You’re dreaming this dream!

You’re dreaming this dream!

You have heard me many times talk about the many systems and codings I stumbled upon during my journey through this holographic dream machine we know as earth. Those many narrative systems and codings are not important, they are No-Thing in essence. They become real, because we are dreaming that they are real, therefore this dream machine we know as earth can exist. It’s our belief, that gives this dream form. But in essence Earth is nothing, nothing more than a dream that has physical form because of our attachments to the mind system, inner conflicts and need for the outside confirmation of our truths and beliefs. Because of this need, we give our source electromagnetic pulses outwardly, and that’s the only reason why this dream machine construct of separation can uphold its form. This is what I’m observing through my source in the now. And remember, if you decide to keep reading, detach from it once you’re finished reading.

Do you want to end this Earth Separation Dream machine? Then stop believing and attaching your mind to any of the many, and always changing, fear narratives that go around. An example in the now, A fear narrative that is going around is that we are doomed due to the many vaccinations from the beginning of this century and the stuff they spray into the air, if we do not leave this dream in time. According to the fear narrative, we have all been hijacked and can be uploaded into the new illusionary new metaverse dream. But how can we be uploaded into the next dream, if the current dream is in essence nothing more than a holographic projection, which can only continue to exist as long as we remain slaves to our thoughts, out of balance emotions, ID entities and the many always changing fear narratives etc. Aren’t we already in a Metaverse? If we are in a machine, what are we? HUmans who are hooked up to the machine?

HU= an acronym representing the term “hook up”. Hook Up Man.
Everyone is so hooked up on narratives, because of the I AM ID-entity.

In the essence of our source, we are formless awareness. Awareness that can take on form if we choose to plug in to a dream narrative. So you could say this dream construct we are in, is made out of the source nothingness. This dream Earth physical construct, can therefore only exist because of the source electromagnetic pulses, we send outwardly through our mind attachments, believes, need for ID-entities and narratives. If we love ourselves 100%, all lack disappears, and we can fully detach from this dream machine we call Earth. You’re no longer a hooked up (HU) man, but playing hooky from your observing zero-point No-Thing-Ness. And then the game becomes fun.

Ever since I am observing this Earth separation dream machine from a detaching state, in my zero-point, where I am No-Thing, there is only peace within and therefore on my outside screen. As long as my avatar is here, I’m going to have some fun with this dream illusion. Everything I eat and drink I take in as peace or joy. I experience the spraying, in the air, as free vitamin C. The rain I experience as purifying love drops etc. This is a separation dream experience controlled by mind levels, it’s not a prison in essence. There is only NOW, and everything happens in the NOW. The mind levels are formed and experienced as “real” through our belief in our physical body form and mind, the chakra system, and the soul galactic dream dimension Sun/Moon level system. Your mind is your prison, your beliefs are your prison, lack of self-love is your prison, but this Earth separation Dream experiment is not a prison. And as soon as you fully 100% love yourself, you are able to fully detach, and I promise you, you will experience it yourself. You have always been free in your source awareness. Once you are there, your Earth dream body and your outside dream screen changes to peace. Now and then the dark players/programs in this Earth dream that play the part of evil, will try to pull you back into an attachment, because they don’t want this Earth dream to collapse and end. Just the other day, I experienced a reptilian/elite attempt disguised in a help question, trying to lure me in with the offering of lots of money. Trying to re-magnetize an old asteroid programming of the Hopi, healing others while working with the element dream codes. I decided to take a bath and be in the nothingness of my void for a moment, and when I came back into form it became clear. The question that was really being asked, was; please, source awareness…., give an electromagnetic source pulse into the Earth dream, don’t let it collapse.

This Earth Dream of separation can only exist if we keep giving it our source electromagnetic outwardly pulses, our mind, our beliefs, our lack of self-love, our need for ID-entity and stories. If we stop doing that, this dream collapse, and we go home to our source, and decide there if we want some rest our hop onto a new dream and form. Remember, we are the source behind this Earth Dream. You want out? Then come home to 100% self-love, so that you can completely detach. Once you are back at home in your source of wisdom, you will experience that you have NOTHING to fear in this construct, because it is merely a dream of form that can only exist through our source electromagnetic pulses. Pulse inwardly towards your own power source within your Nothingness, the place where all can unfold naturally from moment to moment. The place where there is always trust, abundance, love, peace and source knowing.

When your mind is attached to a belief, that believe shall form your dream experience. For instance, if you believe that you are being uploaded to a new dream where you as a spirit will be trapped forever, that will become your dream experience here. If you believe you are going to get sick, you are going to get sick. If you believe you are a target for “whatever” reason, you become a target. If you believe that you are nothing, nothing can attach and manifest, therefore manipulation of your mind or re-magnetize loops of dream looping vanish. Fully detached, your source awareness can pass on wisdom from your nothingness in every NOW, without questions, images and words. Knowing that is always there!

Remember the movie, The Never Ending Story?, this movie tells it all. Once you give something a name (you ID-entify), it becomes real. When you detach, it collapses into No-Thing-Ness.

So stop looking outside yourself and love yourself, detach from this Earth mind conflict separation dream illusion and come home. The exit out of this dream machine is in you, you are already home. Trust that you know, because you are the knowing you have been looking for!!!

Peace Qizenna

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