A life full of creativity

Nederlandse vertaling

The golden thread through my life has always been nature, animals and creating atmospheres. My work history, as a manager, window dresser and visual merchandiser, also revolved around creating the right atmosphere. Subsequently, this process of creating atmospheres moved to creating the right inner element atmospheres, when I started the Classical Shiatsu School in The Hague in 2003. This also became the beginning of my own healing journey within. A journey of 20 years, in which I exposed every shadow program and finally came home to my own inner peace, source knowing and awareness. During this inspired journey back to my inner source awareness, my creativity exploded. For a period, my creativity merged with my elemental healing and oracle readings. My way of self-healing with the elements I recently transformed into a free 1,2,3 Self Healing Element Journey, for all to enjoy. If you are curious about the full awakening story of my consciousness, read more HERE.

Much love, Qizenna


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