If you…

If you…

Self-love, the key to fullness is No Thing Ness, HOME.

Is there still separation and lack of love within yourself?
Be honest while you read the “If you…..,”

If you don’t trust yourself, you magnetize people who betray your trust.
If you don’t set boundaries, you magnetize people who cross your boundaries.
If you are a controlfreak, you magnetize people that want to control you.
If you see yourself as a victim, you magnetize people who attack you physically or mentally.
If you don’t dare to speak and life your truth, you magnetize people who twist every word and seduce you with false promises.
If you are insecure and make yourself small, you magnetize people with delusions of grandeur.

When all the above no longer appears on your screen, all the lack within has changed to acceptance and love for self. You have become your own mother and father, you carry yourself in trust, with strong healthy boundaries, are responsible, speak and life your truth and anchored yourself deeply in your own secure inner space of source knowing. The need for ID-entities, stories, past events and future outcomes fully disappear. Detached in trust, in every now moment, you find home within your observing peaceful source awareness in the Nothingness.

The miracle was in you all along!
No-thing-ness, translated to Hebrew and back to English it means: Nothing, is the Miracle. And so it is!

Time to come home now!

Peace Qizenna 

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