Freeing Overshadowed Frequencies

Freeing Overshadowed Frequencies


Question: In your last message you write about overshadowed frequencies, how do you free them? And you say that the dimensions and portals are all inside ourselves, not without. How? Can you go deeper into that? Thank you.

Answer: The way I have been freeing these overshadowed frequencies that are blocked beneath magnetized programs within our organs and element wombs, is following the out of balance emotion and/or body discomfort in the now, knowing what element womb and organ it belongs too, feeling into it and knowing what it needs. (a visual example you find below)

Example self diagnose; “emotion dis-balance in the now is fear, so a program is active in kidney/water element, it feels dry and hot in the kidney, lack of water, so I know I need the mineral pathway/portal of the Earth element, Earth brings a moisture climate and can calm down the fire/inflammation”

When this is clear to me, I connect to my kidney and make an intuitive energy movement with my ringvinger=Earth Element, of my right hand=the active hand, and open up the right mineral pathway/portal into the program. Then I place my right hand on the organ kidney and intuitively sing a sound frequency, what I believe in the now, is the opposite frequency of the overshadowed frequency beneath the program. This opens the element womb of water and I can enter. I go check where my female and male energies are, see what’s in dis-balance. Make sure I bring them back into balance, and oneness. During this process, you go through the element program layers/dimensions and mineral portals. And stumble upon trauma’s, galactic dimensions, beings, past karmic lives and your shattered soul aspect, that are part of the program you are weaving back to its demagnetizing zero-point, oneness. Whether all you see or feel is real or not, that’s not important. Just observe/feel, don’t identify. Every time you go deeper and deeper into the program, when the female and male energy is back in balance, the alchemizing child energy feels safe, and the program demagnetizes in zero-point. Emotion is back in balance, zero-point. At this moment, the overshadowed frequency can freely vibrate again, and source knowing enters your consciousness. But of course the best way to answer your question, is doing this easy process yourself and see if it’s your way also. Go here and give it a try,

I have also experienced galactic beings from different “dimensions” with my eyes wide open, outside myself. And I let myself be fooled by them many times, because 7 years ago, I was still convinced they were here to help me, my light family. They were only there to distract me and implanted things. In essence, part of the dark player’s tribe in this game. All you need, is within you, and maybe it’s hard to believe that you can experience the dimension of Sirius in one of the element layers of water you are working through, but remember you are timeless in essence. And as formless consciousness, you can make yourself as big, are as small, as you want. So can the dimensions and beings etc. within you. All is within. And you are the healer and alchemist you have been looking for!

Hope this brings some clarity.

Peace Qizenna

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