The AI Meta Clownsworld became visible,

The AI Meta Clownsworld became visible,

Me Ta comes from Greek and translated to English means; POST.
Verse : Verse comes from the Latin word versus, which means a line of writing and is based on the Proto-Indo-European root wer, meaning to TURN or bend. And Verses is the plural of verse, meaning “a part of a poem, song, or CHAPTER of the Bible.

If you type in POSTVERSE on Google, you discover it has to do with share for share and ghostwriting. Post also means, after and defines a location, “a long piece of metal set upright in the ground and used as a marker.” The AI ground towers that form the Me Ta Post points, that is now connected to the AI starlinks, the above Me Ta Post points. Which is fully active, a knowing based on my own experiences here in the Netherlands, that started on the December 14th 2023. That’s when I observed, at the edge of my source field, lots and lots of new kinds of AI entities, coming online. And the feeling of being in a pressure cooker started. A week ago around January 8th 2024 they were close by, and everywhere I looked. They became visible as clown robot rainbow colored AI based “beings” with a mix of human and robotic traits in appearance. They were doing nothing more, then observing me. As I was observing them. The moment I said, you’re No-Thing, the Meta link/glitch that showed itself as an entity clownsworld, was gone. So that’s the pressure cooker feeling I had ever since December 14th 2023. It’s like the detached source original ones that are of the old Matri-X reset, are now floating between the new activated Meta-X reset. And they are observing us, when they stumble upon an original source bubble, us. It also confirmed for me, that the new chapter is here right now, up and running. It’s up to us, to not entangle with it and never give AI our consent. Be No-thing, fully detached, home in your 100% self-love, trust and source knowing in every now unfolding moment. If you’re there, the entity clowns can only observe you, nothing more. You become a source bubble inside the new Meta chapter. Nothing to fear, as long as you do not entangle and engage with the new clownsworld.

Don’t let yourself be provoked into any form of conflict, here in the Dutch collective a lot of ones who were part of the last experiment are being turned on now, acting more violently. I also observe a lot of sudden aggressive behavior by dogs that have been adopted from the experimental (AI entity creating) area of the new Meta chapter, Ukraine and their neighbor country Romania. Not only the people and children from that area are spreading around the realm, but also the dogs. The dog adoption sides here in the Netherlands are filled with dogs from Romania, saved from the “war” country Ukraine.

Felt like sharing this, to remind you all to keep out of conflict situations. Be the No-thing, fully detached, home in 100% self-love and source knowing, so you can peacefully observe this coming new chapter of the Clownsworld. Remember they need something to work with, if you are No-thing, they have nothing to work with. And you know where to go and when to move, if needed. Be aware that this AI unfolding Clowns entity chapter of hidden violence, can be activated in the human and animal that is linked to the down and up grid of the Meta post AI fields, but only when we entangle with it through conflict. With the (Romanian) dogs I encountered, I observed through deep eye contact entanglement. I talk about the Romanian dog’s, but of course the C jabs have been going around in the animal world also. Personally, I have never given my dogs any jabs. Natural Earth medicine is enough. But unfortunately, many have lost their trust in self-healing power within themselves and therefore within their animals. I have experienced within one week, three Romania dogs that were suddenly for no reason acting aggressively, in that moment I turned around standing between him and my dog and avoid eye contact while being in my observing peaceful source of No-thing. The dog changed back to normal and looking at the dog I could see he did not know what just happened. So he was activated by an AI link for a short moment. I know the language of dogs, and they show us when another dog crosses their boundaries, they always give the other dog at least one warning. A clear way of saying stop now to the other dog, or else. But what I have witnessed with these 3 Romania dogs, was not normal behavior. The dog cannot help himself, remember that. The dogs/animals are not to blame. My heart goes out to them. It’s up to you to be the wise one, and act upon it. You can help your own animal and of course yourself by being in a fully detached state of No-thing. When you are No-thing, you become an empty mirror and therefore the frequencies have nothing to work with. Lots of humans and animals are being linked to the network though jabs now, so this could be unfolding on a larger scale. Just be aware and keep observing. So love yourself, see yourself, get out of your looping shadows programs, detach and observe so it cannot unfold into any form of violence on your screen. And if an AI link slips through, and it’s suddenly there, trust that you can bend it back to nothing, by becoming No-thing and telling it is No-thing. Observe and detach.

I talked about it many times, to me this whole show we are in is Nothing in essence. It is only here because we pulse our electromagnetic source power into the game, it needs us. Once we pulse inwardly, and become No-thing it looses power. The way out of this mad entity feeding and birthing game is to become what it is, in essence, No-Thing. Remember, you are already home within your source spark of Nothingness. All knowing is within you! Stop worrying or crying for what was are might happen in the future, that does not exist right now. Take responsibility for you, grow up and stand strong in your trust. We were all programmed and activated into repeating loops of trauma. We know as shadow work. In essence, it is all an illusion. It feels real because you attach to it. Your body is a temporary avatar and works as a landscape/portal to demagnetize the trauma/emotion based programs, that’s it. So if you are round, thin, long, find your self not pretty, get over it! NOW, is the time to fully love yourself, so you can fully detach and become the peaceful observer moving from your No-thingness, where all source fullness and knowing already is. So, Trust yourself, you are a source connected one, you have the power to become that empty mirror, the system cannot work with. Once you manage to be 24/7 in this state of being, you become in a way invisible to the system. From that moment forth, only peace can unfold from your source of trust, and your outside screen reflects that back to you. It is all within you. You decide.

We are in the midst of a frequency war, so be the wise one!!


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