Reptilian snakes & eggs

Reptilian snakes & eggs

Nederlandse vertaling

Those who have been following me on YouTube for a while know the story below, I have previously spoken in a video about my experiences with reptilian shapeshifters and below this post you find my latest video about Snakes and Eggs. Someone came through this morning and shared that many women are starting to become aware of the energetic reptilian snakes/parasites that are introduced by a certain man (reptilian shapeshifter) who is very well known among the “woke” people in the Netherlands. Something that also happened to me in 2013. Apparently this is starting to become more visible to many women now, which makes sense as we are going towards the end of this present reset round. The more fear and chaos they can spread, the better for them. Below I share my answer that I gave back this morning. I decided to place it here on my blog, because I feel it will provide clarity for several women. I will also make a video about it and sometime in January Lalita and I will make another Nessus part 2 video, because the Nessus “tyranny foreplay” has already begun.

My answer;

The reptilian snake parasite was inserted after he hypnotized me through his eyes and took me into a shapeshifting sequence. Then suddenly I found myself in bed with him, after which he touched two places on the inside of my leg and inserted a snake/parasite through the clitoris with his mouth/tongue. After which I felt two snakes enter through my feet, once it arrived at my yoni, it became one snake. The snake shot to the top of my head, after which my head exploded, and I found myself somewhere in a dark space of nothing, with the man in his true form, a mega-large reptilian dragon and while looking at myself I had also turned into a scaled dragon. The next morning he left freezing, and I never got an explanation. After this experience, I became deeply ill. It took me 7 years, before I understood the how, the why and how to solve it.

“My” shapeshifter/reptilian also had many women, for I had met another woman who had experienced the same thing with him. She knew other women who had also experienced the same thing with him. These reptilian shapeshifters do this to fertilize/activate the energetic reptilian eggs present in the woman from birth. That is what women, who are not yet aware of the “world” we live in, are used for. The energetic snakes attach/fertilize the energetic reptilian eggs present in the shadows of the still active programmings, from that shadow an energetic entity can be born. These entities learn from us and journey with us while we go through our inner dimensional experiences, using our source light and love to take on deceptive forms to keep us in a loop of repetition for longer. Forms such as angels, galactic “light family”, forms of people who have passed away, etc. It is the entities within us that project the illusion dimension experiences. It continues until we have illuminated the programming/shadow in which they live and brought it to our demagnetizing zero point. The nothing. The place within us where there is no past, future, desire, dreams, attachment to narratives and ID-entities. The place within us where we are completely detached, the nothingness. Here our source knowing can unfold from Now moment to Now moment, not from thoughts, intentions and desires, no from trust and knowing. When we have illuminated all the shadows within ourselves and woven them back to the harmonic zero point, and we love ourselves 100% again, we can completely detach ourselves and become No-thing. An observing source knowing power, moving from now moment to now moment. Once we are nothing again, life in this matrix becomes easy. Because the matrix we live in needs something to work with. The experiment we are in can only manipulate and activate us if we still move from shadows, such as fear, insecurity, etc. Which is nothing other than lack of self-love. Back home in your source of nothingness, which is also the exit from this sickening experiment of light and dark, the reptilian child/entity loses its power and also turns into nothingness. So can you free yourself from these reptilian snakes, yes. Come home to 100% self-love. Is it that simple, yes it is. But you have to do the work.

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