What is an E-MO(ti)ON?

What is an E-MO(ti)ON?

An act, process, conditioning

Is the base of the natural logarithm. It is the limit of in-finity = in time = limited time, a narrow field of time by which an objective or task must be accomplished (reset time). A transcendental number having a value to eight decimal places (read=incarnation loop) that is the base of natural logarithms.

The natural logarithm function, if considered as a real-valued function of a positive real variable, is the inverse function of the exponential function, leading to the identities (read ID-Entities.)

So what are Emotions? A process of conditioning programs that imprison you into ID-entities/stories attachments. The MO(ti)ON, function inverts all natural, and records the unnatural Log (log a = record) a Rithm.

E, is also number 5, for me the 5 element fields and their organs in which the emotion manipulation inverted Moon programs are present. That is why locating and demagnetizing E-MO(ti)ON programs within the element landscape and organs in the body, is so effective.

And what about the definitions of Moon, Mooned and Mooning;

Moon; a satellite = a manufactured object
Mooned; time spend in idle reverie : dream
Mooning; time spend in separation : abstract behavior
Abstract = dissociating = to separate from association or union with self or another.

Keep out of the moon, or it may turn your head

H. R. Haggard

So what is the Moon? LOL. A manufactured object that locks you in a dream illusion and activates/manipulates inverted emotion programs that causes abstract behavior = separation from yourself and therefore from others.

So if you are still doing your moon rituals, be consciousness about what you are connecting to. An emotion trigger program activator, that keeps you locked into the illusion.

And what about all those new E Moon city bikes, with their lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries? Lion batteries, hmmmmm……, interesting, LOL. This is a type of rechargeable battery that uses the reversible intercalation of Li⁺ ions into electronically conducting solids to store energy. What about storing the energy of the one that is using the E-Bike? Of course the same goes for the E-Cars, It’s not only an explosive you are sitting on, it also influences your magnetic electric field and stores your energy. And of course the car system can be controlled through the new control system that is now in place, up and running.

Be wise, keep using your old car and bicycle, and remember No-Thing is real in essence. You are in a copy simulation version of Earth. All is an illusion. Do your shadow emotion work and free yourself. All is within you. Detach, detach, detach! Love yourself, step out of time and become the observer. The No-Thing.

Peace to you all, Qizenna

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