Wisdom of the bones

Wisdom of the bones

This is an old message that came through my source on October 12, 2022. A message from DNA particles still present in the bones, we know as Hunebeden in Darp, the Netherlands. The bones/DNA my source consciousness connected to were from a giantess that went by the name Catea. When I connect to stones, I see parts of a story. I never fully understood why, until I had this experience in 2022. The stones are the bones, and therefore we can access DNA particles/memory that is still present in the bones. I remembered I wrote about the 144.000 frequencies before, today I found the link to this message below an old video I did about the giants. Feel this message needs to be shared too, for some of you out there. But remember, don’t identify. Read and detach, LOL.

The Hunebedden where I am are the remains of this giantess Catea. Her bones. I see her and many others die, while she is bombarded by destructing frequency weapons coming from ships in the skies. Her bones I know as the Hunebedden. A bed where her memory of the third = “HUN” wave still rests in her bones. She was killed in the last hunt, they called it the third “HUN” that would take them to the promised new land, the Orion Horizon. Catea and her family also believed in a new world. Like we did in this present reset, the new earth illusion. Seeing Catea brings me back to another experience I had. I know we have met before. I remember my life as Giant Ulca, a soul peace and aspect a brought home to my source a few years before this present DNA interaction I am having with Catea. Now I am finally seeing how that life as giant Ulca ended. During this Giant reset I’m shown now, me and many other Giant family members managed to come home to the first source sound, our harmonic zero point, the inner void. I see myself transforming into nothing. So at the end of that Giant reset, many managed to withdraw the energy into their source of formlessness through their first creation source cell, and went back home to Source. This first original source cell frequency is pure source awareness, formless. But in this matrix structure they copied this cell, split it into two opposite frequency cells, female and male. And placed it above the original Source 1st cel. These two copied first cells of this matrix structure become one cell sound and geometry, when all other 142 sounds (71 female and 71 male frequencies) are vibrating from harmonic zero-point. The next part you already know as the 2348 = 71 pathway, but not the whole of it yet. We have 71 male and female DNA genes, consisting of 23 elemental frequencies/dimensions and 48 mineral sounds frequencies/pathways. If we add 2×71=142, and include the two first matrix copied cells, you arrive at 144 sounds/frequencies. When all are vibrating from zero-point again, the deepest and first matrix copied two opposite cells, become formless, and you can reconnect to the very first original source cell within, the void. So the chosen 144.000, are the inner 144 frequencies. So in essence, we and all that is, are sound frequencies.

Next to the ships that are bombarding us with war frequencies, I see 9 frequencies coming from the moon. When I observe the frequencies, they give me an entrapped feeling. In the moon I also see Saturn, and it seems to me that these 9 Saturn Moon sounds, keep us trapped in this prison matrix. They still do today. But I know now there is a matrix entrance and exit, in our inner harmonic zero point, where form becomes formless. Here we come home to the source knowing/awareness. After this 9 moon sounds experience I witness, I remember the 9 sounds I played in a ship near the moon, during this present reset awakening period of demagnetizing my programs. In that moment I was told by the beings that guided me, that they were divine source sounds, I had to play for my initiation into a higher realm. Yeah right, LOL. Now I know it activated a dark moon shadow programming that electromagnetically pulled in a reptilian shape-shifter. This became the beginning of an experiment and at the same time working on the many layers and pathways within this program, to finally demagnetize the program. These 9 sounds are the false matrix Saturn Moon sounds that help activate the shadow experiment programs within our system, and keep us locked into loops of time.

I find myself back again in the Giant reset setting and see families unable to withdraw in energy, going back home through their original source cel, the void. Sadly, many of us were killed during this Giant Form reset ending and became trapped in a new promised world, the Orion Horizon. Most of us had taken in too many false encodings through the false “higher” gods, realms and frequencies, which left us trapped in a new cell of this prison matrix, they called the Orion Horizon. We were given a new humanoid shape here and lots of us were used for a war soldier experiment. Our connection to our source power and thinking was overshadowed and manipulated through a new experiment, allowing them to shape and use new war technology. A copied particle from our source cell was experimented on, for subsequent resets. In order to expand this prison Matrix system.


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