the element of water – a water programmer – water memory – water speaks to him when there is a disturbance in the original codes of the water body. He restores the water in man, in the rivers, lakes and seas, through the light source memory code network of the water. Many souls of Andromeda are here now to restore the water to its original codes. The codes from the time before Mother Earth was hijacked.

Your daughter; Starseed Lyran – is here for the element of Earth – she is one of the many guardians of the crystal new earth grid – she is a crystal code bearer/worker – via home, Lyra and via the highest source she receives adjustments/upgrades needed for preserving the crystal grid. The crystal grid in the Earth is visible to her.

Your youngest son; Starseed Andromeda – here for the Wood/Tree element – ​​trees that have a breakdown in their connection between the heart of Gaia and the source lose their power to anchor the new light and diamond codes. She is a kind of energetic tree surgeon/programmer and has the inner wisdom and coding power to deeply anchor a tree and reconnect it to the new earth light grid.

You Janneke; Starseed Andromeda, I asked about the father of the children, I received this, a Lyran in origin – Your Sirius C, DNA (water light healer) is awakening now, I explain later, will share a bit of galactic history first what came through; the Andromedan are again descendants of Lyrans who fled to Andromeda from the Lyra galaxy during the Lyran-Draconian War. So your Lyra star daughter and husband have also spent a lot of time with your other children and you in Andromeda. You and your children also spent a lot of time in the solar system Sirius B. To learn about energetic light healing, among other things. This time was necessary because Andromedans are quite technical in their abilities, a kind of super programmers. And you, Janneke, have also spent time on Sirius C, the heavenly place, where, among other things, the horses incarnate and then go back to Earth or ascend to their higher form as Unicorn. To work as a guide with the Earth people. Here you also learned to heal through the energy and light present in the healing Sirius water. As they showed me, you stand in the water with a galactic being or human and through your hands you take the light energy that is needed from the water and bring it to the place where purification and healing is needed. So you have a direct connection in your DNA with the healing water that is present on Sirius C.

Much love Esther

Marcel: Solar System Orion you spent most of your time before you came to Earth, but your first soul incarnation was as an Andromeda dragon, working with fire/light – you carry in your DNA old fire/light codes – these codes are connected to the authentic dragon lines in the Earth. Your highest light describes it as protective lines, so you are a protector connected through your DNA with the power of the fire dragon and Orion. Before this Earth took physical form, it was preceded by a process in which many galactic races shared their gifts to create the original matrix that allows Earth to experience physical form and experience. You, along with other dragons, were responsible for creating the protective dragon lines. You have carried the fire/light codes with you in all your incarnations here on Earth and in other solar systems. During the long period that the Earth structure was hijacked, there have been many resets and experiments performed on humanity through the dark, because as you know, they can only survive if lower frequencies are present in humans. Only now, there is finally the possibility to redirect a reset to the light. The strongest souls have come to Earth for this current reset. The dark, with all its resets and poisons towards humanity, has poisoned the Earth physically and energetically so much, that all the beings from many solar systems now are working together to end it once and for all and restore the Earth to her original frequency and shape. We are all activated at the right time. Through each other and through our own team and higher self.

So you are now in the process of activating the authentic fire codes for the original dragon lines of protection. Through the galactic dragon realm, your son and the element of fire, you will re-discover how to reactivate your codes. You know each other from the time of your dragon existence. Which I also know you both from. Every soul group, in this case you and your dragon brothers and sisters, who work together on a mission, have another group above them that oversees and directs the mission, as it were. These are directly connected to the source of creation. Your son was in this overseeing group, the higher council of dragons, he was a sky dragon in that incarnation associated with Sirius.

Your son: Last incarnation before he came to Earth, Sirius C. Place on Sirius where you can learn all about incarnation process animals and healing in general. Other incarnations that were also shared are Orion, Inner Earth, and the Elemental Realm. He is highly gifted and evolved in his natural connection to the language of the Earth Kingdoms and all of its animals. The natural internet. His telepathy is perfect and so is his higher vision. Your son is a master at perceiving and healing disturbances in connections in collaboration with the element of air. There are many others now on Earth who are also carrying out his mission. As I was told, everyone on the team has their own district, where they monitor from their higher view if the newly born animals have the proper housing (yes that’s how I got it through LOL) to be able to embody the new diamond codes. This incarnation mainly revolves around the animals, but in an energetic technical way. When I asked to describe him in one word, I was given the word cosmic shaman. Due to his present ancient wisdom of the time as a Sky Dragon in the High Council, he can support you in finding the places in the dragon lines where you can send your fire codes. This can be done very simply, by placing a map of the Earth in front of you and asking him where the dragonlines need fire codes for recovery. Through a fire ceremony and sending the intent to the site you can recode the disturbances within the protective dragon lines with the original fire codes.

Thank you both for this special Oracle journey, because of you I was allowed to be home again in a life that I have good memories of, and I have learned many new things! Love, Esther Qizenna

Anita, your Higher Self calls you a Sun Child, your soul origin is from Sirius B. But you have also spent a lot of time in other galaxies and 5D eras on Earth, such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Like so many of us. But what is important during this current incarnation is your DNA wisdom of Arcturus, Sirius B and the elemental realm. This is what your HS wants to share with you; you’re vibrating Arcturian energy and DNA is activated, this vibrating energy acts as a sort of “higher frequency activation and purification gate” for the souls at the time of death and birth. Your vibration will support this process of souls, that are coming and going, naturally. Several souls worldwide are now experiencing the same activation. What has been activated for some time now, is your Sirius B DNA. But you are not fully aware of that yet. That’s why your HS highlights it today. During this Sirius B incarnation, you have experienced different forms and higher teachings. The wisdom and power that you now have access to is your silver mermaid light and teachings. When you move your silver light counterclockwise, it cleanses and purifies another. If you move it clockwise, it raises the vibration/frequency of another. Spiral the silver light from your heart space and create the movement as described. In the beginning, use your hands to get more comfortable with the movement of your silver light. When you do this, you attune yourself to the Sirius portal (the sun) and your inner Sun Sirius encoding acts as a sort of activator for what is needed in that moment for another, the ocean, the forest, the animals etc. My HS has been pushing me for the past two days to connect with your HS, Anita. But I had my father over, and I had to do some prep work in my vegetable garden. So I repeatedly said no, not now. This morning I woke up again with the announcement, Anita! LOL. My HS told me something that had already been brought to my attention two days ago. Today, SUNDAY, the Solar Portal is very active, lots of solar activity. What we call a Geo Magnetic storm on Earth. That’s why I had to do your card and reading for today. You carry in your DNA Sun Kin Codes that are activated during solar storms, these codes assist the inner sun/crystal heart of Mother Earth during this global transformation into the New Earth. Whenever there is a Geo-magnetic storm, the solar emanations coming through the Solar Portal activate your Sun Kin Codes that are currently needed by Mother and her elementals/natural and animal kingdoms. During these storms, take good care of yourself, the carriers of the Sun Kin Codes can have it a little harder physically. I am also a Sun Kin code bearer ? And I find that my own temporary physical complaints during Solar Storms correspond to other Sun Kin souls, so I am sharing mine with you as well. I myself always experience sudden hot spots on my skin, as if I have burned myself and my spine is stiffening, due to the temporary overload of the solar rays passing through it at high speed. Drink extra water, take a cool foot bath, or stand in the natural waters of Mother with your bare feet and there is an exercise that solves the stiffness in your spine, if you need it I can share that exercise with you. So I know you from Sirius and we are Sun Kin, Solar family. We are not alone, there are many souls who carry these Sun Kin codes. So Anita, take a moment today and anchor in Mother’s heart/sun, the Sun kin codes that are needed right now in this moment. Intention and brief visualization is enough. Nothing in our lives is a coincidence, a few years ago I made an activation video which I called, of course, the Sun Kin Codes. Everything is connected. Thank you beautiful Sunwoman for everything you do and will do in the years to come. I learned new things again and was amazed by your powerful silver light! Love, Esther Qizenna

Dear Mama Louise, during the Oracle journey with your pure crystal child, I saw the water planet Sirius and many dolphins “singing” in the water. The great healing power that is present in the DNA has to do with the transmission of sonic vibrations through the energy field in the water, whereby water is cleaned and illuminated. In co-creation with the golden light, the crystal realm and the dolphins. I was pointed to a geometry water creation that I made during my own integration of my Sirius aspect. You can see this geometry in the background and on the third eye. You sensitive, loving and pure soul, thank you so much for a peek into your world.

Thank you for this beautiful journey Jolanda, I did not know that there are so many temples on Sirius and that we can enjoy all temples and their enriching powers and wisdom through our intention before going to sleep. The DNA now awakening within you is your wisdom regarding all imaginable crystals in the galaxy. What came through was you as the high priestess of a great Temple dedicated to examples of all the Crystals that are in our galaxy. With sparkling crystal clear healing water in the middle and a large golden crystal. Your Earth self can visit this temple to rediscover your crystal wisdom and feel their energy in action. The light that embraced the experience was soft – mint green. Your totem that emerged was the white heron, a time of stillness. The playful energy in you wants to be heard more. The elves you see are eager to stir up your playfulness. You are in transformation, so dragonfly is with you too. Your drum has a pregnant belly embraced by the mother and the flowers on her belly represent your healing Earthly lightwork. You stand with your legs in the healing water of the Sirius temple. Love, Esther

Dear Paul, once in touch with your higher light, the first words that came through were trust and purification. And you were named Wisdomkeeper. Which means you carry in your DNA an important encoding of ancient wisdom for an important moment during this current ascension. That’s what you agreed to before you came here. After my question which DNA is now ready to be activated, I got the answer; “the frequency codes for the 3rd original Gaia portal”. It was explained to me that there are 9 original Earth portals that the dark forces cannot reach, they are not visible to them. These portals have been guarded indefinitely and last year the first soul group was activated. This group passed on to the portals their geometric codes. This year a group is starting to activate the portals through frequency code, sound activation through song and musical instruments. So you are connected to multiple souls worldwide and you are personally connected to the 3rd original Gaia Portal. With the sound codes already present and now awakening in your DNA, you may connect with the 3rd Gaia portal after an energetic and Earthly purification. The colors gold and the deep dark Earth colors were always present. The four directions also came through, so I put a medicine wheel on the top of your Lion Drum. De Buffalo knows in which direction you can send your codes. Connect with all directions first, then focus on the right given direction. Invoke the golden source light and set your intention to send your sound codes to the 3rd Gaia portal through your heart portal, this will do it. And trust your drum and everything that comes through! The buffalo is your temporary totem animal, guarding your space so that you can complete your mission peacefully and undisturbed. As I lay on Mother Earth for the first time this morning connecting with you, a hawk kept circling above me. So for you two eagles for a powerful source connection. What was emphasized again by your higher light was to clear you first, before you set your mission in motion. Paul, I want to thank you for the work you do and thank you for letting me be in your highest light for a moment.

Powerful High Priestess, Marianne. I have given you an Isis crown, for her energy kept coming through energetically throughout the Creative Oracle journey. In the original photo moment, she accompanied you during the healing moment you co-created with your sisters, so clearly visible and palpable in your eyes. And today, while I was working on the Oracle Card, Isis is still with you. The white owl here supports the healing light of wonder. The elves are here for you, beautiful Mila. I have given you a golden leaf crown. The golden crown of the Elemental realm. For a calm mind and protection against negative energies and entities. Feel your golden leaf crown, and put it on energetically. The Elves bring healing to your inner child, your inner child desperately longs for your love. What does it need to feel safe? You are safe in the constant circle of trust, even if you don’t see us, through the ethers all elementals and sisters are energetically always with you. Dear sisters, thank you both for this touchingly beautiful journey.

Beautiful Nanda, what a wonderful journey it has been, thank you! What clearly came through for you was the following, you are one of the many ancient Lemurians who have incarnated with their healing dream knowledge in their DNA. Your Lemurian light ancestors came through and are now with you to help you activate Lemurian DNA. “She can start believing in her dreams”, were the words. Lemurians dreamed a reality to life and during their dreams they worked closely with the Elementals, Angels and Dolphins. In the ancient Lemurian dolphin temples you exchanged healing love codes. The dolphins ‘sang’ and tuned in to your heart portal. This memory is present in your DNA and so you can experience a dolphin/human exchange again, which makes your heart sing again. Connect with the Lemurian dolphin kingdom and your ancestors in the light, to experience more joy. The dragonfly is with you to support your transformation process. She is your Totem at this moment. And if necessary, you can use the Oracle card to activate the connection.

Ray, the message that comes through is intertwined with Maartje, so I made an extra image of the both of you together with a healing mantra that you will understand after reading this message. I have given your clothes Ray, every symbol imaginable, of the celts, vikings, norsemen etc. which is symbolic of the many lifetimes of battle, fight and conflict. I have placed you two together in both cards in the ambiance of your past lives. Lives that you may now let go of for good to return to your harmonic zero point of unconditional love. That’s why I’ve placed over the image a solar sun ray photo that embodies the light of the New Earth. The message; powerful Ray, in the moment of creation you took a Lyran form. Your life as a Lyran you have spent a long time in peace, working on the Lyran ships. You were a creator/engineer in innovative ship technologies. Until the moment of battle. During the great galactic war, you captained the ship Ratu 4-441, a silvery white ship in the shape of a drop. Frequencies associated with battle became visible for the first time within the spectrum of creation. Your Lyran home front became very interested in these battle frequencies, and wanted to learn more about the recovery frequencies, which are referred to here, as counter frequencies. Frequencies that can bring the divisions in frequencies through battle back to the zero point, the point of unity and healing. You have lived through the entire Galactic Great War. Once back home in Lyra, you, along with many other Lyrans, have been tasked with experiencing the hijacked Earth realm as a battle frequency specialist of sorts across the entire frequency spectrum of battle/ fight/conflict. To become a conduit and boots on the ground, a source of information for your home front in Lyra and later also for the frequency temple present in the Pleiades. So that your Lyran family’s research in finding counter-frequencies with which they could bring strife and division back to the zero point of unity, wiche grew over the eons into a true Lyran mastery. All this was also shared with the Frequency Temple in the Pleiades. Here all conceivable frequencies are gathered to support the greater whole of creation. Before you could go to Earth, the chosen Lyrans for this mission first had to go to the Pleiades, tired from the long war you were allowed to rest and heal in the arms of the Temple Priestesses. Here was your first meeting with Maartje. After a period of rest and recovery, you were allowed to learn all about frequency versus counter frequency in the temple of frequency teaching. Maartje’s Temple at that time. Another message for Maartje, besides detecting and transforming your mastery in frequencies through your 19th portal, when it comes to impure attachments, you are also completely at home in finding emotional counter frequencies. You, Maartje, took on the mission at the time to internalize everything within the frequency spectrum of the emotions that have to do with “worrying”, through Earth incarnation experiences, so that you could pass this on to the “library” of the Frequency Temple in the Pleiades. You Maartje, working with the Earth Element and you Ray, within the frequency spectrum of the emotions related to batle/fight/conflict, working within the Wood element. Both working through the heart of Mother Earth, the energetic heartlines in her body, the Earth Dragon and her healing herbs, seeds, fruits and vegetables. When I ask for more clarity, it is explained like this; For example, someone is sick in his Male Earth element, the stomach, this includes an emotion frequency, Maartje can very easily (in this case) find the female counter frequency and use it so that the disease transforms back to neutral. For you Ray it’s about the emotions that lead to diseases within the Wood Element, which have their origin in unprocessed battle emotions, such as anger, hatred, frustration which leads to blocks in expression creativity, feeling uprooted, out of balance, lack of courage and vigor. Which in turn is expressed in the male the Gallbladder or the female the liver. In your DNA the counter-frequencies are present to transform disturbances within the Wood spectrum back to wholeness. You have shared infinite lives together here on Earth. This is the loving recognition, but can occasionally also evoke a feeling of resistance. You have experienced so much battle and worry, frequencies you both embodied through the eons for the good of the greater whole. And now you are in the closing state of releasing it all. All the eons before this may now come home to harmonic zero, into wholeness. Because you both, have embodied this frequencies for so long, the mirror of the other is unbearable at times. What I get with this is that in this final phase of transformation to wholeness, standing in a loving connection, you also have to take your own periods of inner transformation to wholeness, so also occasionally separately. Together eventually, healed in zero point, liberated from the eons of embodiment of the frequencies, worry and struggle. You Ray, have experienced so much pain and emotions in battle and you Maartje have had so many worries in many lives, about the battle Ray was allowed to experience and its consequences. That you, Maartje, easily fall back into the frequency of worrying, into the role of mother. And you Ray, in the frequency of the battle, in the role of father. You Maartje still needs to embrace a bit of “becoming your own father” and let go of the role of the caring mother. And you Ray, may embrace a bit more of “becoming your own caring mother” and let go of the role of warrior/battle “bring it one” father. Once back in connection, both from your zero point, you are a dream team when it comes to frequency-counter healing. Through your many lives together I want to pass on this mantra of healing to wholeness, sit opposite of each other often, while you take each other’s hands and look deeply into each others eyes, you say the following words; I’m sorry for the pain I caused you in the past. I forgive you for what you do to me today. Past is past, it’s over. Today we start with clean karma. All my vibrations of blessings will reach your soul. I will bless you daily with the highest vibrations of love, peace and healing. You will heal and I will heal. Freed from all frequencies of worry and battle, we come home again in our own and shared harmonic zero point of unconditional love. Much love Esther

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