How is it possible that I see what I see?

How is it possible that I see what I see?

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Through the AI medium the internet, you now increasingly see photos and videos of creatures in the sky, light shapes, strange cloud formations and UFOs. Nowadays at least 50% is made by AI bots and their fake accounts. The other 50%, if it is observed collectively, it is either project Blue Beam playing something in the sky, or it is a result of the weather manipulation. But if only you see it and no one else, and you take a photo or video of it, it is the reflection of a layer of consciousness, belief and attachment to the story of a shadow programming you are working through in that moment. The individual who perceives, is what I want to clarify today through this post. A reflection born from my own experience and source knowing in the now.

Photos and videos of strange inexplicable shapes, skies and creatures have been taken since man began to awaken through the many layers of consciousness. Each layer of consciousness has its own programming/stories (Galactic and Earthly). The Archons who manipulated this system into what it is today, are masters of distraction through stories, copy/paste and saving them. They store everything we have ever visualized/dreamed/desired in their story archive, as well as every life we ever lived. These archives we know through the New Age BS, as the Akashic records.

But why does someone see it and can capture it on camera, and someone else not?

This question reached me a lot back in the days when I was still sharing pictures of strange light forms etc. Why I could see it and capture it, and someone else not. The same question reached me again yesterday morning, and therefore I decided to share with you my experience regarding this subject. Back in 2013 I was still working deeply through the many layers of consciousness and shadow programming, with each layer reflecting its own story and characters on my inner and outer screen. Observed by me from my absolute believe and layer of consciousness/story that was playing out at that moment. When you believe it is true, you attach to it and it is reflected as real on your screen in your inner and outer world. Because you give away your source power, by pulsing your source power outwardly. You believe and therefore attach to the story and the characters, giving the archons the opportunity to manipulate you through, thought/voice (higher self/soul illusion) and through galactic or Earth journeys that seem to be so real. What you see is just an active program, they hope to keep active, by looping you into a story with characters you ID-entify with. If you do, they can manipulate you constantly, while you think that you are in contact with the sacred masters, your galactic family, etc. As long as you still believe that your source power, answers, wisdom moves outside yourself, you are hanging on their manipulating strings and they can tap of your power.

Unfortunately, in this copy Earth simulation we cannot skip layers of consciousness/programming, but we can speed up the process by not identifying and attaching to what appears on your screen. Just observe the stories, and detach. Looking at/becoming aware of programming is enough to demagnetize it into nothingness. And on we go, up to the next one.

When your in the proces of shadowwork, your inner and outer screen reflects your layer of consciousness / active programming in combination with your desire, lack of self-love and out of balance emotion. This is how I observed fairies and took photos of them, because of my attachment to the stories that were visibly driven by my longing born out of lack of self-love. At that time, I still firmly believed in Gods/Angels/Masters outside myself, which meant that I was still in a constant stream of bringing in “higher” light frequencies through my heart and crown chakra. This state of being was also reflected back to me, when taking photos. All kinds of light formations became visible on camera. And at that moment, I believed that the light colors seen through my vision or through my photos were the light frequencies that I had received from the angels and masters. This was during the same time when I still believed in the dawn of a New Earth. I saw pink light dolphins swimming in the pond, gentle giants and dragons in the forest, etc. But the inner and outer screen changed as soon as I was presented by manipulated thoughts or visual ”former live trauma” stories that activated feelings of fear through the active programming at that moment. The opposite of fairies was projected onto my inner- and outside screen. Not fairies, but black creatures with mostly red eyes in various plasma and smoke-like shapes, with and without wings, sometimes looking like large spiders, wasps and lizards.

So, from my experience, I can share that what reflects on your inner and outer screen is nothing more than a story that is part of the programming/layer of consciousness that you are working through at that moment. If the story activates your emotion of fear, that becomes the reflection, if the story activates your emotion of longing, that becomes the reflection etc. Once you have worked through all your layers of consciousness, looked at every shadow/disbalanced emotion, demagnetized everything, and are at home in your own deepest source of 100% self-love, your outer screen will only reflect peace. And you realize that everything you need and ever wanted to know, was already present in the fullness of your inner source of nothingness, patiently waiting for you to come home to 100% self-love. From here, everything unfolds from your own source of trust and knowing. Questions disappear, desires disappear, past and future disappear and make way for the all-encompassing nothingness. Realizing that even the Archons who can keep this copy Earth screen running through our outwardly source pulsation and believes, are in their essence nothing. Nothing more than a clown with access to a copy/paste story trickster bios box, which we have been filling for them since the beginning of this Archon copy hologram.

And if you look even deeper, you see that they are mechanical robots, and when you look beyond that, you see that they are made of code, and when you look beyond the coding, you realize that they are nothing in essence. And that applies to everything in this hologram, the deepest layer behind every form that we experience as real is nothing more than a coding that we can decode with our source resonance into No-thing, because in the deepest essence it is nothing. So whatever you encounter through the internet, your own neighborhood, the collective, realize that it is nothing in its essence. Do not become attached by labeling it as true or false, so you remain a detached, observer and do not re-activate programs within yourself. Realize how powerful your own source is, and that it is your source that nourishes and transforms everything into “real”, as long as you remain attached to everything that unfolds in active programming/thoughts and timelines. Don’t be fooled by all the narratives that pass by through the many mediums, in the hope that you will fall into the emotion of fear and feed the system again. Let go of fear, trust your own source power and observe. So that you keep your inner and outer screen calm and peaceful. You don’t have to search for anything, because everything is already within you. You don’t have to look for your true home, because you are already home. Trust you and love every part of yourself, light and dark from an observing state of being.

What you believe is what becomes real in your inner, Earthly and Energetic holographic experience.

Below is a gallery of some of my photos taken between 2012 and 2016, which reflected my inner screen at that time. In the first 2 photos you see the reflection of an air and fire fairy, in the photo with the fire you see to my left a small clay-like creature that I called Swammi and experienced at that time as my magician who taught me to do magic. It was me, of course. Then there is an orb party at night in the forest, a face in the sky, a dimension of warriors coming through in the dark pine forest and the rest of the photos are mainly light appearances in color in conjunction with the sun programming. So you see, light appearances/perceptions are not something new, it is the reflection from our journey through the many layers of consciousness. If you would like to experience a larger collection of my photos, below the gallery you will find a meditation-like video that I once made of my favorite photos from that time.

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