How do you know if your soul parts are still lost and how to bring them back? Just with intention? I’ve been so emotional lately, and then a love interest just said he wasn’t in the right place, and it was recasting for me, but we had only met 4 times, so I thought maybe there’s something there? And you say fill the void with just imagining their own self-love? Thanks!

How do you know if they are all home? When your mind is no longer controlling you, then programs are demagnetized. When you are in a self-love peaceful state, and can observe the game, without letting it affect/magnetize programs on the inside. Some of our soul pieces are hidden in the layers of our own programs, and some are present in the field of others. In the video and this answer, I refer to the pieces that are in the field of another. How to bring them back? Intend, self-love and believing in your own sourcepower is enough. Imagination is not needed, but if you feel more comfortable doing that, you can do that. I used to do that also, when I didn’t believe that intent from my own source power was enough, because there was still lack of self-love. Knowing you are the boss over your game pieces, which we know as soul pieces are frequency/coding in essence. They are game puzzle pieces we use to click the program’s back to zero-point, where it demagnetizes. So we become peaceful observers. If your physical body leaves this game and there are still some soul pieces hidden in inner programs or with others, that may try to keep you here, you detach from them. You have to be willing to detach from the soul when you want to leave this mind frequency manipulation game for good. I have experienced the soul template is part of this game, so we don’t need it when we leave. Can’t we skip it all, and detach fully from the soul pieces right now?  You automatically detach from them, once the layer within the program that goes with it, is demagnetized. I have experienced that as long as our physical body is in this mind frequency game, the only way to get out of the mind programming frequencies and become a 24/7 peaceful observer, is to demagnetize the programs. And we need the soul piece codings for that also, the ones who are in our inner program layers (dimensions/past lives frequencies/codings etc.) and the ones that are with others. Your greatest power and tools are, believing in your power, love yourself 100%, so lack and separation disappears and the peaceful source knowing observer that moves from zero-point, awakens. 

Becoming aware of soulpieces/aspects started for me, when I was going through a period of meditation in front of the mirror. Suddenly I saw my face constantly changing. I see, because of the programmings I have, many asteroids are all about seeing, I know now. Later in the process, I came across the many faces I saw before in the mirror, in layers within my inner programs and in the fields of others, shared trauma I experienced with others here and in galactic layers. In that moment I knew I had to retrieve what was mine, but there were so many shattered soul pieces outside myself, that I decided with intend and believing in my own sourcepower that I could command them back home to me. And it worked. That was one of the first times I experienced myself how powerful we are. We are the boss over our soulpieces. But years back, I still believed I had to fill up empty spaces with my own love and sourcelight. So when I became aware that I needed to bring home all my love and light, I left those spaces empty again. Forgot to fill them up with their own selflove. That became clear to me, when a sister yesterday shared her experience. She told me about her mother that refused to give up this sisters soul piece, when I checked I knew her mother lived of the love of her daughter through that soulpiece. That’s why the mother refused to give up the soulpiece of her daughter. When I told my friend to fill up the empty space with her mother’s own selflove, and told her that she herself is the boss over her soulpieces, she managed to retrieve this lost soulpiece. So we always have to fill up the empty space with the selflove of the other and when we send a soulpiece back to the owner, with our own selflove. I see, and therefore get a confirmation. But through experience, I know you don’t have to see, to get it done. We have to believe in our source power and set/speak out the intent. That’s why loving yourself is so important, when lack disappears and therefore separation disappears, you feel and know how powerful you are, and you become the gamemaster. They want us to believe it’s so difficult, but it isn’t. After all I have seen, I know now that intent, self love and believing in your own sourcepower is all you need, to collect all the puzzle pieces that are a part of the soul template. The soul template is to me the frequency receiver and activator.  Once that puzzle is solved and the programs demagnetize, observing peace and source knowing finds you and frequencies do no longer bother you, because the game soul template with all its programs is complete. All demagnetizes, and peace brings you home into the comfort of nothingness. The place where mind control cannot exist, only source awareness. A way you can use to find your inner soul pieces and demagnetize your programs, I share HERE

Hope my answer brings you the clarity you need.

Peace Qizenna

Soul painting former lives. The eagle clan.
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