Our eternal boundless dream mind,

Our eternal boundless dream mind,

Nederlandse vertaling

In our awakening process, we all experience many matrix “I” forms born from the shadow conditioning layers they placed over our true light essence. As soon as we transform those layers in our deepest zero point, our inner true souls light becomes palpable and visible again. As soon as we make a matrix conditioning layer formless, as it were, we start to shine more powerfully again, and we experience a “new” frequency/dimension, truth and wisdom within ourselves. We then also give form to each “new” frequency and preferably also a name, because due to the many matrix conditionings and resets we find it difficult to believe that form is essentially formless.

As we become aware of our conditioned Matrix layers of form, and become familiar with formlessness again, we can transform these many illusion layers of “I” in our harmonic zero point, our inner soul source of emptiness, where we change form to formlessness. The more layers of matrix form we lay down as it were, the clearer it becomes that a matrix “I” roll and a frequency/dimension “I” roll is just a temporary form of imaginative expression – and if you believe it to be an identity, your consciousness will create form and give it a story. Why?, because the still present conditioning matrix shadow layers of “I”, want to understand it and therefore want to make it tangible. As soon as you let go of your desire to understand and explain everything, you can free yourself from the many forms of “I”.

You can shape your “I” identities not only in what you emphasize in your life, but also in what you deny, since denial is also a form of emphasis. Denial creates a cycle of repetition in form. You are the creator of your reality. To come home to your true formless light, the deepest core of your soul, your inner harmonic emptiness, it is important that you do not hold on, but observe fluidly and move along in the constant change from form, to formlessness. The more temporary “I” roles you play fluently, the less inclined you are to believe them, leaving you formless from your transforming and activating harmonic zero point within, the void!

As long as we hold on to an “image” – which is just another word for identity, the “I”, we abstain from the infinitely multifaceted and ever-changing life with all that is in the infinite source. Living a harmonious, passionate and impeccable life in every moment. In the depths of our emptiness and formlessness, beyond all “I” form illusions, we meet the full life, lived with the memory of the oneness of all life. Our eternal boundless spirit and light of fusion and change.

During my personal awakening journey realigning to the deepest essence of my true light within nothingness, the void, I have experienced so many new forms. Do I believe these forms are my guides?, my team?, my alien family of light? , no, they were all shapes that I transformed into a new form every time I brought a conditioning matrix shape into my formless zero point source center. The moment I transformed a new matrix shadow conditioning layer in my zero point, I experienced a “new” frequency(DNA) that I gave a new divine form. Energy never disappears, we give it new form. So it was my eternal boundless dream mind, who created all the forms that are present in my frequencies and thus consciousness. And if I want, I can take on every form ever created, and also change it at any time, for as you all know, we are the creators. All new forms that arise from the infinite spirit of my dream expression are fluid because I no longer hold on to them. As a result, they do not take up any space, so that’s why I feel infinite space within myself. Therefore, there can be a constant inner peace, as I now realize that the many inner frequencies experienced from my deepest source of formlessness are being transformed into new divine form, through my soul zero point and infinite creator spirit expressing itself through my Dream expression. Formless becomes form in the whole of the ever-changing cosmic waters as soon as I bring my consciousness to it. At that moment, my soul essence experiences it as real.

The above words came through this morning and felt like sharing. Take in what resonates with your heart and let go of all other words. Only you know what you need in this divine moment. For all is within you, you are your own creator.

Much love to you all

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