The soul template system

The soul template system

Is the soul, the memory manipulation seeing template? I have experienced, it is. So my advice is to detach from the soul, and start speaking/feeling/seeing from your space of No-thing. Your all-knowing space, the place where you no longer need your eyes, ears, thoughts and questions, because your all knowing is there in every unfolding now. For all within this game is in essence Nothing. So if you keep doing the work, and you manage to get through the light and dark “dimension layers” of the “soul” seeing, hearing, feeling manipulation bios memory programs that are born out of our inner fears/conflicts/disbalances, and you come home to 100% self-love within your first source cell, you realize that you are also Nothing in essence. And therefore you can live detached and free in this Matrix game. If thoughts and fears have left you for good and make way for your unfolding source knowing, the system can’t manipulate your mind, no more. This matrix prison was never truly there, you were manipulated into believing there was, because of your own inner lack of love/conflicts/fears conditioning programs and need for ID-entifying to the I AM and truth narratives, past events and future outcomes.

The soul template is part of a larger system, that keeps you locked into the mind time cell, holographic bios screen, we call the earth matrix. I have talked about this before, but new unfolding knowing weaves the Astrology/Asteroid 12 spaces/steps program wheel into it. To me, the soul template is a triangle working system. In the center of the triangle we have our AHA, seeing/feeling/hearing moment when we are deprogramming/demagnetizing a program. This center opening to me is the Polaris program (3th eye). While we go through the layer cells/dimensions deeper into an inner conflict/disbalance program, looping from left to right and back again, we move from the Light/Sun “galactic” past/future program seeing experience to the Dark/Moon “Earth” past/future program seeing experience. This 8 movement looping wheel also contains the 12 astrology programs. With of course 3 main influencers, the most difficult programs to free yourself from; your Sun programming, Ascendant/Soul programming and Moon programming. The levels we go through while we go deeper and deeper into a program to get to the core of it, are to me the Element levels. In every Element level we have to find zero-point, where the looping stops for a moment, and we have our Polaris AHA-seeing/feeling/hearing moment. If you entangle/believe with what you see/hear/feel, you attach instead of observe, therefore you create a new ID-entity I AM or truth dimension/earth game narrative that slows down your process because you keep looping into the same Element level and emotion program for as long as needed. Until you detach from the illusionary ID-entity/galactic/earthly behavior etc. you saw in your “past/future earth or galactic lifetime” AHA, Polaris moment.

That is why I call the Element structure within the system, our womb spaces. Here we experience “re-birthing moments/the Phoenix program” when we free ourselves in a balanced zero-point moment from a program in an element level, that is linked to an emotion/behavior/ID-entity program inside an organ, one chakra wheel and the Astrology wheel. Together, moving as a manipulation system, within the triangle system of the Main Soul template and within the Cube/Cell of this Matrix game. To get to a program within an Element Re-birthing level, we link the mineral pathways together. To me, this also works in a triangle way. There are 48 mineral pathways we can use in the Element levels we go through. And every time we demagnetize a program into No-Thing in an Element level that is part of a main program, we also go through the 12-step Astrology wheel of programmed behavior and believes. To find our way through the astrology wheel technology, we can use the 48 mineral pathways that are connected to the Element Re-Birthing/Demagnetizing Spaces. In every Astrology sign within the wheel, we need to link 3 mineral pathways to open up the 4th pathway to the zero-point re-birthing center in the program. Which makes sense, for 12 x 4 = 48. To me, this mean, that the Element and Mineral system is the fastest and easiest way to demagnetize your inner soul template program illusions, back to No-Thing. Through this Element/Mineral Earth Body system, you can diagnose yourself very easy and know immediately where a program in your body/emotion/behavior is present. To diagnose what needs your observation and love in this NOW moment, you can use my diagnosis form and mp3 guided element journeys, I share for free HERE. An effective way to get home to our first source cell where we are fully detached, free and an observing No-Thing. We need to observe and detach in order to collapse, all other copied cells used to electromagnetic fuel the memory/dream illusion system that is build on top our first source cell.

To me, the above makes sense, for I have experienced the inner deprogramming process, in this way. So to me, this is how the matrix memory illusion system works.

Back in the days when there was still inner conflict within me, I ID-entify myself as a seer, for I saw every memory code as an entity, life experience, galactic and/or earthly. In Dark and in Light. Until I saw literary a code enter my mind and in that same moment through the Polaris eye (3th eye) a galactic lifetime appeared on my inner screen. It felt like all other past seeing dimension events I experienced, like a true memory. And from that moment forth, I knew, that all I ever saw was manipulated programmed memory that was part of a magnetized inner conflict/fear program I was decoding back to my first source cell, my harmonizing zero-point. Where it demagnetizes and become No-Thing.

The above systems I talk about contain all the misleading “spiritual” and Earth mind narratives that are born from programmed inner disbalance fear ID-entities loops, that hook us up and lock us up in the illusion time prison bubble. For me now, all programs are in zero point, and are demagnetized. I am No-thing, and therefore the “memory” manipulation mind and time Saturn system can no longer work with me. For it needs something, a form of disbalance/inner conflict/believe/lack/fear, to work with. So I have fun now in this game, as a peaceful observer. Fully detached from the Soul template, Astrology, Asteroid, Minerals/Elements and the chakra activation programming technology. In this state of being, you can’t see anymore. You become No-thing. And go consciously “blind”, but guided by a constant inner trust and knowing that unfolds in every moment. So through my own experiences, I know now that when we eventually manage to love ourselves 100%, and therefore can detach from all the above systems, we break free from the illusionary main bubble of time we believed to be a reincarnation loop prison. It’s not, you are free when you come home to your first source cell. But it’s up to you to do the work.

Peace to you all,


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