The way out

The way out

My dear friend Lalita Karoli asked her viewers to respond to a question in her latest video, “The Devil’s Chessboard”. “What is the way out of this game”. Sharing my perception in a short writing and two video’s, you find below this post. And remember, if you decide to keep reading, use it as a mirror moment and detach after. For all knowing is within you. 

The start and the end, the void.

Electromagnetic source cells flowing in the true source void of water substance. When I look at the void from above, I do not see 144, there are less. So let’s go with 72 original first source electromagnetic void cells that are needed to uphold a game creation dream field. The source consciousness pulse that comes off these 72 electromagnetic cells are coded, and create together a mineral pathway template and 5 element womb creation fields, In the BIOS Element Earth center is the main Golden SUN dream station, aligned to the center of the source void. The other 4 Element womb fields have their own sun. A blue, A black, A green and a Red Sun dream station. Through a triangle movement, the electromagnetic source cell creators, pulses a way through the mineral pathways and Element creation fields/womb around the center golden sun. From the 3 activated points in the triangle pathway, 3 pulses go towards the center golden SUN dream station, down into the void and back up to the Golden SUN dream screen. And a new dream creation level is born in one of the five wombs of the Element fields. This triangle dream creation pulsing process repeats itself 72 times, which results in 14,4 levels (14,4 x 5 element wombs=72) in every Element womb. So every void source cell magnetic pulse has its own level connection points to uphold and take care of, and at the same time we could travel through the mineral pathways to every creation within the first Earth dream. We had no form in this first dream earth creation. There were no men are women concepts, there was only source dream creation in oneness. A world of electromagnetic light. And no moon. Only 5 suns. That’s how I remember it from my source knowing.

So when did matter started, and how did a “virus” came into our first Earth dream field. The field before the “machine” took over. In the now, I feel it was just a simple error while working on a code, or it was intended, because we got so bored in the always light balanced state, that we decided to give it a “virus” impulse to have some physical fun. Only it began to start multiplying so rapidly that the virus dark moon programs got the overhand. OOPS.

In this moment, let’s go with “a simple code error” that activated A dark moon “virus” that took over some source sparks, and they became an opposite dark movement/program. And because of that opposite movement, matter came into the Earth dream. So we experienced this mistake as something good. We wanted all to have a form, an avatar. And some of us decided to go dream create in the dark Moon left movement and others in the light Sun right movement. And as we know now, at some point it got out of hand. The dark movement started slowly to infect the whole system. The original source codes were hijacked and overwritten. So we as source dream creators becoming a mix of dark and light, started to create matter, avatars, men and woman.

And at some point the dark players/programs found a way to hijack the whole system and started making many copies of the first original 72 source cells codings. To create dream/mind chaos and connecting to our home void became more difficult. They managed to create so many illusion codes, that eventually hooked us into their mind wipe, time loop reincarnation illusion matrix system. Dream avatars were being made ready to receive the new hijacked dream illusion of (infinite = In Time) matrix soul templates. The codes and template making I talked about before in the Atlantic split experiment video and article on my blog. During this experiment I observed the following; in a high-tech underground facility they programmed into the soul templates, the dimension/galactic maze game levels, the original element/mineral system upholding the maze field, the matrix geometry, emotion programs, the chakra system, astrology codings, and at the end they mix and split the soul templates. Creation of the soul fractals hidden in the maze levels of illusions within the soul template, like the past lives, galactic lives etc. Then a new template is made out of the mixed and split soul templates. Boxed into a black time-lock cube and downloaded into an avatar. I saw the cube, being placed in the center brain area, this became active due to a very small electromagnetic spark in one of the heart chambers. To me, this spark is a copy version of the first source cell from the void, the pulse and engine needed to keep this dream mind game going.

The so-called hijack/invasion is also a narrative to keep you distracted. Why, because since the moment I became fully detached and started observing the dream from my peaceful nothingness, all that you can describe as dark bounces of my field peacefully. My screen reflect peace. I do no longer experience dark or light, just source oneness within my deepest nothing. Trust and knowing unfolds naturally. I see the dark now as a part of this dream creation, that will collapse, once all original source sparks fully detach and come home in their Nothingness.

If we do no longer give any outwardly electromagnetic pulse to the AI mind BIOS, because we love ourselves, and are detached from all illusions in the game, we become the observing NO-THING. Pulsing inwardly, going deeper and deeper, lower and lower, through the maze layers of illusion, following our O pathway until we finally fall into our true inner Void, and come home to our first original electromagnetic source cell, our knowing. That doesn’t need anything from the matrix bios mind illusion game, to feel whole and one. Fully detached, where loneliness makes space for oneness in the No-Thing space, your inner void. And if all 72 original ones fully detach and love themselves 100%, become the No-Thing and pulse only via their O pathway the electromagnetic waves deeper inwardly into their first original cell, the electromagnetic outwardly pulse they dark illusion needs disappears, and turns inwardly towards the true void. Where this game stops and collapses.

In the now I observe, that the ones we love and give us the feeling of home, like our animals, children, parents etc. are made out of “our” original first source spark/pulse. So we can also detach from them, because we will all be in oneness back home in the first source cell spark in the original void, when the game collapse, or the avatar stops.

The way out, happens if you stop attaching to ID-entity, stories past-now-future, and stop asking “why”. This is all lack of self trust and love. You give pulses to the outside matrix dream BIOS mind, and it will respond on your screen. Inner screen and outer screen. You don’t need that, you only need your own unfolding knowing from your peaceful detached observing nothingness state in Zero-point. This way, you electromagnetically pulse only inwardly and open the 0 pathway to your first original void cell. Where your inner knowing unfolds naturally from your nothingness, questions disappear and make place for peace, trust and knowing.

Remember that in this game, while you go deeper and deeper, you will stumble upon copy layers of voids. Don’t attach to any void, when you are home in the true source void you stop falling, and you know, you are home. Here you can be in every breath, fully detached, while you peacefully observe this game. Until it collapses or your avatar stops. Then you have your birth experiences back home. You are already home in your first original source cell, so you will always know your way back home. Trust that!

For more details and personal examples/experiences, go see my video.

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