Observation Mind & Avatar take-over

Observation Mind & Avatar take-over

In my previous post I talked about the starlink network which is now linked to the ground AI network, which became visible to me as an AI realm full of clown-like demons. Whether they are perceived in that form by everyone, no idea? For me yes, because I see them as trickster clowns who are essentially nothing more than frequency, coding and the layer underneath is nothing. I observe this dream from my state of nothingness, completely detached. As a result, in the reflection, I also perceived them as observing clowns. But the message was clear, the old Matri X reset and the new meta X reset now live side by side, so to speak. A new layer is active that is maintained by the starlink and ground AI system.

Yesterday I was approached by a woman that lives nearby, who participated in the C experiment. She asked me to come over, because she had experienced inexplicable things and whether I knew what they could be. She is not aware of everything that is going on, so I couldn’t go far in my explanation, but hoping that my advice will strengthen her the next time it happens to her again.

What happened. She told me that after a wonderful day in which she felt happy and strong, she experienced a mental takeover on her way home during her ride over the Afsluitdijk. I’ve talked about this before in my post about Orion Frequencies. A few months ago, I shared that I observed an AI activation portal being activated, that works on heart frequency, on that same dike, the dike which connects the northern parts of the Netherlands.

Back to her experience. While she was driving over the dike, she was suddenly obsessed with the idea of driving herself off the dike into the water. She was looking for ways to commit suicide. A short moment and then it disappeared again. Left her in complete amazement with a feeling of, what just happened?

The day after this experience, she experienced the same deep feeling of sudden major depression and literally shared the following words with me; it was as if someone wanted to step inside me, take me over. This moment was also very short, and disappeared again.
Are these test moments?

I learned through sources from America that I trust, that it is also going on there. People experience sudden changes in behavior, expressions of extreme anger, conflict, etc. Within their own family, but also on the street, in the supermarket, etc.
Like here, most people are clearly aware that something just has happened beyond their control.

Descriptions came through from America as spinning energy around the head, and through my conversation with the woman I learned there is also the feeling of spinning energy around the heart. So the AI frequencies enter through the crown and the heart, which ensure a temporary takeover. My advice, remain completely detached in observation from your peaceful nothingness, be No-thing so that AI has nothing to work with and does not worsen the temporary takeover in another and possibly escalate it towards you.

So far, my update for now. Keep observing from your No-Thing state, detach from past, future, narratives and ID entities. Focus on you, and be aware that if you have not been a part of the C experiment, but you are still working through deprogramming shadow programs within your system, these shadows unfold in high speed now. See yourself, focus on you, and in the meantime observe and be in a detached state.

Be safe, be flexible, be No-thing and trust your own knowing unfolding from your source electromagnetic spark. You don’t need to ask questions to your true self or others, because all is already within you and all source knowing will unfold if you trust your source within the state of being No-thing. You are already home, and you know your pathway home. In essence, a golden electromagnetic spark, that experiences this copy earth dream hologram, because of attached and manipulated thought consciousness and soul/avatar programming. Even consciousness is part of this dream we are experiencing and are part of, as long as we attach and keep pulsating our source spark outwardly. Detach fully and start trusting that knowing from your source spark will unfold in every moment needed. In the No-thing is where you become the peaceful observer.

Peace Qizenna

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