Nessus Program

Nessus Program

After the inspiring talk I had with Lalita Karoli during our Nessus video, I decided to focus only on the Nessus program and traveled back through my body instrument to the beginning of my first Nessus experience, to witness in which landscape/element it started and which emotion frequency activated the magnetizing force. I am sharing it, for it may resonate with some of you. It started in the landscape of the woods (wood element), the woman in me was not heard and was buried in the organ of the liver (frustration). Which made the man (the gallbladder) become overactive and increasingly dominant, causing me to lose contact with the deep female roots in my inner forest. My Achilles heel (father’s) reaction, that created the inner magnetizing frustration in the liver, repeated itself in a Nessus event in the men I met in the years following. Later during my puberty years, I also lost for two short periods all feeling in my legs, temporary paralysis that was of course inexplicable within Western medicine. The result of the overactive and dominant male energy in the gallbladder and the stagnation of the female energy in the liver. So the magnetizing power of a Nessus event, is connected to the emotion that is present in the element landscape where Nessus is being placed. If Nesses is placed in the Water landscape, it triggers itself in the kidneys or bladder. Fear is connected to Kidney, so this becomes the emotional Nessus magnetizing power etc. When kidney is exhausted, the bladder starts taking over, which results in an inner feeling of insecurity, loss of courage, or it can flip the other way, which can result in the behavior of a narcissist. It depends.

If you are curious and want to discover in which element landscape your programs are, and travel to the core of the program that is present in your body instrument, try my 1,2,3 demagnetizing steps with the elements. You can do it yourself, everyone can.

Much love, Qizenna

The drawing I created the end of 2020, a few months before my latest Nessus event in June 2021. After that event I could open the layer to the core of the program and my source guided me to the black roots of my tree. Where I traveled through different dark wormholes, alchemizing my last broken roots in my inner forest.

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