The 3 program perspectives

The 3 program perspectives


The Question: In your latest video, you talk about 3 perceptions we experience in every program we work through. And that the soul is part of this game, this came as a shock to me. How did you come to these beliefs or perspectives? Thank you.

My Answer: In the now, I know that I was all this time already whole in my source awareness center space. The programs were overshadowing this, that’s all. But after I worked through all the programs, collected my shattered soul pieces, the soul seemed to nothing more than a cube puzzle in this mind manipulation game. For me, the soul has nothing to do with my source awareness essence. That’s why I detached myself from it. Maybe I can clarify it better if I share my experience in more detail. So, how did I arrive at this perception? Well, in 2012 I took a seat in the high speed programming wake up matrix game train. Before this, I’ve had some “astral” experiences, but was still working in the Matrix. That changed for me in 2012. My body got ill, and forced me to go inside. From that moment on I started keeping diaries, because I experienced so much that I did not understand at that moment.

A year ago it suddenly became clear to me and I started looking back in my diaries for confirmation, this made it visible to me that every programming has 3 perspectives / themes. An illusionary karmic Moon programming, an illusionary Galactic Sun programming and an illusionary Earth Emotion/body programming. The fragmented soul aspect is in the dark, the inside Moon programming. As soon as we illuminate the dark via a “karmic past” life by becoming aware of it, the perspective changes to the outside Sun programming, a galactic life and/or being/guide becomes tangible, audible and/or visible. These two together move in the emotion field, the Earth child perspective. As long as we don’t balance the Earthly child emotion, you will be tossed back and forth between the outside light and the inside dark.

Heaven and Hell. Heaven; the outside manipulation, of guides/angels/gods/5D Earth/higher frequency. Hell; the inner manipulation of karmic guilt/entities/parasites. So your Earthly emotion (inner child energy) is the key to demagnetizing a programming. And the element system in your body the map and route to the programming inside your body organs. If you know which emotion belongs to which element and organ, you can weave the programming in the organ to the alchemizing healing Earth center. Here the emotion can come back into balance, in zero-point. Simply put, demagnetizing a program is a reunion between the mother, father and child energy. As soon as the Earth child energy feels safe in that emotion again, the programming in your source, your center, demagnetizes. In this harmonizing moment, you look through the illusion (Polaris) and touch briefly your empty source mirror of knowing within yourself (the void). And you remember a source power that before was overshadowed by the program you just alchemized. When all emotions have been brought back into balance, you have demagnetized all your programming, and you become an observing empty powersource mirror of inner knowing, moving from a constant peace, stillness and emptiness. Flowing from moment to moment. Realizing that you can be nothing and everything at the same time.

I do not use the word love, because I have experienced that peace in your source emptiness is the real love. If the above feels like a way for you, on my website, I offer a free self-diagnosis overview and 2 guided mp3 journeys to demagnetize your programming together with the elements. Hope it helps. Peace Qizenna

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