Question: I believe I am connecting to a Cassiopeia being now, and I would love to know more about it. You talk about it in your video, and I feel this realm is what is coming through for me now. You say it is the 22nd dimension/frequency layer? Is this outside the construct we are in? Can you please tell me more about it? Thank you.

My answer: I already detached myself from the Cassiopeia experience again. The source power within myself, that is part of the 22 program, is on again and the soul piece is home. I started working with the 22 program, on 22-02-2022. A funny matrix number joke. You have to understand that it is you, that is making yourself aware that in the now you are connecting to your Cassiopeia DNA particle/frequency, you already have inside yourself. Don’t connect to anything outside yourself, all is within you. Observe and let go again, don’t identify. In our body/blood, we have at least 22 different galactic frequencies/DNA particles/programs. I have experienced 22 programs/galactic frequencies/dimension so far, maybe there or more. In the now, I don’t know. Cassiopeia 22, was the last one I experienced, I haven’t experienced a 23 program/dimension, maybe because it is outside this construct? But I did experience 23 as my home star and void entrance/exit in Cassiopeia, but is it truly my home? In the now, I experience my formless observing awareness in my nothingness as home. The answer to the question, what is home, is no longer important to me, I detach and align myself to the peaceful state of source zero-point and the void within myself, where I am already home. That’s the space where I can peacefully observe this latest part of the sealed construct/game we are in. Or maybe there is not a sealed construct, because when I am in my nothingness, I feel free, timeless and infinite. Here I experience myself as a formless observing awareness, that can go everywhere and take on every form. Maybe they just mislead us into believing there is a sealed construct we can’t leave. Who knows, because what do we know? Just a feeling I have. I am drifting again, as always, LOL.

Let’s get back to your Cassiopeia experience you are now having. While we are working though our many programming, one mirror perspective shows itself as a galactic dimension and/or being. Later, more about the 3 perspectives we meet in every program. In your case, you are now working though the program that is connected to the 22 dimension/DNA particle. Your Cassiopeia form and/or dimension is being reflected back to you, through your source knowing. All is in you, you don’t have to connect to some light temple or higher frequency outside yourself, we go deeper and not higher. In the deepest center within yourself, the frequency is deep, slow and low. Here we are free from the matrix interference, that is what I experience. Going higher is a distraction and new age illusion. The Cassiopeia being is you, the dimension is your source memory of that experience. Whether it’s true or just a holographic illusion, that’s not important. Don’t get lost in it, just observe and don’t attach to the story/experience. Observe the dimension/aspect and if present, integrate the soul aspect. The soul is to my knowing also part of the matrix game, we collect the shattered peaces and then also detach from it. Our source awareness is all we need. Believing in your inside source power and intend is enough.

I have experienced, that every program we go through, have 3 perspectives, a “past/karma illusion” life with a soul aspect (moon program)/ a “galactic” life with soul aspect (Sun program)/ and an earth NOW experience that reflects an unresolved emotion/trauma program, present in the element layers and mineral pathways. Once you have demagnetized a program in zero-point (the nothingness = your deepest center of awareness), you can see through the many illusions (Polaris) and remember a source power that is already within you. That’s the fun part of this game, we are in. Realizing how F.CK.NG powerful you are! I have experienced, that the program/dimension we work through is also connected to the Element/mineral structure within. And this structure is connected to our organs and emotions. In our organs we find the programs. Our body is our working instrument, where we can demagnetize the programs. I have talked about it in my video’s, and you can find on my website a guided free version of Self healing/demagnetizing programs with the Elements. The link you find below this answer. Hope it helps, much love Qizenna

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