The 144.000

The 144.000


The Question: Are you of any knowledge on the 144000 and psionics?

My Answer: Through my own experience with the element/mineral landscape in my body and working with the system in others, I know now that the first and deepest base is our 1st source cell/frequency (the void/source/home), which for this Earth experiment was divided into 2 opposing base source cells/frequencies (light/Sun and dark/Moon). From these 2 basic opposite “stations” moves in the light and in the dark, 23 elements layers/frequencies and 48 minerals paths/frequencies. If we add this up, dark side 1 basic cell/frequency + 23 element layers/frequencies + 48 mineral paths/frequencies = we arrive at 72 frequencies on the light side and therefore also 72 frequencies on the dark side. Together, we arrive at 72+72=144 frequencies. If we then put 3 zeros after that, that for me represent the upper, middle and lower field/heather within our system, we have the so-called 144,000 chosen ones.

The element spaces within us are like wombs/dimensions, and the mineral pathways are the fertile pathways/portals to locating our programming present in our organs. This element/mineral system nourishes and supports the organs, but if there is a blockage in the form of an unprocessed emotion/trauma which is essentially a programming, it weakens the organs. Once we have demagnetized a programming, brought it into zero-point balance, the underlying/overshadowed frequency is free to vibrate again. In the New Age illusion we are told to bring in and embody “higher” frequencies from the outside, I have experienced that’s a deception. So is the chakra system, throw it out. We don’t need this matrix manipulation system. All knowing is within your 1st and deepest source cell/frequency/void/home. Which I refer to in my writings and video’s, as my source awareness/essence. All frequencies are already within us, only some cannot yet vibrate in freedom, because programmings overshadow these frequencies. That is how I experience the 144,000 frequencies within myself.

And you also ask about psychic powers. These too are already present within us, they are just memories and source forces that are released when we work through a programming and demagnetize it, in that zero-point moment we see through the illusion (polaris). I myself have experienced that not all memories that come through are pure, there are also many holographic AI inserted memories to mislead us and slow down our process. That is why observing and immediately detaching yourself from an experience is so important. Don’t identify yourself with it. Because if we want to enjoy peaceful movement again from our first source cell that is empty and full of knowing at the same time, it is important that we observe and let go. Once all 144 frequencies within us are free to move again, the path is clear back to our first and deepest source cell/frequency.

Hope it gives you a mirror moment of clarity. Peace Qizenna

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