May the content on my website activate a spark of light in your heart!

You Heart knows

Soul Inspiration Cards

The Sisterhood Healing Spiral Deck, in which the messages are written by Sisters globally, back in 2017. Don’t fully resonate anymore with my inner truth in this now moment. But it was such a loving co-creation that I decided to keep it online. As with everything on my website, only take in what resonates with your heart. And let go again. For it is merely a mirror moment of a wisdom or shadow within you, that wants to be seen and loved. All you need is in you! Your heart and soul know it all.

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.


Oracle Activation Card

Through my Higher Soul I connect to your Higher Soul and start a conversation. What's important for you in that divine moment will be shared by your higher Soul. .
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Quantum Healing Design

Are you that person who stands out from the rest, and who dares to open up to the transformative power of Quantum Healing Design? Then I'm your designer!
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Art Co-Creation

The new era, asks for unity, co-creation for the greater good of all. And therefore I'm looking for entrepreneurs or businesses who are interested in my skill set and art/patterns printed on fabrics.
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Liefland Kids

Recently I created a website for children. A place where they can discover the love wizard within themselves. Learning to move and see from their...
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For now, only available in Dutch. In the near future, all three books will also be published in English. Esther Bosma Sophia Ergens in een...
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