Nothing has left you, for it’s formed from your source…

Nothing has left you, for it’s formed from your source…

In my previous writing, I mentioned that “the dark” tried to invite/attach me into the dream game, through a request for help. In order to clarify the actual attempt at attachment, I decided to let go of my body in the bath and become nothing so that I could completely sink into my void. After returning into the avatar, the levels behind the request for help became clear from my source knowing. It concerned a reptilian ID-entity/program that hitched a ride in the avatar of a third person present in the setting of the request for help. So I didn’t respond to the request for help, because I don’t feel like playing the light/dark game with those programs anymore. But this request for help also brought with it, the gift of new source knowing about something totally different. So once again, I can thank the attempted attachment of the dark.

Why does the dark players/programs keep repeating attachment attempts? They want our source pulsation back into the dream game. As I mentioned in a previous writing, the dream game and everything that is part of it is nothing in its essence. This dream machine is originating from the eternal source where the first source consciousnesses cells/electromagnetic pulses, in this game temporarily living in avatars, together carry (give life) to this matrix Earth dream machine. If we, as source awareness, all manage to detach from the dream machine and all our inner programs, love ourselves and only pulse only inward, so we’re strengthening our own source, it will be over for the players/programs who have become addicted to the divide/conquer and control fear dreammachine game. Even if you are at home in 100% self-love and at home in your source of nothingness, completely detached and in the embrace of being no one, they still keep trying because they want to keep their empty dream alive. But from the nobody state of being, you observe and know the game program essence of what is coming your way. As a result, attachment can no longer take place. For they have nothing to work with.

Let’s go back to the first paragraph, in which I write, “But this request for help also brought with it, the gift of new source knowing about something totally different”.

In June 2021 I experienced an attempt on my life. It was part of a then-active program present in my Asteroid Chart. Looking back at it with my dear friend Lalita, the date was also visible in my chart. In the Nessus asteroid program. There was still fear within me and belief in this dream of nothing, which caused an entity being activated from my Nessus programming and my fear pulsation directed outwards, to take over the man and make him violent, through a rejection from me towards him at that moment. As you know, as long as there is fear, there is a lack of self-love and the dark programs in the dream has a hold on you. Because you still attach, due to a lack of inner fulfillment because of inner conflict, believing in narratives and the longing for ID entities outside yourself. Likewise, the Asteroid narrative was still true and real for me at that stage. Which means it could also be used through the darkness in this dream during the above “Nessus” program “attempt on my life” activation. In the now, the Astro/Asteroid programs do no longer exists in me, I see them for what they are, nothing in essence. 

After this experience, my heart movement locked down. No matter what I did, I couldn’t open it myself. About 4 months after the violent experience, I was so angry and sad at the same time, because before this experience I had always managed to break through a fear lock. At my deepest point, I sank into the reflection of my source, into the nothingness. My “deceased” first 3 dogs came onto my heart and at that moment I broke through the fear lock. Now, 2.5 years later, my source of knowing revealed why they are still there and never left. Everything we love in this dream is born from our own source pulsations. It starts as 1 cell, and the more love we give it, the more cells it becomes. Ultimately, we pull it towards us in form. As a child or animal. Or in physical material needs.

The material stuff in this game we need to detach from, it keeps you here. You can use it, but do not attach to it. When it comes to avatar forms, like your children or animals, I know now that when they pass=rebirth, they go home to where they were formed from, your source.

So if you have lost a child or animal, know that they are in the reflection of your nothingness, your source void. For young children and animals that are now in your life here, once the moment of dead = rebirth comes, the child/animal of a source connected mother and/or father, will be pulled into their source void reflection and once the avatar of the parent is ready to die/rebirth, all become part of the first cell of the parent in the eternal source void.

When I write it out like this, I can imagine that it may seem confusing to others. What it comes down to, simply put, experiencing from my NOW source knowing is this; we leave this dream through our own source void, and come together again in the eternal source void, but each in our first electromagnetic cell spark. Or in a parent’s cell, if you are a child/animal of a source-connected parent. So anyway, we’re coming together again. And once we are home again, we can connect to a new dream in form by sending our pulsation to it. That’s in short how it came through from my source knowing in the now.

To me, the above is knowing I fully trust, for it came through my source. Remember to detach after reading, and trust that you know all you need to know, unfolding from your own source.

Peace Qizenna

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