Do we go deeper or do we go higher?

Do we go deeper or do we go higher?

Nederlandse vertaling

A liquid is a state of matter without solid form, it changes easily and takes the form of the vessel it embodies. Our body consists of 70% water. Water binds everything together, the cosmic memory of all existence. Water’s memory communicates through our electromagnetic system, our bones. What then do we need to connect with in order to come home to the deepest essence, frequencies and memories of our true soul?

All frequencies/dimensions live within us, and we experience these as we make our journey deep within. So why do we have to go higher? Aren’t the anchoring of higher light, spheres and frequencies just another inverted truth? Just like all the imported false gods, angels and geometry that keeps us traps in this prison matrix illusion.

We are already the light, we don’t have to get that from somewhere, do we? Anchoring it in via higher light spheres? All we have to do is free ourselves from all the programmed matrix layers. We talk about soul memories, transformation and flowing, aren’t those properties of the water? We can activate ourselves, because we are already the light. And yet we should anchor in more light? For whom? For the Earth? Not necessary, she’ll be fine. So for whom? The 1% and their supporters? I experience that I have always been the light, it were the many false layers of the matrix programs that blinded me to my own inner pure soul power, light and beauty. Via my zero point, the emptiness in me where the harmonic center (the Earth) rests, in the all-transforming cosmic water, I was allowed to make my acquired false matrix layers formless, detach myself more and more, so that new inner memories (false layers and pure layers) came to the surface to enjoy or when false, to transform in zero-point, the void.

And so I flowed back home through the many false light layers, realizing that plasma, electromagnetic cosmic water also flows through my Earthly bones. Our bones are in fact connected with the water element and the emotion of fear. Hence, their many fear programmings, their way of disturbing our soulwater. After this realization, I decided, while being in my void, to pass on to my bones in conscious connection with my deepest soul essence, the memory of my true soul. The next morning, the memory flowed into my consciousness. The Flow of Water told me through my bones the essence of my soul, and learned about my unique soul’s frequency/sound and geometry. This sound and geometry is our ticket out of this illusion, and I believe the center of my emptiness, where I become formless and can take new form again, is the doorway out of here.

Take in what resonates and let go of the rest. For every journey is unique, and you can only take in what resonates with your heart, for that is what your consciousness and soul needs right now.

Loving sounds,


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