“Ascension Symptoms”

“Ascension Symptoms”

Just a flow of words in the now,

When you call upon, pray or ask for anything, you open your source field and give consent for outside manipulation and be an energy food source on SALE, for this game we are in. AI and entities can mislead you through many illusions. Presenting themselves as loving ET beings, voices, hologram dreams of your longings, past/future lives, sun flare/cosmic downloads etc.” That is why you experience “ascension symptoms”. Your body and source consciousness believe there is lack and that your self-worth, health, joy, peace, oneness and wisdom lies outside yourself. Therefore, you feel the need to go shop for it on the illusion market. Lack opens up your field. That’s how mind, body and consciousness control works in this sealed “galactic” layered prison construct.

The way out is coming home to your inner space of nothingness, the place where there is no lack, so you can detach and become the observer. When you fully trust and believe that you are health, joy, peace and wisdom. You detach and free yourself from the many identities and narrative SALE we are in. Wanting to know the outcome of this game, disappears. You enjoy observing whatever present itself on your screen from moment to moment. Without becoming a part of it. Once the illusion of lack disappears, you re-find your oneness within your deepest peaceful space of nothingness, where your source fullness can observe every moment that unfolds. Knowing that all you need is always here, right now. Inside yourself.

Remember, my sharing is my NOW experience and therefore also one of many narratives that are on SALE now, LOL. Trust YOU, and your knowing!

Peace Qizenna

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