The Orion frequency codes,

The Orion frequency codes,

Remember, if you decide to keep reading, use it as a mirror moment and detach after. Don’t get hooked up to narratives. For all knowing in your NO-Thing-ness is within you. The story below is just an observation I felt needed sharing for some of you out there. No-Thing is real, unless you decide to believe it. For this game we are in, is in essence NO-Thing. Want to know more, about the No-Thing, read this story and more about The Way Out, read this story.

The reset system,

In my area, the north of the Netherlands, I recently observed nearby new code Orion activity connected to the 5G towers. The towers that create a frequency field in connection to the Starlink constellation of thousands of satellites. For creating the new “Metaverse controlling”  narrative, the dark program needs for their new experiment human loop. We also call the reset. This present reset system is linked to the jabbed ones that cause a lot of dead, making way for the new human experiment. They also use the many confusing and always changing narratives of “(spiritual) truths” and there are the portal mind activation phones. In this present reset loop they use this network, the wars, nature disasters, jabs and phones as a chaos/controlling activation reset mind system. To make way for the new human experiment. HIS-story books, laws, school systems are being rewritten and off we go! Up to the next reset loop.

But as you know, are maybe do not know, this is not the first reset. We are in a reset loop mind machine, but don’t worry, once you come home to 100% self-love, fully detached, you realize this mindfuck is nothing in essence. Once you are NO-Thing, the dark program has Nothing to work with, and your inner and outer screen becomes peace. The prison is in you, it’s your mind and attachments to narratives, conflicts and ID-entities.

So what did the dark program used during the previous reset loop, the one before this one. Same scenario, different appearing tools. They also used a similar network through the church towers etc. and they used wars, natural disasters, jabs that caused dead (The Spanish Flu jab = in this present reset the Covid jab) and the High Hats as phone portals, that gave off a poison to the brain and humans became insane. You see, it’s not something new. So now you know, detach from all the narratives and come home to self-love. Free yourself from this game that is no-Thing in essence. It’s a mind game. Nothing more. You make it real.

Enough now, let’s get into my observation about the Orion Codes.

The name of the project is called Orion. I came across this name once before, a year ago, while walking my dogs on the bridge/dike (Afsluitdijk) that connects the two Northern parts of the Netherlands. I discovered a new tower frequency installation with the name Orion. Different from the 5G towers we know. When I entered that zone, my dogs and I could hardly breathe, and it felt like solid metal filled up my heart and lung space. In slow-motion, we walked out of the zone, where we could breathe and walk normal again. I was there during a test moment, and I still believed at that moment that the 5G towers could hurt me. Therefore, the code could enter my field and it became real. I know this Orion Frequency code is now activated, in the cities and through the phone portal, in combination with the Jab human receivers. My jabbed father came for a visit this past Saturday, and normally he leaves his phone in the car at my request. But this time he needed some help with an app. So for a short moment I held his phone and observed, this time, exactly what I had felt when I was at that Orion tower at the afsluitdyk a year ago with my dogs. And the same thing I observed when I was in a nearby city, where I saw this new Orion tower project on the 22nd of September 2023. The picture below was taken on 19th September on that some dike/bridge the Afsluitdijk, the moment of activation of this Orion code phase?  What I know, is that it works on the heart frequency.

Because of this observation, I decided to do some research about Orion. And I stumbled upon some very interesting things.

Activation Orion heart frequency system, Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands. 

“The Orion God (read archon) was a mighty and fearless hunter, so great in fact that he vowed to kill every living being on the Earth”.

The Orion Portal Systems,

Orion is a German company that provides codes in sequences of 6. And 999 different codes to choose from, to make sure a door (portal) is open or closed. Hmmmm, interesting don’t you think.

Orion, the tower installation project I came across two times, during a testing a year ago and this past week the 22nd of September in a nearby city, is the company; Orion Governance. So let’s check out what this company does;

Graph (EIIG) ingests metadata from numerous sources via Metadata Ingesters. EIIG leverages an AI/ML brain to build the Orion EIIG Knowledge Graph”.

But what is an ingester? The ingester is a stateful component that writes incoming series to long-term storage on the write path and returns series samples for queries on the read path.

So let’s translate the above to understandable language, to my understanding this Orion company system collects “incoming series/data (read human thoughts and writings)” then it storage and rewrites these incoming queries (requests) and sends them back into new series/samples (read codings). So, holographic images/experiences/thought manipulation? I think it’s exactly that.

The Orion golden heart location,

On the cold coast of Australia, there are two Orion “hotel” towers, the north and south tower. With silver (karmic moon programming) and gold (sun galactic programming) levels. I talked about this moon/sun programming before, you can read about it HERE. And they have of course a star (eye of polaris) level zone, for the dark star players/members only. The levels have ranks and different names like; Victoria and Albert, Epsilon, Circle on Cavill, soul, Iconica. The area and website is called the jupiter coldcoast, Star.

Jupiter the greatest of the gods (read archons), the god (code manipulator) of the sky and the weather, who ruled over human beings and the other gods (Archons). So the Orion towers are a main operating station for the Archon dark players? They also call this area the golden heart, the Orion codes are now being fired upon the human heart area. Targets are the ones who have had the Jab, and through their portal phones these codes are also targeting the ones without the jab. This is what I observed this past Saturday, the 23rd of September, with my father.

Just for the fun of it, let’s see what the 66 floor level name, Epsilon means:

Epsilon is the lowercase 5th Greek letter. But stretched out (∈ symbol). The symbol is read as, “is a member of,” “is in” or “belongs to”. So this 66 floor level is only for the dark player’s inner circle.

And what about the Iconic(a) level; iconic means widely recognized and well-established.

Let’s do one more, the Circle of Cavill; cavill means, to make objections of little worth or importance : quibble. So the ones who have been quibbling, disobey the dark players rules, are being sent to this circle for punishment?

So the Orion Towers are what? Hotels? LOL.

Now you have read the above, it’s time to detach from it. Don’t get lost in overthinking it. We are in a mind manipulation game. Be in the space of the nothingness within yourself, the place where the mindgame with all its frequencies bounces off from. An empty mirror doesn’t reflect anything back to work with. So let go, and be here right now. Trust and know how F.CK.NG powerful you are once you decide to no longer identify with anything that goes on in this mindfuck frequency game. Observe and detach! So we can collapse this game.

Peace to you all,


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