Atlantis Split Experiment

Atlantis Split Experiment

Sharing an old DNA reading I did for M&A on 22-06-2022. Which I feel is important to share again today. It will show you that twinflames are also a program.

My source takes me to an underground High-tech room, with computers that I can’t even describe, so advanced. A mix of Electromagnetic, Crystal, light and Physical form stuff. I find myself in an underground lab in Atlantis. It feels very close, it seems Atlantis is a cel just outside our 3 density Matirx game field. In this Atlantis cel witch is shown to me as a cube shape, the resets are prepared and performed every 130 years. Consciousness is here uploaded, particles locked into a matrix soul template, and manipulated using false light geometry, color codes, and emotion programs. When ready, it is downloaded back in a new avatar/body. For the next Earth experiment. Individual consciousness particles merged in a matrix soul DNA template, as it were, during an Atlantis Split experiment, a long time ago. We are now in the final phase of this present reset. During the experiment I got to witness, 8 spheres with false light coding programs through which consciousness was lead, as it were. They also mixed consciousness particles here and create the mixed soul templates. It is a splitting experiment, that’s how it comes through. You were part of this Split program. What this experiment is and why I will share later in your reading.

Part one, your former programmed reset lives:

As I go deeper into your program, I’m pulled away from Atlantis and brought to an experience of a temporary settlement consisting of tents. In the midst of a truly magical forest. I receive the word “Artursage”. I’ll write it down as I hear it. Somewhere near England. This settlement is recovering from a recent battle. In the middle of the settlement is the largest tent. More luxurious than all other tents. When I enter this tent, I see three people. In the center of the tent is a royal-looking woman. I get that she is the woman out of the water, Lady Nineve. I didn’t recognize her, but now know it’s your beloved twin from this life, A. Your created matrix soul template was mixed during the experiment, you both were part of the two split. Mirror parts of soul templates and source particles were split into a two split template. You need to collect these parts, to demagnetize the program and feel whole again. That’s all a twin mirror is. A program.

Back to the England scenery, I recognize the woman standing behind her, from this present life. We both know her. And the man standing behind her is you, M. Then I learn that you are the mage/druid and protector, in the service of Lady Nineve. The other woman behind Lady Nineve is your sister and assistant in this past reset life. Assisting you in creating all herbal medicinal tinctures, she is an Earth Alchemist. Your alchemical gift is Fire and A is a Water Alchemist. And still in 2022, because this knowledge is stored in your DNA Template, once the program is demagnetized, the frequency beneath it can vibrate again, and you have access to this source wisdom again. In this past life reset, it turns out that you and A are having a secret love affair. All three of you were brought here to heal a royal who was wounded in battle. This man is the husband of A, Lady Nineve. The scene that unfolds shows me, you M, donning your Lady Nineve a protective robe. Her robe is lined with fine craftsmanship, crystals, bird bones, feathers and druid characters made of wood. You have made this robe and now hallow it with the protective power of your Fire Alchemy Grid. To protect Lady Nineve and her water healing work. This life in which you secretly had a love relationship turns out to be one of many lives. In this past life, A her husband found out about your love affair, and she turned out to be pregnant with your child. Your sister was taken apart and had to poison you under pressure from A her husband. A had to say goodbye to your newborn immediately after the birth of your love child. The husband of A is a reptilian in a human vessel.
By now, I know what your beloved A does in this present life. Designing and transforming creations into very special garments. After sharing the above with you M, I now also know that you as a young boy in this present life chose for the fashion school. Logically, you both chose the beauty of making clothes again. I say again because there are several more lifetimes/resets passing by in brief flashes where I see you working in different environments and time periods related to theater. What becomes clear in these brief flashes is your deep love for each other in secret. For many lifetimes you have been in a relationship in secret, because it was not possible due to difference of origin or the other was already bounded through a relationship.

You have been ripped from each other’s lives several times, many times, resulting in the death of one of you. I can also see a few flashes in which I see A, torn by grief, saying goodbye to her child. From your forced secret love relationships through the ages, children have also been born. Children who were unfortunately not allowed to be visible during that reset. It’s all because of that two split program/experiment we are working through right now. As a result, you and A were forced to say goodbye to your children many times. These memories are present in your cel DNA and will surface for you when the time comes. I know that M has already regained some memories. Share them with each other to illuminate them with your love in order to transform all the shadow pains and demagnetize the program. Set the intent for bringing home the many soul shattered aspects and source consciousness fractals.

Back to the Atlantis Split experiment:
I get that both consciousness particles and later in the experiment soul matrix template peaces were mixed during this Atlantis Split experiment. I am taken to a high-tech environment and see an electromagnetic light system, which flows into each other through a kind of spiral movement. This is linked to high-tech computer systems. Computer systems that are also used on Orion Ships, this memory is also present in your DNA, I am getting. A, is working on the ship as some kind of code healer and you, M, are being experimented on in a hightech room. You were both prisoners on this Orion ship.

Back to the Atlantis split experiment, I am shown, people/avatars connected to a high-tech computer and electrical magnetic light system. This experiment has its origin in the Orion Cel, I’m told. It appears to have been manufactured somewhere in Orion and is hidden underground from the Atlanteans here in the Atlantis cel/cube. They experiment in underground labs. It is a consciousness splitting system and a DNA matrix soul template builder. This was the beginning of the splitting of consciousness particles and the disruption of the natural divine emotions and state of source beings, by inducing experimental split DNA matrix soul codes/programs with the consciousness. I see 8 cleavage split experiments. The both of you have main program the 2 split and the opposite program, the 7 split. I have made three examples of it, as best I could, for a clearer vision, you find these pics below this reading. As they show me, light consciousness is being taken out of the both of you and parts are mixed with each other, as it were. Then color code programs (emotional imbalance codes) are added that work through a system I feel are the chakra’s. After that, the consciousness particles are build into the matrix soul template. This template is made into two again. The split moment. And over each template is first placed a false light Fibonacci spiral and then a kind of computer-like printed circuit board of light, which resembles the flower of life, but also a maze. I am told this is the new DNA matrix soul template. After this it is placed in a black Metatronic square and merkaba, before it is downloaded back into the Earth body/avatar. I see the black square consciousness connecting directly to a light movement that is present in the physical heart, which causes the new soul template programs to attach itself to the physical body.

We are all connected to two main template emotion/soul programs, which are visible through our past lives and current lives. For the two of you, it’s emotion program 2 and the opposite emotion program 7. See the pictures below this reading to understand it better. I know it will explain a lot for the both of you. Doing the shadowwork is the unlocking of the programs. It is a maze with many false codings and layer template peaces to it. Our soul template is mixed with many others soul template particles and sometimes source particles, we share many template keys for each other, and many memories with each other. The two of you, because of your two split, have a mirror soul template, but you are also part of the 7 split, which means there are in this game 7 other souls who carry peaces of your soul template too. We need to bring all the soul puzzle peaces and source particles back home, before we can demagnetize all the programs within ourselves. It is like a puzzle. We need to fully detach and bring home all that is part of our soul template, including all the love we gave away. I believe this Orion/Draco reset game can dissolve, if all true source beings manage to work through the maze game they created, and bring home the DNA Template soul/source particles puzzle pieces, demagnetize all programs and detach themselves fully. Becoming empty, as it were. So, I am getting there is a way out, but of course, we need to do the work. Connecting to the nature and animal kingdoms can assist us, big time. For the animal and plant worlds carry within them the original Fibonacci coding, which helps us realign to the elementary consciousness, that was blocked when they programmed us with the false Fibonacci coding during the Atlantis experiment. The Element structure within our body works as a roadmap, I have experienced myself. They have so many false demon gods and angels to distract us and pull us back into their Metatronic trap. Also, do not engage with the Flower of Live and their version of the Metatron Cube and Merkaba, for it’s a trap to keep you locked in. Do not call upon gods/angels etc. guidance outside yourself, all you need is within your source. You are nothing and everything at the same time. M, it’s time to start believing in your Alchemizing source powers! All you need is you! Your own Source Light.

Thank you M, for letting me enter your system and reading your DNA info. Much love for you both, Qizenna

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